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social media

Sometimes I think how much our life has changed. It seems like not only in terms of technology but our behaviors have also changed with time. If I think about my childhood we hang out with friends, play lots of outdoor games and interact with family members more. Only one TV set in one home and everybody saw the same thing that others are watching. There were not many options to pass time except playing with friends or limited TV shows. Families spend time with each other. Parents can easily excess in their children’s lives and get to know what they are up to. But now things are changing very fast. We have a thing called the internet that bound all of us in its magic and now it seems so difficult to unbind it. Our life depends on it so much that we can’t live a day without it.

social media

Thought behind the topic

Recently, you all witness that the social media applications went down for few hours and you all can easily get to know what the world was feeling in those hours because I am sure you all felt the same. At that time I realized, how much we are stuck in this. Social media is now not part of our life it becomes our whole life now. People were panicking some said ooh gosh! We don’t know what to do. Many people’s business depends on Facebook and they were very upset because of their loss. Exactly these were some statements I am sure most of us heard in those hours. Even the kids were upset because they can’t see their favorite cartoon. Don’t you think we all are spellbound to social media or the internet? Imagine if one day the internet won’t be part of our lives what would we do then?

It’s Time to reconnect with the real world

So if you are thinking that yeah it’s true and you have that kind of a feeling of emptiness in your life without social media or internet. So I think this is the wakening point for you. Because it’s never too late to correct something. We have to come back to our old routine where family comes first then everything else. Here are some tips that you can try if you want to unbound yourself from social media’s magic.

what to do

1) Minimum the usage                             

I know its 21st century and we can’t live without mobile or internet but at least we can try to the minimum the usage of it. Whenever you feel that your craze for social media is increasing then give yourself a break. Stop using all the applications for a few days. Try to watch only those shows that are coming on TV only. Motivate your kids to play with each other without any gadgets or the internet. I hope it will help you to overcome that craze.

2) Find out a hobby

If you feel like I have done all the household work even then I have leisure hours and that is why I am using social media. After that then you should find a hobby for yourself. It can be cooking classes, baking, stitching, driving, guarding, makeup classes, etc. try out new things in the real world not on your mobile. Take out time for your hobby. Promise to yourself that you will not give your whole spare hours to your mobile.

3) Utilize it as a treat

We usually don’t give a treat to ourselves on a daily basis. Like a coffee from our favorite café or our favorite dine out. Consider social media in the same way. Above all, decide within yourself that you will only treat yourself after that with social media when you achieved something productive or accomplished all your set goals.

4) Meet people in the real world

If you feel like in spite of doing all the above things still, you are feeling lonely probably then go out and meet new people. Join some club or fitness club or any social organization. I am sure meeting new people in person is a lot more fun. It fresh your mind and you will get some fresh air or environment and it won’t give you eye pain or severe headaches.

5) Greyscales your mobile

It is human psychology that we motivate or attracts towards colors. Most of us like colorful things. Consequently, stop making your mobile colorful. Put it in a simple black or grey theme. Likewise, don’t put beautiful wallpapers or application’s icons so you will not divert towards your mobile. Keep it simple. This will help you out to overcome your craze for social media or mobile.

6) Stop using it as an alarm clock

All of us have this bad habit that we use our mobile as our alarm clock. Therefore if we focus on this point that the first thing we do when we get up is to see our mobile. This is not good and saves things at all! Stop setting your alarms in your mobiles. Because after turning off the alarm probably we check all the notifications. as a result, then we can’t resist social media and spend an hour on the bed just to checking our notifications. Hence so keep your mobile outside from your room. Don’t start your day with it.


you have everything
you have everything you need for complete peace and total happiness right now.

I hope that after reading all the above tips at least some of us make a plan to schedule our lives and try to maintain a balanced life. on the other hand, social media is a blessing and a curse at the same time. We don’t even realize that we start admiring things that might be not good for us or don’t belong to us. We stalk people and keep an eye on their lifestyle. This is not a good thing so it seems like it will be good if we take care of ourselves and furthermore our kids from the starting on the other hand as you know many cases reported on a daily basis and people get into trouble because of social media.

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