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10 Good Manners to Teach Your Child


Is there anything more basic than morality? Good manners leave an eternal impact on the person standing in front of you. Developing kind manners and good etiquettes in children is an emblem that they have been brought up generously.

We all have heard by our elders saying, “A child follows what he observes”. This means your child is going to follow your actions. You have to present a humble attitude while raising your beautiful kids.

You feel overwhelmed teaching manners to your young child? It doesn’t have to be. By teaching your children a few key phrases and greetings, you can encourage them to be humble. Make your kids understand the importance of compassion and empathy. This is going to make them a perfect example to look up to in a long run!

In this article you can explore such methods which can help your child become a generous person in the future. Plus, you’ll also come to know why teaching good manners to children is important. Stick to the end and get to know a lot!

Why Children Should Be Taught Good Manners?

Imbibing good etiquettes makes your child an overall humble, generous, polite, and pleasant person.

This is actually a bigger problem than just dinner-table discussions; the most important part include in the upbringing of your child is to guide them good manners. It will help him be more accomplished in life and settle a civic tone in society.

Kids that are polite and kind with their peers and friends attract the ethical kind of crowd. He enjoys company with loyal people who mirror his behavior as well. Good manners promote optimism in life and lead to stronger relationships.

Courtesy provides a sense of happiness and satisfaction when someone responds positively after catching good manners. As a result, your children are more likely to build such habits repeatedly. Good etiquettes result in happier children.

Teaching your children good manners will boost confidence among them. Positive impact of kids’ behavior in the practical world will make them feel more optimistic. When it comes to professional life, well-mannered children distinct from the others and leads by better opportunities. As politeness is attractive, so they are more likely to enhance skills faster in their walk of life.

10 Good Manners for Children

Children with nice manners always enjoy a little edge over others, whether it is personal or professional life. Manners like being polite, saying sorry, cleaning up the space, respecting the elders, and many more, should be practiced at home with your children repeatedly, until they get used to it mentally and physically. Here are some manners you must teach your children.

1. Saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’

One of the first and basic manners to teach your kid is humility. From the very start, the habit of saying ‘please’ when requesting something and ‘thank you’ when getting something should be instilled in children. Always teach your child to reciprocate and show gratitude by saying ‘Thank You’. Practice this all the times at your home, so it will come naturally to them in the long run.

2. Asking before Taking Anything

Normalize asking before taking anything from anyone. You should teach your children to ask permission before getting anything even that is not theirs. Even taking anything from close ones like mom and dad, make them accustomed to ask first. Also, guide them to return anything that they have borrowed, with a gentle smile and thanks.

3. Saying Sorry        

Simple yet powerful. Help the kids saying sorry whenever they are wrong. Make them use to this habit as well along with ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Tell your children when and where to say sorry, and not use it informally. Compassion is a feeling they have to learn.          

4. Knocking on Doors before Entering

Knocking the door before entering a room is the basic courtesy you should teach your children irrespective of their age. They must learn that privacy is first and foremost, especially at home. You as a parent should do so in front of your kids. This will help them pick it up quickly.

5. Saying ‘Excuse Me’

This is another basic etiquette for the kids to learn. Saying ‘excuse me’ while asking permission to talk is one of the best manners you can instill in your children. As kids are naturally even-tempered, so you can teach them to say ‘excuse me’ early in their life. Also, make them learn when and how to involve in a discussion without interrupting anyone.

6. Respect the Elders

Elders are gem. Teach your children to respect elders. This is a sign of great respect no matter of what age, Grandparents? Neighbors?  Aunts and uncles? Teachers? Any visitor to your place. Whenever they show respect to elders, either as a kid or adult, this is going to reflect on your upbringing. So keep your good work on kids!

7. Shake hands and make eye contact.

Making a direct eye contact leaves a never ending impression. Teach your kids to shake hands and to make eye contact. This will boost confidence and build their personality.

8. Respect Others’ Opinion

You just cannot agree with everyone sitting around you. Tell your kids never try to impose their opinion on someone. They must respect everyone. Every person has his own thoughts and opinions.

9. Never Using Foul Language

Rough language is never appreciated. This seems highly disrespectful and unpleasant. Teach your kids never to use foul language. Educate them good words to talk.

10. To Look Beyond Physical Beauty

Teach your kids about spiritualism. Everyone is born beautiful. No one is ugly by face. What matters the most is good manners.

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