Writing Is A Practice-Based Skill


Do you think you cannot become a writer just because you were not a good writer at your college or you have always hated writing due to strict writing rules, grammatical mistakes, or you were unable to use fancy and difficult words to stand out in your assignment? Well, Well you are not alone.

Imposter syndrome is real and everybody has faced it, even the famous writers like Stephen Kings who started writing at a young age but got rejection after rejection, so it was so hard for him to continue the writing, JK Rowling sent the first part of harry potter to 12  publication who rejected it and many others like George Orwell and Ernest Hemingway.

 How did they receive world recognition if they were terrible writers?

What’s the secret?

Did they discover a magic wand to make people like their writing or did they drink a magic potion to be unmatchable?

I wish I could tell you it was their secret, but it was not. They did a freaking job and they have an unbreakable friendship with their pen and notebook.

Yes, the secret is to keep writing. I know it may sound absurd and does to make any sense to someone who wants to be a writer in the coming years.

Do you think writers are born with a silver spoon or they were born innately with a skill of writing? If only we knew what our future career would be, we would no longer have to rethink and face any kind of failures in life. 

Writing is practice-based skill:

Writing is a skill that can get better by practising.No one is born a good writer or a bad writer but if you think that you are a bad writer and can never become a good writer let me tell you it is a process that gets better once you practice it.  Can you learn piano without practicing it?  Can you learn cooking by just randomly watching cooking videos on youtube(if only it were that essay) Can you learn to sing without practicing it?  Writing is practice-based learning that gets better once you practice it.

Ann Handley, who was one of the finest writers in this digital world wrote in her book “Everybody Writes”. In the modern world, we all rewrite in different forms like writing on Twitter, Instagram captions, status on Whatsapp, and writing on Facebook. An average spends 50 % of the term on social media consuming the internet, watching content and replying to comments, and chatting with friends.

For writing, there are many fields so Today’s discussion will be about what are different writing niches?

Writing for comedy

Are you good at telling jokes?  You can choose this field and sell jokes(I am not kidding).  For inspiration, you can read the comedies of Peter Farrelly, Ben Elton Jerry Seinfeld, and Harry Hill.  Many companies and agencies are looking for comedy writers, as people are becoming depressed and the anxiety ratio and suicide rate are increasing. Your comedy can be life-saving for someone who thinks that life is boring or getting dry.

Writing for movies/plays/ documentaries:

Have you ever heard about scriptwriting?  Every act on which an actor acts is written first. Things are better undressed if they are in written form. So that an actor can match the level of writing and can act deeply by being in the character. Not even a single play or movie is aired on the internet without a script? Do you know how many movies are released each year? Do you have any catching ideas that can attract directors and producers to choose your story?  If yes, try it out. If not then what is wrong with trying, the least is that they will reject you, but don’t take it to heart, pitch to another one. Maybe it will strike someone’s mind and they can pick your story as a film. BIngo!

Writing for /magazine/publications/journaling news?

 Do you have interesting stories to tell to people? If you are good at writing novels or short stories, then you can try writing for magazines that are seeking writers? Pitch and connect with those publishers. Don’t lose your heart if they can accept your writing. Keep pitching, and keep writing.

Are you interested in writing for the press? Do you love to write about trending topics? Do you have strong argumentative skills? Voila, you can write for the press or prepare the script for new anchors and hosts of different channels.

Writing for business and marketing companies:

Writers for online businesses make their brochures, product copy, landing pages, and email newsletter for conversion rates. It seems like a hard skill, but is copywriting one of the most essential skills that can change your career game? I mean we are all looking for someone who can impress us with words and can convince us to buy without forcing. 

Written for market companies who aim to target different businesses or customers. This type of learning requires in-depth learning of customers and businesses to connect to their level. That’s one of the reasons that copywriters are well-paid in the freelance industry.

Niche-specific writer:

Many companies are niche-specific where you have to focus on one niche and they need a specific niche to get writers in that field.  Niche-specific writers get high pay for writing articles/copies. If you are a general writer, who can write on any topic, it’s not that catchy to writers and blogging companies. And If you are an expert at medicine write about it, if you are a nutritionist, then you can write about it. If you have a craze for productivity and personal development, write about it. 

If you are a relationship or marriage consultant, people will value your content as an expert. Selecting a micro niche like a dog content writer who knows all stuff about dogs, people love to have dogs in their villas and home. The least I am try9ing to say is you can choose as many niches as you can.  There is demand for every field of writing.


Writing online is different from writing assignments in college. There are a lot of writing fields that you haven’t heard of. As I described in the earlier section, it is practice-based and can get better with practicing writing. Even if you want to become a top-notch writer, writing is therapeutic, it gives peace and serenity. And it gets better with time, just start writing consistently, and then the articles you’ve written previously you will see how much you have grown until hen. There is only one thing that’s magical in this process that is consistency.

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