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Summer Skincare Tips By Dermatologists

Summer Skincare Tips By Dermatologists

Do you enjoy summer on beaches or take a long road trip? I guess, everyone will say, yes! We all do like this in the summer season just because friends and family mostly go outside in the summer season. But there is one major problem that you all normally forget to take care of your skin while going outside, so, in this way, you experience acne and dull skin which makes you ugly. We have some life-changing summer skincare tips that you must know. In this article blog, you will understand how the summer season impacts your skin and what remedies you should be adopted in order to maintain your skin in the summer season.

How summer can influence your skin?

The summer season is found to be a taxing season, especially for your skin. Remember, if you will take as light as air, so, this summer season can damage your entire skin, and then your beauty will get vanish.

Here, you will find some features which the summer season can make hilarious and harmful to you. And the essential summer skincare tips:

Heat rashes:

Have you observed that your skin gets under pressure during the summer season? The main reason behind this concept is a lot of sweating during this time. But, on the other hand, there are some other reasons which can dull your entire skin such as dirt and dust.


During summer days, we all experiences that sun rays are so harsh that it makes red patches and rashes on your skin. This kind of problem occurs to those people who have sensitive skin and ultimately skin gets burn.


Normally, we heard most of the people who have no oily skin also get pimples or acne just because when the season gets too hot. The continuously sweating clogs the skin pores and it is helpful to bring the open environment to acne on your skin.


The summer season is famous just because of draining water from all kinds of living things. Remember, if you do not take water up to 10 to 12 glasses normally, your body suffers severe diseases in the summer season and it loses a lot of water.

Ugly and dull tans:

Who else wants their fair skin to get ugly and rough in the summer season? No one! Sometimes, you never think about a smooth lineup for everything regarding the daily routine. Another major reason is getting constant tan just because of the huge amount of heat.

So, these are some harmful effects of the summer season on human skin and body. In order to get rid of these dangerous influences, there are some smart and short tips for skin curing.

In this article, you will also get these tips, mentioned below:

Hydro boost moisturizer:

Do you think without applying moisturizer, your skin could remain healthy and nourishing in the summer season? No, because, your skin needs some hydration as there is ultimate draining of water in the form of sweating of the body.

So, make a habit of using a combination of moisturizer and sunscreen can easily work on your skin just because it protects you from dangerous sun rays.

Continue use of Mositurizer:

Don’t ever think like that, oh! It’s summer, so, there is no need of using the hydrating moisturizer after washing my face. If you think like this, so, you are wrong. We are supposed that moisturizer is only used in winters as our common belief but it’s not completely true.

Your skin also needs a moisturizer. Apply any good moisturizer with less viscosity.


As we all know that the skin tends to clog with so many dirt particles and dust in the summer season, so, it is essential to get your skin clean like a crystal.

Do you notice that in the summer season, your skin starts to create more oil? It means that your skin pores are supposed to be congested.

If you want exfoliation of your skin, try to use glycolic acid toners and lactic acid and then see its magic.

Vitamin C is necessary:

From the age of childhood, we are all hearing that intake of vitamin C is essential for our body as well as for our skin just because it prevents the chances of hyperpigmentation and enhances the overall appearance of your skin.

Remember, if you will make a habit of using those products or natural remedies in which vitamin C is present, so, you will never face any harm or danger related to your skin in the summer season.

Less or short shower time:

During the summer season, we are wondering to remain under the shower for a long time just because it gives relaxation to us. But, spending too much time under the hot water shower can harm your skin in the form of dullness.

Therefore, you need to minimize your shower time and it should be no more than 15 minutes.

Protect yourself by shade:

In this modern world, where, every next person goes outside for any kind of reason, so, in the summer season, you need to remain in shade. The main reason behind this, if you go outside without having any kind of shade or applying any sunscreen protector, patches due to sunburn will get occur on your open skin.

Always wear clothes having lightweight, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats when going outside.

Non-comedogen makeup:

Have you ever heard the word non-comedogenic regarding makeup? Basically, it’s a kind of ingredient used in makeup beauty cosmetics to block all your skin pores. This is the reason that it is not a good and reliable product used in the summer season.

Please be make sure that those makeup cosmetics which you are gonna be used on your skin should not be comedogenic.

Use SPF Sunscreen:

Is not necessary to protect anything with the help of a shield or shelter? Yes! It is necessary. The same is the case with your skin, it also needs some kind of protecting shield and for the skin, a sunblock protector is essential.

Make a habit of using the sunblock protector on your skin before going outside and make sure that you will apply this sun-protecting screen after a couple of hours.

Intake of water:

The most highlighted thing about this summer season is that the draining of water continuously happens in the form of sweating from your overall body. This is why the intake of water is so much necessary.

On the other hand, many people use to face some health issues and skin problems in this summer season. If you want to get rid of all these hurdles and problems, please make a routine on a daily basis of taking at least 10 to 12 glasses of water.

By doing this, your skin will remain fresh and healthy and you will never face such kind of dehydration in the summer season especially.

Care of feet:

As we all know that you have to say goodbye to shoes and other closed heavy shoes, you will definitely welcome sandles just because it is easy to wear and there is no chance of sweating in your feet.

But it is also necessary that in the summer season, you need to do pedicures for wearing flip flops in the summer season.

Care about toe:

In the summer season, just because the weather becomes so much dusty, therefore, you need to take care of your toes.

Apply suncream in the right direction:

There is no doubt that summertime is that time of getting the beautiful and admirable tan on your body but this should not come from the source of a tanning bed.

You have to apply the best and durable sunless tanner which is supposed to be the flexible starting point for curing your skin in the summer season.

Care by natural remedies:

Don’t forget to care for your skin through several different natural herbs and resources. These ways are much smore marter and affordable as compared to apply expensive and out-of-budget skincare products on your skin.

To keep yourself away from acne and pimples, you need to make a habit of using these natural resources such as vegetables, fruits, juices, spices, and natural herbs.


The other most important aspect regarding the summer season is to maintain the hygiene of your overall skin. In the summer season, always takes a bath twice a day in order to enhance the hygiene regime and to keep your skin clear and fresh.

Curing by taking facials:

The face is the most prominent and visual part of our whole body. We all know that when the summer season arrives, our face experiences a lot of pimples and acne hectic just because of sweating.

If you want to avoid these problems, you have to wash your wash 3-4 times in a whole day. By doing this, your face will get fresh and no pimples or acne will happen.

I hope, these summer skincare tips will be helpful to you regarding the guidance of skin care in the hottest summer season.

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