How to raise emotionally healthy children


Let me first clarify one thing that I found on my experience from my immediate surrounding (not the first hand so it may differ from your opinion) that parenting seems deceivingly simple before you really get into it, but seemingly impossible to figure out when you’re into it. And since there’sno backup from it once you are in the thick you are left with no choice to bear it and cherish it. On the other hand, Children being the most amazing beings alive, the absolute bundle of joys and the epitome of happiness and innocence are considered as one of the foremost blessings of God.

What every parent wish and desire is to give their child the best of the best not just in terms of necessities and luxuries but also in terms of emotional mental development. Just so when the society unfolds it’s terrors and meanness on them they would be ready to not only face it confidently but also makes a significant mark all through it.

“Children are like wet cement, Whatever falls on them makes an impression”

– Dr. Hiam Ginnot

Children are a perfect imitator. They do in their early life what they got to learn and observe from their immediate surrounding i.e., their parents. Parents should keep this in mind that their day to day actions have a very strong impact on their children. Sometimes parents unintentionally commit such wrong attributes in front of their children or themselves are used to it which first children adapt and then become habitual of it. This is the start of an emotionally declined era of children. Parents should be aware that which of their attributes, habits, conduct contributes to children’s development process and which are harmful. Because remember you are into parenthood and there’s no going back so you better get a hold of yourself for your child’s proper growth.

Emotions are an eternal delight, without emotions a man is as dead as a snuffed out the candle. It should be a goal of every parent to raise their children emotionally healthy, confident and strong so that they could face every hardship of their life steadily.

Following are some tips for parents on how to raise emotionally healthy children?

Connection to you and your Universe:

Parents should work out to let their children know who they are? And what is the purpose of their life in this universe? This should be the very first riddle to be solved by the child and parents should assist them in finding out the purpose of their life and the sparks hidden behind their personalities. This exercise will definitely dig out the hidden sparks of children. Furthermore, by knowing the purpose of their life, they will enable to use their skills to ease the suffering of humanity.

Be transparent about your feelings:

Secondly, parents must not make their children habitual of themselves. Yes! it is true that to guide about right and wrong is the responsibility of parents and they must elaborate it at a big picture but, to make them totally dependent of themselves on decision making is not a good strategy at all. When the children would be stepped into their professional life, this working will benefit them the most.

Since the creation of the universe, there are human and they have rights and freedom of speech is the second basic right to freedom of life. But it has been witnessed that in many of the families children are not allowed to express their feelings regarding their own selves. The traditional stereotypes are the main hindrance in this condition which often leads to the child affected by depression and the next step of these depressed children is their involvement in unhealthy activities. Children should be allowed to have feelings of their own, and parents being elder should respect their feelings and if they found any inappropriate thing in it so they must make them understand by having a calm conversation.

A big NO to rule-breaking:

Rules and boundaries must be framed, as when the children are in its teenage everything that glitters seem to them gold. If children are inquisitive regarding these boundaries so parents should welcome their queries and try to convince them in the most logical way.

As an adolescent, many times some mischiefs undergone by children to which parents should not overreact.

It should be kept in mind that :

“ to err is human”

Rather being harsh or over-reactive parents should try to figure out the circumstances which lead their children to do that. Sometimes continuous ignorance from parents compelled their children to seek attention from them, for which they do what they thought right to be and if parents did not take the heels soon these mischiefs become their habit which will hurt them the most in future.

Show your children respect:

Respect, the key element in the nourishment of healthy children. Feeling of being respected first make them mentally contented, happy secondly it convince them to be more and more obedient to their elders in order to achieve more respect.

Showing respect means that you listen and take them seriously, which communicates that who they are and what they think and feel have worth and merit. You don’t have to agree with what they say, but listening to understand shows that you respect them and teaches them self-respect. Speak to your children with courtesy. Avoid criticism, which is destructive to self-esteem.

This strategy seems to be very productive and usually adopted by many of the parents. This makes their children optimistic about honor and good deeds.

Negotiations should be an option:

Negotiations are the necessary part in any of the relations of the world. Make sure that your child is comfortable in discussing hid daily life with you. More they talk to you more they are confident towards society and possessing a fearless personality. By practicing this you would be aware of the daily happening of your child, their friends and their teachers too.

Some children are shy and do not talk to their parents freely invite them to spend time with you. If they nevertheless talk to you then take an overview of their daily activities may be something is going wrong with them or they are struggling in some trouble. If you get the bug try to resolve it and if you do not find any of the mess then concerns to a professional. It must be assured that you have tried your best in finding the problem with your child because it’s a personal matter which is exposed in front of the third person whether a counselor or professional it would hurt the self-respect of the child.

Don’t forget yourself in the long run:

Now the last but not the least key point is that parents too keep own selves healthy, strong an contented so that they could take care of their children rightly. If they too are trucked into their daily life problem so they won’t be able to raise emotionally healthy children… Life is a package of ups and downs for everyone. So it’s natural for you to have your own share of struggles. As an emotionally healthy adult, you should be comfortable showing your child that it’s normal to have both positive and negative feelings. This will not only help your child to understand your feelings but also to view the world more realistically.Children are born with no information about anything around them or even about themselves.

The beliefs you program your children with, rest into their mind and define for them their own reality when they grow up. Emotionally healthy children grow up to be successful and happy adults. The ability to be emotionally available and knowledgeable is a powerful tool. Your kids will enjoy great advantages from learning about their feelings. They will be able to use these skills when they get older and face challenges. So you must pay close attention to their emotional well-being, just the way you do for their physical well-being!


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