6 Books To Read In 2022

 6 Books To Read In 2022

Book lovers have a long to-read list and they never run out of books. It doesn’t matter if you read 150 books in a year or manage to read 40 books in a year. The purpose is to read as reading helps you to explore an entirely different world and get into the skin of different writers. It’s more about enjoying the process of reading, all about entertainment, vulnerability, and exploring characters through the words of the writer. And no doubt helps you in building empathy, emotional connection, increasing cognitive behavior, emotional intelligence and so much more.

2022 has already started, and am sure you have filled your bookshelves with new books. Even if you haven’t decided, here are five books that can make your 2022 more interesting and rewarding as the list has the best reviews from readers and critically acclaimed novels and books related to different genres. So without wasting any moment, let’s get started.

1. The book of Jacob by Ogla Tokarczuk: 

It is a multi-award-winning novel. The writer Tokarczuk is polished and refined and her refines in words is exceptional, after all, she has won the Nobel prize for literature in 2018. The story of this book revolves around a polish Jewish religious leader Jacob Frank who founded a sect in the 18th century. It is a 912-page novel. The writer has done her research very well and it shows the transformation of  Jacob by discovering and exploring the world, changing religion from Islam to Catholicism, and also becoming pro zionist along the way. Many people follow him like a prophet and follow his directions after seeking him. He was truly influential and inspiring.

Moreover, it’s a truly overwhelming and ambitious piece of work. The construction of suspense and thrill is next level in this book, exceptional and recommended in New York Times magazine.

2. Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon: 

A well appreciated, self-help book by Austin Kleon. In this book, the words describe 10 insights for becoming an artist. It is a very short book to read and can be read in just one sitting. The writer describes how art is about copying other artists and beginning the book with the sentence “ Art is theft”. The writer has used a friendly tone in the book and it’s about the ways how to become an artist  Austin Kleon renewed the concept of plagiarism and relates how creativity is related to copying others’ ideas. The ebook is followed by the quotes of widely renowned artists and famous authors. No doubt,  it’s a great read for those who are looking for how to learn from people’s ideas and great secrets to learn from experts, and how to become like your favorite singer, writer, or musician.

3. Ugly love by colleen hoover:

Colleen Hoover is an amazing New York best-selling author and her words gave the power to make the reader go through a roller coaster of emotions. The book is a mix of emotions like sex, love, romance, heartbreak, loneliness, and moving on. Colleen Hoover has a memorable writing style. The writer doesn’t fail to impress with the plot and direction and it’s even more amazing when a reporter like Colleen Hoover describes it. 

4. Vladimir by Julia May Jones:

It’s a terrific debut novel. The narrator of this book is a 58-year-old English professor whose husband has an illegal relationship with university students. The narrator is at that age where she questions her career, marriage, writing, her aging, and her husband. The husband and wife have made the relationship uncomfortable and suffocating. the story takes a twist, with the arrival of another character named Vladimir, a famous novelist, and the array was obsessed and attracted to him. This book is fascinating to read, where you will know about the character and how the yams choices. The book is literary fiction and it talks a lot about sex, open marriage, the relationship of her daughter with her girlfriend, affairs, gender, racism, and how women feel when someone betrays them.

5. 48 laws of power by Robert Greene:

48 laws of power is a New York bestselling book and have sold more than 1 million copies. This is a self-help book with rules for becoming successful in life. This book is worth reading if you have the mindset of improving your current life, looking for a mentor who can guide you through the book about ensuring success in business, relationships, self-confidence, business, and financial status. The best way to get the most out of it is by implementing what you have read, but if you are reading it aimlessly page by page it might not be that effective. This book is about the whole life experience of historians and the experience of unrecognized authors. This book is a great read for those looking to navigate the real world and the wrong people around them. 

6. Anthem by Noah Hawley:

Anthem is a literary thriller novel and the writer has an excellent grip on plot description. It is not simple fiction; you will get to see politics, business, pharmaceutics,  religion, history, climate, and much more. It’s about the current issues of teenagers in America, and how they have decided to kill themselves. In the newly published book in 2022, written after the pandemic, so the writer gave his thoughts on children dealing with anxiety in America.

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