6 Things Never to Apply on Your Oily Skin

6 Things Never to Apply on Your Oily Skin

Do you have acne-prone oily skin? Note that not every skin product is suitable for your skin….. Let’s look at 6 things never to apply on your oily skin.

Is oily skin look youthful?

Yes, it looks youthful. It’s as beautiful as other skin types. You have to be appropriately managed and taken care of to be healthy and beautiful looking just like every different skin type.

If you have oily skin, you hardly have wrinkles. Your skin protects its surface from the outer layer. Dermatologists report that using the wrong products on oily skin may break out in acne, skin irritation, or even worse. Better try appropriate products only for your oily skin!

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Things never to apply on your oily skin

Things never to apply on your oily skin
Acne-prone Oily Skin

Oily skin comes with acne and pimples. And due to its sensitivity, you have to be extra cautious before applying anything to it. That’s why you should be cautious of what to use and whatnot.

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Come on, ladies, there you go. Now, whenever you want to fix your T-zone lay your hands on the best products for your oily skin. So, try whatever you want except for the following six things never apply to your oily skin.

1. Coconut oil

Products containing coconut oil are perfect for those with dry skin. But, if you have oily skin you must not use it. Rather, you can go for products having ‘oil-free’ or ‘non-comedogenic’ written on the packaging. To enjoy youthful skin, avoid all kinds of popular oils such as coconut, argan, and mineral oil. This will be good for your oily skin!

Coconut oil is thick in consistency, hence, it should be avoided on oily skin. It can just make another layer on your oily skin and won’t let your skin breathe. And there are times when dust gets trapped under the oil. It leads to problems such as itching and rashes. That’s why, even in a mixture, there is big no applying coconut oil.

2. Besan (Gram Flour paste)

You may have heard besan is one of the most common base products for a face pack. But if you have oily skin, you must not use it. Doctors recommend not to use them in small quantities too.

Besan pack can lead to an allergy when applied to oily skin. As oily skin has large pores and that’s why besan is allergic to certain stuff. Besan or gram flour packs may result in the formation of rashes. So, always check whether whatever you are applying is suitable for your skin or not.

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3. Artificial dyes

Well, everyone loves a pop of color but cosmetics like lipsticks and blushes contain artificial dyes. This may work out for many others, but not good if you have oily skin. Acne-prone pores will only suffer from these products. These dyes are things never to apply to your oily skin as they are made from petroleum and coal tar. Instead, you can try cleanser beauty products that are made from natural and organic colors that will keep your skin calm.

Dermatologists always recommend patients with oily skin avoid products containing artificial dyes. It may over-dry the skin with harsh products in some cases.

Although it is tempting to do so, she explained that over-stripping the skin’s natural oils will only trigger more oil production and lead to even oilier skin.

4. Petroleum jelly

Never apply petroleum jelly to your oily skin. Do you use thick moisturizers and creams? It is a time to say goodbye to them. Instead, use gel or water-based moisturizers. These products will hydrate your skin without leaving an oily streak.

Petroleum jelly is meant for dry skin as it contains ingredients like paraffin or mineral oils, which can clog the pores of your oily skin. It can make a thick barrier to prevent skin from getting dry but the same doesn’t go down well with oily skin because it might feel too heavy or sticky.

Petroleum jelly comes with zero benefits for oily skin. It never lets your skin breathe properly. Avoid this as much as you can. Not even with lime juice. This will never work on your oily skin!

5. Lemon

Sounds weird not to use lemon on your oily skin? It’s not a recommended product for oily skin. This is because lemon can cause itching on your skin.

Applying lemon to your already oily skin will not be good for your skin at all. Along with this, there can also be complications of breaking out from this. Want your skin to get Vitamin C?  Instead of lemon, use other things like orange juice.

What if you observe the excellent effects of lemon making your skin glow and youthful? Then, do not use lemon directly but apply only after mixing it with honey. You can massage the skin with this, but make sure not to leave it on your skin for a long time.

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6. Alcohol

There is much controversy and questions related to this ingredient. But what’s the truth? There’s a huge warning sign about using alcohol, but you may find it in almost every skin product like makeup, lotions, and skin and hair products.

Does alcohol work on the skin? Yes! It helps your skin absorb products quickly and remove bacteria on your skin surface. However, in rare cases, it may irritate the skin, especially oily skin.

You must be thinking why do products still contain alcohol? Alcohol has different variations, some may leave your skin hydrated and lush while others can damage your skin.

REMEMBER always; if you have oily skin, alcohol is not for you. It will dry out your skin leading to open pores.

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What to avoid if you have oily skin?

Do you know that you have oily skin? You have oily skin if you have less visible wrinkles and quite visible and enlarged pores. Is your face always shiny? Your skin is oily!

Follow these few things to avoid oily skin.

  • Frequent use of soap and water
  • Grainy scrubs if there are any skin eruptions
  • Facial massages with oily cream
  • Nourishing cream
  • Pinching blackheads
  • Overnight eye cream
  • Harsh astringent lotions
  • Touching the face

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