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Try To Make A Habit Tracker For A Healthy Routine

habit tracker

A healthy life is a blessing especially in this era it is literally a precious thing. Because as you all know we are so busy in our daily life that we don’t bother to analyze how badly we are affecting our self. Our eating habits have changed over time. Everyone loves hoteling we love to eat from restaurants more than home-cooked meals. Pizza, fries, burgers, biryani, etc. these are an essential part of our diet now. We don’t prefer to go on the walk. We can easily watch a movie of 3 hours sitting in one place but we don’t go out to walk for 30 mints. The mobile is over the top. We can’t live without it. We forget everything but the mobile is always by our side. Our reading habits have almost vanished. There is a quote “early to bed early to rise” but we are totally doing the opposite to it.

Why it is necessary to discuss it?

I think now it is necessary to discuss this topic because we are heading in the wrong direction. We have to decide to take some action on our habits and routine. As you all know, every 2nd person is now suffering from some diseases or cancer. Our negligence towards our health might cause a big loss to us. That is why try to find out what are our bad habits and try to find out ways to overcome them. There is a thing that we all can do easily is to make a habit tracker. Because habit formation is not a one-day thing and changes that habit is also a long way to go. Probably you follow some routine for 10 days or a month so you should keep a record of that routine. It will help you to memorize things easier when you did something or when you didn’t.

The pattern of habit tracker                         

habit tracker

The best way to make a proper habit tracker is that firstly you find out your good and bad habits. Then write it down on a page. Good habits on 1st page and bad habits on 2nd page. Then make 30 or 31 columns. Put the date or day 1 to day 30 on the upper side of columns. Now on a daily basis, you have to tick on those habits which you did all day. For example; if you went for a walk, then tick the walk column and if you didn’t then you leave that column blank and if you ate junk food then you have to tick on junk food. Similarly, you will do this thing with all your habits. So this thing will easily help you to find out how many days you stick to your good routine and how many times you cheat on your routine.

Some good habits that you should write

1) Daily walk for at least 30 mints

2) On the bed before 10 30 pm

3) Wake up at 6 am

4) Read at least a page or two from a book

5) Workout

6) Take shower daily

7) Remember or write at least one thing that makes you feel blessed daily

8) Spread happiness and peace

9) Talk to your parents with a fresh mood

10) Brush your teeth properly

11) Take your medicines/ supplements on time

Some bad habits that you should avoid

1) No smoking

2) Don’t create noise pollution

3) Minimum the usage of mobile or electronic devices

4) Try to a minimum and then once in a while for hoteling

5) Stop eating late

6) try not too angry on anyone

7) Avoid fights

8) Don’t do rash driving

Benefits of habit tracker

I think it is very useful for everyone and if I talk about myself I consider it most beneficial for myself because I did maintain my routine because of this. So if one person can, everybody can do that. Seems like there are some benefits that I am sure you will also feel when you start doing and stick to it.

1) It emphasis you to act on it

When you made a habit tracker and decide with your heart and soul that I have to do it, I have to maintain myself and I will achieve my health goals and you see that it will motivate you to act on it. Paste or hang that tracker on the wall or somewhere else where it can always remind you to do it. It will always boost you.

2) It gives you feeling that not to stop

If this tracker is in front of your eyes it will motivate you to continue as if you can do one day you can do on the other day as well. It always pops up thoughts in your mind that you can leave your bad habits if one day similarly you can so the day other will be better as well. On the other hand, it will enhance your stamina that you come out a long way now it seems like a waste if you drop this thing in a mid-way.

3) It gives you an immense sense of relaxation

Imagine what will you feel when you have completed 10 days or 15 days perfectly? Isn’t it a sign of happiness and relaxation? I think it feels like you are on cloud nine. Furthermore, it encourages you to another level. Because when you started you felt like ooh! I can’t do that I can’t leave my bad habits easily ooh! It’s impossible to skip hoteling. And then when you are on day 10 or 15 and watching that habit tracker and tell yourself that yeah I did it is seriously the best feeling.


At the end of this topic, I hope some of us should promise to ourselves that we should try this out at once at least. Because of nothing important than health. In this 21st century, we have environmental issues, unhygienic food, impurities in water, therefore, we have to look after our self. As a result, the consequences are very dangerous. Just a little mistake can drag you to death. And I guess death in one second is easy but suffering from a disease for months or years is unimaginable pain. So try to take care of yourself and you’re loved once also. As life is a precious gift of GOD try to enjoy it but be safe and healthy as well.

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