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Writing is one of the most underrated skills in this world where everyone is following in the footsteps of becoming a digital nomad and focusing on sharpening their skills like communications skills,  presentations skills, technical skills, and academic skills.  Although you might be thinking that writing is only for fiction writers, storytellers, magazine editors, and journal writers, writing is for everyone. Even if you cook at it, you should write. It is not a skill that you are born with; it’s a practicing skill that can only be mastered by writing.  You have to write, even if you suck at it.  

You might be thinking why I should write, I  am not a writer!

 In the digital world, we write in different forms like messages, social media messages, writing assignments, education essays, etc. you have not realized it but you are already a writer. 

 And if you are thinking, am I  a good writer or a bad writer? Should I write for different publications to make money?  That’s not our discussion. Forget that you are a bad writer and only focus on writing you will see a drastic improvement in your everyday life.

Let’s sink our teeth into the benefits of writing.

1. Writing  is  stress relieving  activity:

  Writing is a therapeutic activity. Did somebody shout at you for not completing the task on time?  Or someone emotionally abused you?  Does your boss hate you? Or are you feeling exhausted and burned out?

Just hold a pen and paper and start writing. ( just write, believe me, it will make you feel better). Write how you are feeling, start processing your thoughts from you and land them on the paper. You also want to scold your manager or boss who ruined your day.  Or you want to kick out your ford from your life who publicly makes fun of you. You can write all that’s in your mind, nobody is listening and nobody can take action against you.

Seems like a stupid idea? 

  Now let me tell you something when someone is constantly shifting their negative energy into you, you cannot act as a sponge to absorb all the negativity, you have to reflect on negativity somewhere, for example, are you wife, or shouting at your children or breaking the household items. Your day was ruined clearly but you also ruined the day of people closer to you, is that the right way to show your catharsis. 

Absolutely Not.

When you shift all your negativity on the paper, you will feel better and no one will be harmed in that process. So you don’t have to keep your feelings and negative emotions inside you to damage you mentally. Next time you get angry or stressed after something, just write. 

2. Better thinker:

Writing helps with better thinking. You are writing, you are exercising your brain to pull out thoughts from your mind and convert your thoughts to words on paper. After writing you might not like that sentence or you neatly cut it, edit it,  replace it or trash it badly later on incoming with a better sentence. You may like the sentence the first time you write it but when you come back to that sentence a day later, you can write it in a better way. What does it mean? Your brain can think better and edit better by just writing. Also when you write you have to keep your audience’s perspective in mind if you are writing on social media. 

You have to research and read the minds of people by reading their blog posts to know how they are thinking or getting inspiration from your favorite writer to write better. Just by reading and writing, you can think in a better way.

3. Improves Vocabulary and writing skills:

Writing strengthens your vocabulary and improves your wiring skills over time. When you write consistently for 6 months or 1 this year, you will see significant improvements in your writing skills. By reading and writing, you will discover new alternatives for different words. You can also learn to write in different styles, you will eventually be able to write with better flow, readability and you will be able to write your message clearly.

4. Writing helps in learning and increases your knowledge:

When you write you learn a new thing, like learning a new word or writing a better sentence or copying ideas from your favorite writer,  thinking like an artist to write a better sentence, better paragraph, better essay, and better storyteller, and who knows you may become a top writer. Maintain the pace and keep writing.

 5. Writing  helps in self awareness;

Wiring is the new way to stay connected with your feelings and it is great for self-awareness. You get to know the feelings and feelings of other people.  You become a better empath and you can think by putting yourself in the shoes of another person, how he would react in a certain situation, how he would feel in that situation, and how he will deal with that situation. And only writing can help you with that. By this activity, you actually become aware of how skillful you are at catching other people’s emotions.

You can’t become a bitter empath by thinking, you become better when you can make the reader feel the emotions you have in your mind while writing. That’s the power of writing.  This is a long-term benefit of it and you cannot master it by doing this activity inconsistently or randomly. Follow Stephen King’s Advice: He says there are only two ways to become a better writer; read daily and write daily. 


Every person has a different writing style and it cannot match if you compare the writing style of two graduates who learned from the same teacher. Why is that? Because they both think differently, their minds are different and if one is picking good, the other is picking a bad aspect of the society, if one is picking fiction, the other writer writes exceptionally well in fiction. If one writer love’s to write about fantasy, others love to write about horror movies. These are different genres of writing and you can choose your genre or even discover a new genre even if you don’t want to become a professional writer, write for fun. Write because it’s healthy to write. 

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