7 Ways to Make Your Nails Grow Faster


Do you feel envious when a woman come across with stunning, perfectly shaped and painted nails? Don’t worry. Here we 7 ways to make your nails grow faster. You will get stronger and shinier nails like never before.

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How to make your nails grow faster?

Nail care is the most important part of your beauty routine. Often, this body part gets neglected by many of you. Remember, it’s equally important to give proper attention to your nails too.

There are a few ways you can take to make your nails and nail beds strong and healthy. Try out these ways to make your nails grow faster.

1. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps nourishing the nails making them grow faster. It is full of antimicrobial properties to fight infections. Also, due to its high-fat content, coconut oil moisturizes the nails and forms a layer over them to seal in the moisture. Hence, it improves blood circulation in the area. Lauric acid is present in coconut oil that strengthens the cuticles to facilitate healthy nail growth. It will lead to a better supply of nutrients resulting in faster and stronger nail growth.

Warm some extra virgin coconut oil in a bowl and massage the oil into your fingers and nails using circular motions. You can also take one tbsp of coconut oil and add 5-6 drops of lemon juice to it. Heat gently it for 20 seconds. Soak your nails in the solution for 10 minutes and massage to let this solution get absorbed. Repeat it on daily basis to grow your nails faster.

2. Consider Your Manicure Habits 

Considering your manicure habits is the best way to make your nails grow faster.

Noticed that your nails are growing at a much slower rate than they used to? It’s a time to consider your manicure habits. How often you get regular faux nails applied? Do you make sure to remove them properly? Do you chip them off?

Might be possible your nails are under stress. It can be harder for them to grow healthy and long. Consider spacing out your manicures now. Try nail strengtheners or nail hardeners to reduce the amount of stress on your nails. This will help them encourage strong and fast growth in the future.

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3. Use Lemon Juice

Don’t know the ways to make your nails grow faster, healthier and stronger? Use lemon juice to get nails of your dreams in no time. Lemons are loaded with vitamin C, which are best for the healthy growth of nails and hair. With regular use of lemon juice on nails, you can also avoid formation of the nail stains, because lemons are rich with bleaching properties.

When it comes to growing nails faster and healthier, lemon juice is an excellent and easy regime for optimum results. What you have to do is just rubbing a slice of lemons on your fingernails for around 5 minutes. Wash it off with warm water, pat dry, and apply hydrating cream. Repeat the same every day for efficient results.

Do not use lemons if you have hangnails, as it may cause a stinging sensation.

4. Use Orange Juice

Oranges are a rich source of vitamin C and folic acid, which increases the collagen production. Collagen is an essential component for nail growth adding vitality of the nails.

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Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen which helps to make the nails grow healthier and stronger. Folic acid also plays an important role to grow nails faster. The anti-oxidant properties of orange also help fighting against infections for proper nail growth.

No doubt, orange juice is a perfect way to make your nails grow faster. Want to know how you can grow nails faster when it comes to orange juice? Take some fresh orange juice and soak your nails for 10-15 minutes. Wash off your hands with warm water following up a moisturizing hand lotion. Repeat this once every day to increase nail growth.

Alternatively, you can also mix 1-2 tbsp of the olive oil in fresh orange juice. Use this solution to soak your nails, dip your fingers in the mixture. Now wait for 10-12 minutes. Rinse it off with normal water, pat dry and apply some moisturizing hand lotion.

5. Apply Olive Oil

Next on the list is olive oil that helps to grow your nails faster. Why use olive oil for nail growth? It contains vitamin E which improves blood circulation and thus helps to grow nails faster. Often poor blood circulation results in slower nail growth. Olive oil helps regulating circulation. It also nourishes and moisturizes the nails keeping them healthy and beautiful.

And it is not difficult to use olive oil, is it?  All you have to do is heating up some olive oil. Massage it on your nails with before going to bed for at least 5 mins. You can wear gloves and let it stay overnight.

Another way to use olive oil to grow nails faster is using it as a nail soak. Heat it up and dip your nails for 15-20 minutes. Remove your fingers and massage properly to let the oil gets absorbed in your nails cuticles. This is the easiest way to make your nails grow faster using olive oil.

You can also add half cup of tomato juice and 2 tbsp olive oil to prepare a DIY nail soak. Dip your fingers in the solution for around 10 minutes and then wash off with plain water.

6. Hydrate on a Regular Basis

Hard nails indicate poor nail health. Dry nails break and chip easily, but well-moisturized nails grow nice and long. You must use lots of nail oil throughout your day to moisturize and treat your nails. Hydrate your nails throughout the day especially after washing hands. Staying hydrated is a part of self-care routine—cuticles included. Keep your nails soft and flexible like your hair. Keep in mind that it will take around 12 weeks for a nail to fully grow out from cuticle to tip. Healthy cuticles make healthy nails.

 Dermatologists recommend applying a combination of essential or plant oils. Think of olive oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, that’s better, right?  By using these oils regularly, you’ll avoid breakage and picking of nails.

7. Groom Your Nails

Regularly groom your nails to promote growth and reduce breakage. It will help you keeping them naturally healthy. There are multiple ways to groom your nails. Keep them dry and clean to avoid bacterial growth underneath. Use manicure scissors or clippers to clean your nails. A perfect way would be cutting your nails straight and then rounding up the tips to a gentle curve.

Rub moisturizing lotions into fingernails, especially in the cuticles where nails begin forming. Do not bite and cut your nails too short. You should wear gloves when washing dishes, clothes or anything else to prevent water from making them soft and brittle. Ever used nail filler before? It’s the best way to make your nails grow faster. Using a nail filler in only one direction, not back and forth with a minimal amount of pressure ensure even and gentle filing of your nails.

Foods that make your nails stronger

Maintaining a healthy diet directly links to your healthy nail growth. It is more than a proven truth that to have a healthy body, nails, skin, and hair, you must be mindful of your diets and foods. Your food intake has a direct effect on the way your body functions to grow your nails. If you want to know how to make your nails grow faster, make sure to consume growth-inducing nutrients.

You know what foods are good for your nails growth? Read on about these foods that can help making your nails grow faster.

  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Oats
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Flaxseeds
  • Bananas
  • Salmon
  • Blueberries
  • Spinach
  • Walnuts

How you can Prevent Slow Nail Growth?

You can prevent slow nail growth by follow these few simple tips:

  • Avoid glue-on artificial nails
  • Use nail oils   
  • Don’t wear nail polish for prolonged time
  • Keep yourself from biting your nails 
  • Avoid toxic polishes
  • Use your own nail grooming tools 
  • Avoid gel nail polishes 
  • Use preventive nail lacquer

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