What do people prefer- Tailoring or Stitched Clothes?

Tailored vs ready made clothes

Physical appearance is the most essential part of one’s personality and exquisite clothing contributes to one’s appearance a great deal. Proper use of clothes can highlight the attractive body features and suppress the unattractive ones.  An ordinary person can enhance his beauty by having a variety of clothes selection, keeping in mind his height, color and size.

Had a man not being a social animal and had he not intermingled with other members of society, we would not have paid so much importance to clothes. We would use them only to shield ourselves from natural catastrophes. Clothing serves a social function for human beings just as food serves a health purpose for him. A suitably dressed person draws the attention of others towards him whereas a person who for one reason or other cannot dress up right tries to evade gathering and interacting with others. Consequently his deeds become unsocial. Civilized and appropriate dressing is critical for social expansion.

Every occasion demands a specific type of clothing. For instance, a person who is not dressed according to the given circumstances would be mocked at. Of course the dressing style has and is still evolving with the ever changing trend in fashion. Each year and season, there is a different trend in markets. Due to this the fashion industry is thriving more and more with the passage of time, because no one wants to lag behind when it comes to fashion.

Do the ready-to-wear clothes look cooler than the tailored ones?

On-the-rack, ready made clothes

There are debates still raging about this issue, because when it comes to dressing of clothes, everyone wants the best of the best. In this modern and fast pacing era, one has little or no time to dwell in the complicated mechanics of tailoring a dress. These days usually people prefer to just go to the stores and buy fancy looking ready-to-wear clothes. They wouldn’t mind spending some extra dollars on stitched clothes if they would save them the time and energy about fussing and repeated visits to the tailors.

The conflict between the readymade and tailor-made clothes has strengthened, although tailoring workrooms, mainly for men’s wears, appear to be losing their footing.  Due to the vast order bookings on special occasions the tailor community gets pretty busy and the customers don’t receive their dresses on time. The delay in clothes being stitched by the tailors made people that much annoyed to never go to them again.

Tailored/seamstress clothing.

Though the tailored clothes demand a lot of patience on the part of customers, but the wait is mostly worth their while. Getting clothes stitched by the tailors or seamstresses has their own perks in the area of size, cloth fitting and your need. Of course few styles do not work for some people so they can get their unique style for their own preference by choosing tailoring service. They can add distinctive collar, cuff model, button style in custom tailoring service.

While shopping clothes, a lot of youngsters look for exclusive design because everybody wants to look different from others, so keep follow latest designer to look for their unique designs. But today particularly most women and collage girls fancy to select their own designs and to execute their own style to the tailors. Not to mention that the quality of the fabric plays a rather important role in this entire scenario. When people go shopping, they specifically check that the fineness of cloth fabric. Sometimes the ready made clothes have a unique design but the fabric quality ruins the good styling. But this can be avoided by tailored clothes if the fabric is of your own choosing along with the unique design. Custom made shirts tend to fit better than generic ones.

Tailored clothes fitting

With regard to money, obviously tailored made dresses are more economical than the ready made ones. Who wouldn’t want the dresses of their own chosen fabric material, design, measurements and especially in an economical price? Though the need of ready made clothes are increasing day by day. The common masses still prefer the tailored made clothes, especially women.

According to the recent evidence, demand for women’s tailored clothes is still high. Women prefer tailor-made dresses to ready made ones, because it is the question of proper fitting. Customers may switch to other options if they get properly-fitted dresses at reasonable prices. A sense of accomplishment comes in the individual when he/she wears the customized dress stitched by the tailors. Most of the ready-made dresses are not robustly made and some of them are too expensive for everyone to afford. Mostly they are available in just a few sizes.

Women’s tailored clothes

Clothing adds diversity to life and does away with monotony. Dressing makes a man fashionable. Dress designing is an art. These days, this art is in great demand because of fashion advertisements and fashion shows. As for the preference between the ready made and tailored dresses, it’s really up to the customers and their need of choosing according to the occasion and availability of time.

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