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What is schizophrenia disorder?


We are very much aware of depression. It is more common in this era where depressive disorder is more common in the young generation due to several circumstances. Maybe some years back it was not considered as much serious as we consider it today. The one who is really keen on such patients may be the one who considers it one of the worst disorders that consume your life for making it hollow from inside just like a termite. But do you know there are many more innocents who are suffering more in a later stage of the disorder? Have you ever experienced a person who talks about things that had not happened in reality?

Schizophrenia representation

Unbelievable experiences:

He tells you that he met a person last night but in reality you know, that particular person is residing in a foreign country right now and there are no chances to come back in one night secretly. The victim will tell you how he/she had a sort of comfort place with him and how much satisfying it was? Maybe in the first place, you will start calling him mad who is talking non-sense but what if the same thing has really happened with him? He informed you that his mother came back to him last night but in reality, his mother had died several years back?

Schizophrenia patient
Schizophrenia patient

Now, the whole situation can put you in fear or anxiety at first. But if you will give some consideration to that person, you will realize that the victim is suffering from a horrible form of depression in which all over whom he overthinks is visible in front of his eyes. In this article, we are going to discuss schizophrenia and how much worst consequences it can grant to the patient. The sole purpose is to build awareness about it so that we may become helping hands for those who are thrown away in society just like unwanted people.

What does the term mean?

The word Schizophrenia is comprised of two words. One is “Schizo” meaning “Splitting” and the other is “Phrenia” meaning “mind”. It can be interpreted as the splitting of the mind but it does not refer to a split of the personality. It is referred to as the fragmented pattern of thinking.

Schizophrenia syndrome:

Schizophrenia is actually a syndrome which means that there are a lot of symptoms that are associated with the disorder and experience different symptoms. In this way, it is interpreted differently.

Symptoms of the syndrome:

Although different patients experience it differently but broadly speaking, we can categories it into three major categories.

  • Positive symptoms
  • Negative symptoms
  • Cognitive symptoms
Symptoms of schizophrenia

Positive symptoms:

Many of the symptoms are the result of normal extreme physiological processes. For example, there is a normal heartbeat but when this heartbeat becomes increases it is called tachycardia which means the faster heartbeat. The same goes for a normal body temperature but when this temperature becomes higher than the normal temperature it takes shape to which we called as fever. The term positive symptoms show that may be those symptoms have some positive impacts on the patient but they are basically some new features that arise. Normally these features are not the result of any physiological process. These are not normal features and do not have any physiological counter-part.

Psychotic symptoms:

Some of the psychotic symptoms that arise as the result of positive symptoms are delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, disorganized behavior, catatonic behavior, etc. All of these are not normal physiological processes occurring in the human body.


These are strong enough that even if you try to give some of the strong proves to the patient he will never agree on it. It may be a delusion of control in which he feels like there is some outer force that is controlling him. It may also be a delusion of reference in which the patient feels like some insignificant remarks are directed towards him. For example, he may feel like a news reporter is talking to him and sometimes you may see them answering to their talk.


It is another kind of positive symptom that is not there in reality but that person feels so. There are some of the sensations that patients feel. For example, he listens to some of the voices and may respond to them. A normal person can say those voices do not exist but are sensed by the schizophrenia patient.

Disorganized speech:

It is just like saying some random phrases. Those disorganized phrases come into mind and patients do express it as it is. For example, “water box filling cup”. Now there is no sequence in this speech but it is happening in the same way in the patient’s head.

Disorganized behavior:

It refers to a behavior that is other than normal behavior. For example, we all know that scorching heat demands wearing thin clothes but you will see that person wearing a hot sweater. You may have observed many of the street baggers wearing unusual clothes and you consider them mad but maybe they are suffering from this disorder.

Negative symptoms:

There is an involvement of the physiological process. So for negative symptoms, the normal process will be removed. There may be a sudden reduction of the emotions towards your partner or loss of interest in those activities that once you have enjoyed.

Flat affect:

In this effect, that person does not respond to the emotions. For example, if you are having a comforting talk with your partner and expect that he should answer you back he will not. It seems like an inappropriate response. He may sound like what is happening does not affect me in any way.


It is also called poverty of speech. It is a lack of contact in the speech. For example, if someone asks him that do you study? He will just reply like yes rather than telling what he is studying.


It is a complete loss of self-esteem. That person does not have the emotional motivation to move forward in life for performing several tasks. You might constrict yourself to your bed and do not find it productive to meet your friends and have a good time with them.

Cognitive symptoms:

It may affect you in a way in which you are unable to memorize, learn and understand things. These are very complex symptoms and difficult to notice. Someone might not able to remember the phone number or home address at once.


One of the best things that can help you out is a medication which is an antipsychotic medication known as drugs. It affects the brain’s neurotransmitter dopamine to direct its functioning in a better way.

Wrapping up/ Conclusion:

Schizophrenia is a depressive disorder’s later form which comes up with a lot of symptoms. The patient may suffer from complex symptoms that vary from person to person. As all of these symptoms are very complex and varies so it is interpreted differently and classified into three broader categories. Some of the symptoms might interact with the normal physiological process but some are arising as a new process other than the normal one.  It is true that it is very difficult to handle but there are certain medications that can help you out in this regard.

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