Benefits of Reading Fiction


Hobbies make our personality and reading are great as a side hobby, it excites our inner creativity This creativity is expressed in our work, small household chores, relationship,  and acts as a building block to make our personality. Reading helps us escape the real world. When the book is exciting makes us hook throughout, we feel like we live in the books of the world. It makes us feel good and we tend to like the bookish world more than the real world. As good writing is all about the power of words and powerful reading is discovered through excessive reading.

1. Reading builds empathy:

Reading fiction helps to build empathy. When you read a book, you get to know different characters and you get obsessed with the main hero of the story, you get to see the world through the eyes of the world, and the character deals with different hardships and problems along with the story. In this way, you naturally build an emotional connection with that character. According to research conducted by Oatley and his colleagues in 2006, it was found that reading fiction has a strong connection with empathy. The people who read more fiction have higher empathy skills than those who don’t.

The people who think that reading fiction is a waste of time actually help us in many unpredictable ways.

2. Reading exercises different parts of our brain:

Reading lightens the left temporal part of our brain, the part associated with learning languages.

We get to know and explore a  lot of things through the eyes of the writer, we get into the skin of that character and we feel every emotion strongly as the main character in the story does. When we read fiction books we get into the world the writer wants us to take. It’s interesting how imagining different scenarios while reading brings different parts of our brain into action.  Moreover, when you read about coffee, fragrance, perfume, it lights up the area associated with the smell region.

3. Exploring an entirely different world boosts our creativity:

Reading is more enjoyable when you read something entirely different like reading about time travel, magical story( IF YOU ARE POTTERHEAD, YOU KNOW WHAT  I MEAN), moving into space, fighting with evil, the glass castle, unexpected magic, and on the other side exploring about different hobbies, getting to know the entirely different world, feeling the emotions and sometimes even living in that world with that character. According to research, the people who have reading as a side hobby are more creative than those who don’t read. Reading affects our lives in so many ways and shows up in our life and it transforms how we react to certain things, how we behave, how we live, and what values we should have in our lives.

4. Reading improves focus:

We as humans are programmed to distract. We cannot focus on one thing for more than 20 minutes. Do you also find it hard to get yourself a book and focus on the book for 3 seconds? 

It is difficult for most people, they get bored and they think that books are not for us and they give up and get themselves into another task.

Reading fiction requires focus, where you have to remember the story, the character names, the plot, the suspense, that thrilling unfinished part in the third chapter of the book. So reading fiction helps to improve our focus. 

It’s okay if you find it hard to focus on as many people have focus issues, gradually you will become a better reader and a better learner and consistently will improve your memorization and learning skills.

Sticking to reading habits can change the game of focus and cognitive abilities. Reading helps us to think critically, readers are curious, and it’s curiosity in the book that focuses readers to read for as long as 8 hours( yes, I am not kidding). If you don’t enjoy reading, find yourself a good book, and you will get to know how amazing this hobby. Reading books will improve your focus, till you become a bookworm with the increased focus for hours.

5. Reading Improves vocabulary:

Most people pick books with strong vocabulary, to increase their vocabulary power. Give yourself a tap on the back, if you are in. reading helps build vocabulary more than nonfiction books. 

We learn not only about vocabulary, but we also learn about what amaze us as a reader, what kept us hooked in the story, which part of the story was thrilling and full of suspense, and which part just hit us, where the story broke us, what part make you decide to not leave the book( even you forget to eat, delay the urine time; I know that’s crazy but that actually happens).

This all adds up to make us better writers. We learn to write better, and I am sure when you will write, you will write better stories, considering your experiences while reading and writing books.

 Reading is more than just enjoyment and I am sure you have not heard about these undiscovered benefits of reading, so any time someone comes to you and asks you to stop reading fiction, send them this article, they will become your book buddy too.

6. Increases analytical skills:

Have you ever guess the ending of a theory in the book before finishing the book? If yes, then it means you have good analytical skills.

When you resign from books, you are linking different parts of the story and always wondering what will happen next and it sharpens your analytical skills.

In real life, it will help you to be a better decision-maker as you can imagine different scenarios of particular events and make different choices.

Accelerate your reading habit, as reading increases our knowledge, getting into the skin of the character, predicting about the end of the story, and increases your analytical skills and critical thinking skills.

Wrapping up:

Reading is like a muscle that needs consistent practice and effort

 Reading fiction books is a great hobby that is equally enjoyable, refreshing and helps us to escape from the real world, and reduces our stress.

Read and explore different genres. If you’re a fan of fantasy books,  then try reading history books. If you love to read comic books, read biographies. if you love reading history books, read romantic books. Keep increasing your knowledge because you never know when knowledge comes in handy and how it will benefit your life.

Get yourself a book and get started to the habit of reading books, and if you never enjoyed reading it and you never actually have your hands on a good book. To check what books to read, check out the best books.

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