9 Reasons Why Gelatin Is Amazing For Your Skin and Hair


Have you heard your grandma been onto something when she used to say ‘beauty is more than skin deep’? When it comes to enhancing natural beauty, there’s no match for gelatin–!

Gelatin is a product of protein, primarily, derived from collagen. Due to its unique combination of amino acids, it improves the appearance of skin and hair. It has been widely used in skin products for many years. But currently the conversation is about how gelatin is beneficial for skin and hair beauty.

It helps sustain the elasticity of your skin. With age, the body may lose collagen resulting in wrinkles formation, becoming less firm, and developing lines on face. Eating gelatin can help stimulate the collagen levels and retain the skin moisture.

What Is Gelatin?

Gelatin, a product typically formed by cooking collagen, is consisted of almost entirely protein. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in humans and is present almost everywhere in the body, but more plentiful in the skin. It provides certain strength and structure for tissues increasing the flexibility of the skin. Usually, collagen is extracted from such collagen components by boiling them in water. You can also do this specifically when making soup stock to increase flavor and nutrients. The gelatin extracted by this process may be flavorless and colorless. You can dissolve it in warm water, and mold on a jelly-like texture when it cools down.

Gelatin supplies amino acids specifically glycine to strengthen the gut lining and hence, it reduces inflammation. Doctors may use gelatin to help improve not only skin health, but to help clear up digestive, cardiovascular, joint, and cognitive problems.

Do you know that bone broth is actually highly loaded with naturally occurring gelatin? That’s the reason why bone broth is used more frequently to help get rid of food allergies, intolerances, digestive complications, leaky gut syndrome, autoimmune disorders, and more.

Beauty benefits of gelatin     

Apart from the health benefits, gelatin imparts certain beauty benefits as well. Let us explore the reasons why gelatin is best for skin and hair.

1. perfect Glow

You can get a perfect glowing skin with gelatin. The ‘glow’, the shine you look for and feel when everything falls into place, check, good hair, great skin, check, happy insides!

More often gelatin is at its most effective form when taken internally. It may prove great when used topically. Using gelatin as a skincare cream, face mask, hair gel, and hair mask, can soothe and strengthen your skin and hair. Face mask of gelatin, specifically, has been seen reducing wrinkles formation on face. If you want a super intensive conditioning result, you can make your own hair or face mask. Isn’t this simply perfect? Also, if you have frizzy hair, gelatin is a great way of getting those soft free curls.

2. Repairs Damaged Hair

Are you tired of trying several hair masks nothing seemed to work to prevent your hair damage? Don’t worry! Here’s the best solution. A hair mask of gelatin helps repairing the hair damage and can glitter that natural shine and luster, you used to feel several months back, to your dull and damaged hair.

You might be a beauty conscious trying an egg mask. You can understand then, the amazing benefits of gelatin mask. It strengthens hair and improves the hair texture by providing specific functional proteins to the hair follicles.

3. Sleeping Beauty!

We all know the fact that we look good and feel better inside after getting 8 hours of sleep, at night when bodies rest and recuperate. But, we are also aware of the harsh reality of striving hard which might not always possible to get to, and stay, asleep.

Glycine if taken just before bed can actually improve sleep quality, its efficacy, and daytime cognitive functions. It also reduces daytime insufficient sleep. This is one of the reasons why glycine is called as an “inhibitory neurotransmitter”, which put simply shows it functions similarly to several anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications. So the next time when you can’t sleep, consider taking gelatin, any form you love the most, and see if it helps you get that beauty sleep.

4. Reduces Inflammation

Gelatin is rich in Glycine (12 percent), which is the most valuable amino acid to promote beauty for face and hair. It, in addition to other amino acids like proline, is what contains more collagen, which is essential for providing connective tissue throughout the body its required strength and durability.

Glycine tends to reduce inflammation on the skin and any other parts of the body because of its anti-inflammatory properties. You may also find it responsive in irritable bowel system, coping up with depression, and cardiovascular diseases.

5. Clears up Blackhead

Do you find yourself buying several store-bought blackheads removal pore strips every often? Then, it’s about time you should stop trying such random products. Now, you can form a natural pore strip at home to prevent hyperpigmentation!

Using only two products, gelatin and milk, you can make a peel-off mask that will peel off your blackheads and clogged pores for a much longer period. Collagen in gelatin removes blackheads with a perfect shine glow on your face.

6. Strengthens Hair

The protein present in gelatin is one of the best nutrients to make up own hair strands. Ever thought what will happen if you don’t have enough protein in your hair? Well, your hair will definitely begin falling out because it becomes weak!

You can strengthen your hair by applying or eating gelatin which is rich in dietary protein. You can even add it to your shampoo to make it your hair thick from the outside! Additionally, your hair fall rate will minimize and you can create your very own shampoo including good proteins level for stronger unbreakable hair! Do not add gelatin in larger amount. Just add 1-2 table spoon of its powder to your available shampoo. Shake it well for a minute to combine everything evenly and then apply. Happy shower! Happy strengths!

7. Prevents Cellulite

Cellulite is the main cause of depletion in collagen production and a reduction in your skin’s elasticity. It is another major reason why collagen is critical for your skin.

Every woman is tired of these cellulites as it is impossible to get it off even after practicing high-intensity exercises. Typically, it happens because of the sagging of the skin. Adding gelatin to your diet may stimulate your efforts and can also increase collagen formation. You can also prevent it to some extent by cutting off sugar and trans fats.

8. Super Hydrated!

Want to know how to get rid of dry skin? Give a try to gelatin! It is comprised of such protein and amino acids that can help the body supply more collagen necessary for a healthy skin. It helps retain moisture avoiding dry skin. With age, the natural levels of this protein may drop which can result in skin losing elasticity and the formation of wrinkles.

9. tightens Skin

Are you also tired of these wrinkles on your face? Gelatin removes visible wrinkles present on your face and prevents fine lines from developing. Its protein-rich constituents enhance skin elasticity which provides skin a youthful look. Gelatin-based creams have an instant effect giving skin a tired free look making it firmer and plump.

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