Digital Reading Eventually Made Life Easy


Do you remember those days when the internet was not a part of our lives? Only some of us have an excess of it. If we want to read something we have to buy books and magazines and they were really expensive at that time especially when we have to buy it from our pocket money. Though every school and college has a library so that we can excess whatever we want. I remember when I want to read novels I have to save money so that I can purchase that. But I always felt bad because I can’t excess all the novels at one time. I am sure most of us went through from this situation. Especially the generation before the early 90s experienced this. At that time I wished that hopefully someday the reading gets easy so I don’t have to pay hundreds and thousands of rupees to any shopper.

Main idea                     

As you know technology has brought everything in our lives on our fingertips. With the passage of time, everything is changing and developing. So do the usage of the internet as well among people. Digital reading has become a major part of our lives. We are so much depended on this like never before. Whether it’s about studies, projects, knowledge, presentations, and novels or story reading. We can avail of everything and we don’t have to save thousands of rupees to pay any shop keeper. We can’t do anything without Google. Dictionary now only supposed to be part of our lives in the form of an application. People are not reading books as much as they read in old times. This thing can be good or bad we are not going into this debate but I think digital reading is more comfortable and it has brought easiness in our lives in all terms.

Positive sides of digital reading

printed vs digital

Everything has its negative or positive effects. Nothing is entirely positive or negative but I am here sharing some positive sides of digital reading.

1) Book reading is not everyone’s favorite

Some people really don’t like book reading. But they are interested in reading different things or they have to complete their assignments and projects. But what would they do? They feel sleepy if they read the book. That is why; internet or digital reading is really helping them. They can easily read a specific topic in different books with the help of the keywords. In printed form, it’s difficult to read one book in one time but in digital form, it is so easy to read 2 or 3 books at the same time with the least money investment.

2) Print reading is expensive than digital reading

Everyone comes from a different family status. Not everyone can afford whatever they want. Even no matter how badly they want something but their income doesn’t allow them to do so. That is why I think that digital reading is easier. Now every school, college, and universities have a digital library so no matter if someone doesn’t have the internet connection at home they can avail those facilities in their respective institutes. And save that material easily.

3) Easily Available

The best part of eBooks is they never get out of stock. No matter how many times people download it or read it they will always remain the same. Once you save this on your device it will be yours for ages no matter you lost it or delete it. It will be restored easily or you can gain download it even after years.

4) Easy Storage

How many books you can keep with you all the time 2, 3 or 4 max? it is not easy to carry all the books all the time with you and whenever or wherever if you want to read something you can open all the books altogether. But if we talk about eBook’s storage, they are easy to save and carry. Just in your SD card or USB, you can store as much data as you can without giving pain to your hands.

5) Audio

There was a time the only audio lecture we had is the lecture our teachers gave us but now in this era, we can not only read eBooks but also listen to lectures on those topics that are problematic for us. We can save them and listen to them as many times as we want. But in the old times, we can’t avail of these facilities.

6) Visual Aids

This is something I like the most. Visual aids really helped us in many ways no matter you are using it for art or science projects or mathematics’ problems or humanities lectures. Everything gets easy to learn through visual aids and we can see those things, again and again, many times until we understand the concept fully.

7) Eco-friendly

eBooks are more eco-friendly because it is not only about the toxic inks or bookbinding machines that use electricity but it is mainly about the environment because we don’t have to cut trees to print a book because the print book needs paper and this is the reason we are cutting trees that cause severe problems.

Research’s findings of digital reading

research result

New Zealand researcher, Hooper, and Herath (2014), they explained the impact of online reading

1) Increased amount of reading due to growth in online reading

2) Improved the speed of reading

3) Improved skimming ability 


After all of the above discussion, it feels like digital reading has really made our lives easy. Studies are easier with this otherwise it would be a tough thing to search all the books for a particular topic. Then purchasing them is a real pain. Because you cannot buy all the books and research journals for a particular topic. Technology has really up to the game and gave us amazing things that we are not only read all the stuff but also save all our data and keep it with us and easily move from one place to another without any pain on the other hand carrying 10 books in hands and then traveling is not easy. 

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