Things you are doing all wrong in the skincare regime


Have you ever imagine that doing something out of pattern regarding skincare can cause harm and long-lasting hurdle? Skin is your most important organ and it protects your body from germs and microbes and helps in regulating the temperature of the body. In the daily hectic routine, most people forget about what precautions, we have to adopt for skin curing.

If you take your skin for granted, so remember that its glow and nourishment will not last forever. You have to be conscious about those things which sometimes you do without care for your skin.

Activities of wrong doing with skin care regime:

There are many women who do not use a moisturizer on their skin, so, the result causes rough and tough skin like a crocodile has. Here, you have found some other activities:

Starting routine without washing make up:

Do you think that after bearing the whole day’s workload, will you remember taking down the makeup? I guess, most of you will say, “No, I am enough tired to peel off my makeup!”

The very early step, you should follow after coming from outside is to wash your face properly just because there are so much dirt and pollution which freeze on your face, and then it can become the reason for blocking your pores due to which the oxygen can not take inside!

Using the wrong facial cleanser:

I think, during purchasing the facial cleanser, firstly, we all see how it affects our skin for glowing rather than analyzing the ingredients of this facial cleanser. The pH of a skin neutralizes the aggressors of alkaline-based and also maintains the optimal acid environment.

The normal pH of skin is around 5.5 and this is the reason that cleansers with high pH can cause acne!

Forget to apply toner after cleansing:

Everyone has a general habit of not using the proper mechanism for face curing. Do you think that it is not a necessary step after cleansing, right? So, it is to inform you that toner protects, refreshes as well moisturizes the skin and you feel fresh after applying this.

Usage of ordinary exfoliating products:

Yes, we all know that exfoliating products can easily remove dead skin and gives you a glow. But the physical exfoliants can also damage your skin and it causes flaking and dehydration as well.

Exploding pimples:

As pimples are the right partner of every next woman just because we live and surround ourselves in that polluted environment where its growth is a must. Most of them pop the acne in order to extract its Vulgaris.

Don’t do this blunder because it leaves a stain on your skin, be conscious!

Avoiding using oils:

If you have oily skin, until and unless you have to use oils containing linoleic acid or pumpkin seed oil which protect your skin from lacking hydration.

Along with the usage of cream, you should try to use products which has ingredients of rosehip oil or pumpkin seed oil.

Forget to use SPF products:

Do you also get bored about how many creams, I should use while going outside? Or do you have a habit of forgetting to apply the sun protector? 

Yes! Many of us forget about using sunscreen protectors. Although, it prevents sunburn and saves our skin from UV rays.

Not change the pillow cover:

Just before lying on the bed, your body is completely tired and drowsy. Due to this, you never concentrate on changing the cover of your pillow.

Yes! A lot of bacteria collects on your pillow cover and this causes pimples and acne over your entire face.

Eating junk food:

The major disadvantage of junk food is that your skin becomes oily and full of pimples which seem to be ugly unattractive. You need to avoid junk food if you want your dreamy skin.

Leave your bad habits:

Are you a chain smoker or drink alcoholic beverages? If yes! then it is hard to accept that smoking breaks down the elastin as well as collagen which is beneficial for the young looks in the skin.

Most of the women and girl teenagers destroy their skin texture and beauty by involving in such kinds of activities.

Application of products in wrong manner:

Due to the reason of hurry and some irregular working routines, if you forgot to apply skin products in the right manner, so, many uneven situations could be happened just like if you apply the moisturizer after sun protector.

Always in a hurry to apply products:

Are you getting in a rush during the usage of products? I think yes! Always on a push-on mode and not giving much time to sink in these products can take away the effectiveness of those products from your skin.

Use products for sun sensitivity without checking:

The products which are applicable in the night routine takes some extra time to permeate just because these products contain sensitivity when exposed to the sun.

Don’t ever use those products without an inspection!

Ignore to towel your face:

The skin of your face and hands are the same so, why should they have a common towel? Always select a separate towel for your face and make sure no one can use this. You don’t know how many bacteria and germs can build up on your towel.

Always arrange separate towels for your face and hands!

Use of wipes to wash your face:

I think on busy lazy days, we all want that every work has to be done within a second. Therefore, we move towards the shortcuts and these shortcuts make our skin dull and starve.

The only way to remove the dirt and dust from your face is to wash it with water just because wipes can damage your entire skin.

Over flaking your skin:

Do you think frequently molting and scurfing will make your face healthy? A big No. When you do exfoliation in a frequent motion, so, remember, your skin can open the protective barriers! These blockades will welcome several infections and environmental toxins.

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