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Travel more and buy less


Do you still remember that iPhone you bought in 10 years or that spontaneous trip you undertook with your loved ones? The idea is simple that invest in experiences, instead of more stuff. Traveling benefits you and makes your life better and happier in almost every way. It has been proven that in the long run, it isn’t stuff that makes happy, it is having life experiences.

In reality, life has become uncomfortable circle of working and spending and our society making it even tougher. We think for too many people. We try to escape the rat race life has become over the years. But for us, life should be about happiness, experiences and constant learning. We should rather have lifetime cherish able memories and experiences than a vague list of our expanding wardrobe. In order to save money we can live like minimalist queens.

We all need a break from our everyday life. Going on vacations is fun and fulfilling and you can gain a lot more by actually travelling, exploring and being present to the places you visit.

Here are some benefits of travelling which motivate you to pack your bags and travel this year:

Travel is more advanced form of education

If you want to get keener and quicker then go exploring. Travelling is like condensed education, so many skills and new forms of interconnected knowledge merged together in a travel experience then you level up at the end of your trip. What we love the most about the type of knowledge you get while travelling is it gives you a detail of insight which you cannot match otherwise. You make sense of history, geography and international events which others only study in school books. This type of experimental knowledge allows this information to stick around a lot longer. By travelling you can also learn new words of different languages which enhance your vocabulary.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

~ Saint Augustine ~
travelling educates you in every field.
Travelling educates you in every field

Travel makes you realize that how little you actually knew about the world

The more you travel the more you understand how closed minded you’ve been living. The world is so vast and filled with knowledge and stories you would otherwise die without knowing. The beauty of life comes from expanding your horizons whatever form that might take. Travelling gives you the closure view of the beauty of nature. A life without travelling is just like a bird living in a cage who is not living, but just being kept alive.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

~ Gustave Flaubert ~
travel exposed you to new things.
Travel exposed you to new things

Travel helps you to explore different cultures

Travelling makes you a passenger in other people’s existences instead of your own usual position as the driver of your own life. You get to meet new people and hear their stories, see and understand their cultures, enjoy their food and differentiate it with your own culture, food and stories.

Travelling gives you the insight of other cultures
Travelling gives you the insight of other cultures

Travelling makes lifetime memories 

Memories are one type of wealth which grows more value as time goes by. At some point of life we all find ourselves just with our memories. People who travel have stories to tell because they lived they have seen places they’ve met people, life happened to them. Memories are even better.

The memories you collect are like treasures they were remain forever and will bring you more happiness than some new clothes or other material things. Think how good it will feel when you are old and look back to see not only an ordinary routine but also adventures and unique experiences you had gone through, and not only when you are old after few years from now you can recall how much fun you have had.

“Travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Ibn-e- Battuta
Travelling gives you precious memories
Travelling gives you precious memories

Travelling gives you a break from routine life

Traveling is a great opportunity to temporarily get away from your routine life. It’s so much easier to deal with issues and solve problems when you look at them from the outside. While travelling you’ve a lot of time to think without distraction and make healthy decisions. You will have a better perspective and may be even realizing that thing is not that bad as thought.

Give a break from your routine life through travelling
Give a break from your routine life through travelling

Get out of your bubble by travelling

What is travelling if not leaving order and moving towards the unknown. You are going to the places where you don’t speak the language where people don’t know who you are.

In our everyday life we are used to doing the same things meeting the same people. Going to the same places we basically live in our comfort zone.

When you travel you get out of your bubble. You meet new people other travelers and locals, you exposed to different cultures, you see different landscapes and views and experience new things. Through travelling, you learn that the world is diverse which helps to understand people that are different from you.

Get out of your bubble by travelling
Get out of your bubble by travelling

Travelling helps you to push your limits

Travelling actually makes you smarter. You learns new thing all the time. When you travel you get into unusual situations and face different challenges. It makes you push your limits. Handle things better and come up with creative solutions, after all the best way to learn is through experience.

Travelling encourages you to push your limits
Travelling encourages you to push your limits

Travelling improves your health

When you are traveling you directly get in contact with nature. You spend your days in least harmful environment which improve your health very well. You have fresh air to breath, crystal clear glaciers’ water with full of minerals to drink and freshly cooked food to eat.

These things works good for your heart, muscles and bones. It also boosts your energy levels. All these things are not available even in super modern cities.

Travelling is good for health
Travelling is good for health

Travelling helps you to know yourself better

Travel helps you to know yourself better. You are out of your comfort zone and get to see your behavior in different situations sometimes even extreme ones. Travel gives you a chance to try out different new thing which you haven’t done before like scuba diving, hiking, paragliding etc. You will be surprised to find out new things about yourself, your likes dislikes, strengths weaknesses that you didn’t know and decide what and how to improve.

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself”

David Mitchell
Travelling gives you the insight of your own self
Travelling gives you the insight of your own self

Choose your own kind of travel

Having less time or money isn’t a valid excuse. You can easily make your trip which suits your time and money. You can also fly for cheap very easily. And if you have full time job and family, you can still travel on weekends or holidays, even if you have a baby.

The best part of travelling is that you can choose your own kind of travel. Travel may sound scary or too challenging to some people just remembers that you can choose your own kind of travel. It doesn’t have to be tracking in the mountains although that could be fun but  you can do anything, explore cities, relax in nature, visit small villages and so on you will get more confident and learn what is good  for you.

Choose your own kind of travel
Choose your own kind of travel


The benefits of travelling are not just one- time thing: travelling changes you inside out, both physically and mentally.

So, next time think twice when you’re thinking about spending a lot of money on some new gadgets, like maybe a new iPod or I-phone. For the price of iPhone you can go on a trip. I’m sure you will not remember that new gadgets or some other material things you buy in 10 years but that trip you took instead rest in your mind always like a treasure.

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