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Why Premium WordPress Maintenance & Support?

Premium WordPress Maintenance and Support

As we ourselves are running website on WordPress. Which uses several plugins and a premium WordPress theme as well. Yeah! We are also fed up of continuous WordPress updates. Specially with an update to core WordPress the several updates with themes and plugins as well. The reason of themes and plugins updates with WordPress updates is compatibility.

Furthermore we invest so much time on our website and money also. We are always curious is our WordPress website secure? Is our WordPress website backed up regularly in case something unusual happen can we revert back? Actually the answer to these questions is Premium WordPress maintenance & support. In this article we are going to explain how premium WordPress support can make your life easy and make your website grow rapidly.

Extending the worries webmasters have they are also worried if their website always Search Engine Compatible 100%. Also they want to know is website working great on all devices including mobiles, desktops and tablets or laptops? How can i forget the important factor speed of website. Let’s explain in further details why we need Premium WordPress maintenance support.

Dealing with WordPress Updates

Oh yeah! 2 days ago i updated my WordPress. After updating the WordPress i needed to update all plugins, theme as well. This did not stop here i had to then check several pages, posts, forms of my website if they are working well with new update release. Okay that’s checked and now? I had to again do speed tests if my website’s speed is still great and would not effect any ranking issues. Lastly i checked how responsive my website is to different devices with new update.

Well i updated and tested again all yahoo! I slept.

What the heck? I woke up after only 12 hours and saw another new update to WordPress means again above tasks. Seems like an infinite loop how can i concentrate on my website if i have always to deal with these things. Yeah! we have solution and that’s WordPress maintenance and support service.

Now i can focus on my website’s content and growth the technical part is not my headache anymore. Seems great deal?

Dealing with Theme and Plugins updates and compatibility

Well once WordPress release its update its upto WordPress developers which new features they include in update and which they remove. You might have seen this function is deprecated. This means a specific feature which your theme or plugin is using have been taken out by WordPress in new release.

In cases when you face problem with theme or plugins after core update or WordPress. If theme and plugins authors are great they immediately release counter update for latest WP release. But if they are not responsive that means your website is going to be dead or would require to build again. Its always important you check your website and all features carefully after each update of WordPress. Here comes Premium maintenance and support which not only keep your website updated. But also fix the issues if any come up without wasting time to request the authors for fix.

Worried about your WordPress site security?

This is the factor which force the WordPress to release so many updates. As you know WordPress is supporting more than 35% websites globally. Which makes sure WordPress is in use for millions of websites. If hackers can break 1 website that mean threat is for millions of sites. This reason attract hackers to keep breaking and opening backdoor to WordPress.

So when you have someone to look after your WordPress website, they will not only monitor if any plugin, or theme or WordPress update is a threat to site. They will also take the backups of your website regularly which will produce the great secure website and worries free.

How important Website Speed/Performance is?

Since july 2018 Google have made it mandatory that your website not only should work fast on mobiles but on all devices. Slow loading speed web pages would not be ranked. Why? Because google want to give good experience to its users. They want to provide pages which are good effective and fast loading speed.

The “Speed Update,” as we’re calling it, will only affect pages that deliver the slowest experience to users and will only affect a small percentage of queries. It applies the same standard to all pages, regardless of the technology used to build the page. The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal, so a slow page may still rank highly if it has great, relevant content.

Google’s Zhiheng Wang and Doantam Phan wrote.

So how to maintain the great website loading speed? While you have several web pages, with several plugins and a theme also. Any update to plugin, or theme or even WordPress effects your website speed always. You have to go back and test the speed how time consuming this thing is? You can waste whole day doing this.

Simple is that the solution is in WordPress maintenance service that can get this pain out of your head and they always keep an eye if your website’s speed is great or not.

Making sure your website is 100% Search engine compatible

Since most of website founders or owners or content writers are not SEO experts. Not only webmasters but i have seen several Theme developers are not good in SEO compatible coding. What does that mean SEO compatibility?

For a writer’s point of view the SEO compatible content writing is actually headings hierarchy. If they have been using proper headings as h1 is main heading, h2 is sub heading and you can say h3 is grand children heading. Sub heading can have 2 3 grand children if they relates to that.

This part is tricky for any new website owner. As you know search engines are bots they only understand the markups and the content you have on your website. So there should be someone who always keep an eye on html theme is generating if that’s completely SEO friendly. Also if any plugin producing HTML output that’s SEO compatible or not.

There should be someone who should give you positive suggestions for your content writer or pages if there are any issues in terms of SEO. For all these types of concerns WordPress Maintenance Support Service keep you calm and risk free.

Need edit/customization or extension to a feature?

Trying to change the color of your navigation? Or trying to replace your logo with new one? Want to increase the width of sidebar? Or want to reduce the numbers of widgets in footer? Are you willing to change footer’s background image and put an overlay on it?

Or you want some changes on your slider? There are thousands of similar questions on your mind when you think about your website. You want to do several edits and customization but you don’t know how to. And if you try to do these changes you make a mess 🙂 Also hiring online or finding new people always is a real pain and its risky as 5$ people try to earn other ways also.

The answer is simple WordPress Premium Maintenance and Support Service. Which handles all your edit and customization requests and provide you great feedback if the update gonna match with your website or not.

Our Recommendation

As we are already customers of Webful Creations and using their website maintenance service. When they contacted us to write a review about their service we said yes without even thinking once. Because we know how best service is this which take out all necessary web work out of our table and let us focus on producing the great content. If you are also trying to build up your website well start today with them as they are starting with only 29$ /Month. Isn’t it great so many things in just 29$/Month from industry experts? Don’t delay hurry up any comments can be posted below.

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