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The benefits of reading are limitless; they may reduce stress, promote pleasure, and improve IQ. Reading is beneficial to your health since it increases your attention, memory, empathy, and communication abilities. These works, written by the finest literary minds, offer a global topic, compelling characters, experiences, points of view, and emotions that are still relevant today. They take us beyond time and space and motivate us to think creatively. Books develop critical thinking abilities. If you enjoy reading, here is a reading list for you that includes novels that everyone should read. Enhance your brain power by reading these books you need to read.

Very First Of The Books You Need To Read

Beginning with the very first of the books you need to read by Harper Lee.

To Kill A Mockingbird. The fact that this narrative is delivered from the perspective of a youngster contributes much to its brilliance. Lee is able to portray the story objectively via Scout’s perspective. This book is an everlasting masterpiece on human behaviour.

book cover To kill a mockingbird, Harper lee. Books you need to read
book cover To kill a mockingbird, Harper lee

The novella, which was published in 1960, covers life in the Rural South during the early twentieth century via the story of a young man who is said to have comitted a heinous murder. With humour and compassion, the Pulitzer Prize winner explores themes of racism, injustice, and segregation. A startling and heartbreaking story of how humans treat one another. Author Harper Lee utilises iconic characters in To Kill a Mockingbird to address civil rights and prejudice in the 1930s divided Southern United States.

Second Of The Books You Need To Read

The very second of the books you need to read is the classic fable by George Orwell.

Animal Farm. Orwell narrates a fairy tale about a revolt against tyranny that culminates in even more oppressive dictatorship. The central topic of Animal Farm is the ability of regular people to chose to assume in a rebellion that is based upon complete deception. The farm animals are full of idealism and a desire to build a society of equality, freedom, and development.

George Orwell, Book Cover Animal Farm. Books you need to read
George Orwell, Book Cover Animal Farm

Manor Farm represents Russia and the Soviet Union during the Communist Party’s reign. The new regimen, on the other hand, strives to micromanage every element of the animals’ existence. Under Napoleon’s tyranny, irony is shown to demonstrate how the commandments are being changed and how animals are not even being treated equally.

The Great Gatsby

One of the iconic characters of American literature is the mysterious millionaire who throws extravagant parties but does not attend them. Set in 1922, amid unfathomable extravagance and pleasure. The tale depicts a man’s battle to win the heart of the lady he adores. This really is F. Scott Fitzgerald at his brightest and most destructive.

Book cover the great gatsby, F Scott Fitzgerald. books you need to read
Book cover the great gatsby, F Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby’s message would be that the American Dream is eventually unreachable. Because it delves into universal themes such as human folly, the futility of societal institutions, and man’s fight with age and fate. It will educate you an important lesson: not everyone is lucky in love. Hypnotic, melancholic, yet contemporary and timeless.

The Book Thief

In the midst of Nazi oppression, The Book Thief is a tale of daring, hope, and friendship. This tale, narrated by Death itself, will often have you clutching your breath for chapters at a time. This novel takes place in Germany in 1939. It follows Liesel as she attempts to save books from Nazi control.

Markus Zusak, Book Cover The book thief. books you need to read
Markus Zusak, Book Cover The book thief

Death, like many humans, seeks to find purpose in his work. At the very same time, her parents has concealed a Jewish warrior in the basement of their home. When you are reading this novel, you will encounter courage that is uncommon in today’s world. Stories like hers, as well as the friendships created even amid the most difficult circumstances, keep him going.

The Catcher In The Rye

The Catcher In The Rye is a lovely yet cynical story that will introduce you to the difficulties of adolescence. Holden, befuddled and disillusioned, seeks the truth and screams against the “phoniness” of the adult world. The Catcher in the Rye’s overarching subject is the preservation of innocence, particularly that of children. As a result, he becomes tired and emotionally unstable.

Book cover the catcher in the rye, J D Salinger
Book cover the catcher in the rye, J D Salinger

After they have occurred the events are recounted . We get to accompany sixteen-year-old Holden Caulfield in this novel, and as you read his adventures, you will form an opinion on the character. The Catcher in the Rye is a famous novel that every high school student should read. The anti-white charge is most likely directed towards the novel wherein African-American characters are treated unfairly by whites.

The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is the tale of a once-in-a-lifetime friendship. It conveys a message of shame, companionship, forgiveness, loss, and a need for atonement, as well as a yearning to be better than who you believe you are. It depicts Amir as he seeks to find his lone buddy, who abandons him owing to ethnic and religious divisions in Kabul.

Khaled Hosseini, book cover the kite runner
Khaled Hosseini, book cover the kite runner

The narrative deals with various betrayals and the possibility of atonement. It inspires the protagonists to overcome their difficulties and forges bonds between them. A friendship sought for by many and treasured by everyone. It was contested for physical exploitation, and some objections were motivated by Islamophobia, with would-be censors claiming that the work would incite terrorism and promote Islam.

A Tale Of Two Cities

In this tale, you’ll meet Dr. Manette, an eighteen-year political prisoner who is liberated and goes back to England with his daughter, Lucie. It addresses the major themes of dualism, revolution, and resurrection. In London and Paris, it was the best of times and the worst of times, as economic and political instability led to the American and French Revolutions.

book cover a tale of two cities, charles dickens
book cover a tale of two cities, charles dickens

Both are mentioned in the novel because of events that take place connect both places. Two guys fall in love with Lucie and become intertwined in a love and sacrifice narrative. Dickens expresses his conviction in the possibilities of resurrection and regeneration, both personally and societally.

The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is among Mark Twain’s most well-known and influential works. It is both profound and intricate, displaying friendship as well as altering society conventions. The novel depicts Huckleberry Finn’s expulsion from his drunken and abusive father, as well as Huck’s thrilling trek down the Mississippi River with escaped slave Jim.

Mark Twain, book cover the adventures of huckleberry finn
Mark Twain, book cover the adventures of huckleberry finn

The novel’s underlying topic is the battle between freedom and ordered civilisation. It represents the conflict here between person and his morality, as well as the conflict between society and free thought. What Huck and Jim desire is independence, which contrasts dramatically with the established civilisation along the vast river.


It’s time to start reading. Who knows, some of these intriguing novels to read could have a significant influence on your life. We know you were going to read anyway, with all of the fantastic books out there!

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