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Yes i can.. a motivational phrase

Work is not always easy and interesting for everyone. Sometimes its like you got to grind things out to get the stuff you need to do done. Motivating yourself is one of the challenging thing that one could do. One of the best motivations is always self motivation. What is the meaning of self motivation…… “Self-motivation is, in its simplest form, the force that drives you to do things”. Yes! it’s possible to push your own thoughts to a new way and get better results of your work and inner strengths. Effective self motivation is something that leads you to become a professional or perfectionist. It happens when we really do not want to work any more but we know at the same time that this is actually what is good for me. Exactly, that’s the time to give a push to yourself and achieve your goal.

According to a Gallup Poll nearly 70% of U.S. workers are either not engaged in their work or actively disengaged from their work. Many people failed to reach an attainable goal, that does not mean they should stop self motivation. In fact you need a strong kick at that time. Its normal to become uninspired of your job and you really do not know how to make yourself otherwise. Thinking about your all long term set goals is really not positive it destroys all little happiness around you. Stressing or struggling mentally is a great challenge for someone.

The very basic thing that one must understand that he should not depends on standards set by others in fact he must set his own goals to achieve. The person who listens to his inner soul to meet his goal is actually motivating himself.


We can better know about the word self motivation by following two examples:

  1. A person who works from 9 to 5 in office to have food, to pay bill or to support his family financially is not self motivated in fact the one who likes to work for his company or enjoys his work is self motivated.
  2. A boy or a girl who goes to gym daily to show off her friends or some other people is not self motivated to maintain her body weight in fact the one who goes daily without bothering anyone else is self motivated.

The question is now, how can you keep pushing yourself onward, even when you don’t feel like it? Fortunately, there are little things and hacks you can do to feel more motivated towards your tasks, even when you’re not in a good or extraordinary mental state.

 Challenge Yourself to Just Start

So the very first thing one have to do is challenging yourself to just start. Embrace the challenge and learn something new from it.  No need to wait for the perfect time to do something, just do it right then. The most important thing that must be done is the beginning of your task. You need a motivational push to take a start. So improve yourself in taking start of anything. When you have a number of tasks or a list of things to do then it’s time to atleast pick up one of them and get started. An individual needs to identify what is getting in their way only then can they move ahead,Lynn Berger a licensed mental health and career counselor.

If it does not challenge you it won't change you.

The saying “Starting is the hardest thing” is absolutely right. Starting any task can require a great deal and more motivation than continuing the task, when you obtained your focus. You really need to push yourself. You should be competitive. Do not try to depend on someone to take a start, if you really want to start then it must be you only not someone else. Evaluate your skills and powers to motivate yourself. Only dead fishes go with the flow so do not be afraid. Things that’s seems impossible today will be your warm up tomorrow if you will take a start. Things are just ready to happen. Specifically take tasks that push you out of your comfort zone, challenge your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

First, Do It as you can

Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible, Saint Francis of Assisi. The easiest way to start your work is to do it as you can do. The first attempt is not the last attempt, you can improve your self every day. What is matter is your try, your will to do something and fulfill your inner desire to meet your set goals. As Arthur Ashe says, Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. This is such a motivational phrase for someone who wants to start something new. Try to appraise the situation well and never feel hesitate to take a new start.

Sometimes you do not need to go anywhere you just have to be consistent in your everyday work routine. In the beginning it seems easier sometimes and then more easier, finally with passage of time you reached at a point when work becomes fun for you.

Start from small if big seems impossible

The very positive step towards your work and self motivation is breaking your tasks into multiple tiny tasks. It’s always seems possible to achieve easy goals as compared to long and difficult one. So make it possible and achievable for you. You can just make a plan and then break it down to get your set target. Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star, it’s a great saying by W. Clement Stone. This quote has a deep meaning in it, the one who wants to reach his destination he has to go through thousands paths. And every step is a lesson, a lesson of new journey.

A rut will kill motivation. So mix things up. Make a competition out of a task with yourself or with someone else. Be positive and consistent to achieve your goals easily.

Be Constructive about your failure

Failure is a part of the growing process but if you are pursuing something then it’s just a piece of cake. If you have already prepared yourself to face your failure then it’s really not a big deal to step up. Make your mind to see yourself with failure and then find the solution for that. If you would be ready for everything then you can win any war. When you stuck somewhere then ask yourself: What is one thing I can learn from this? You should not forget the lesson you learnt from your mistake, try to improve yourself all the time. And always avoid to repeat your mistakes.

You can fail when you stop trying

You should consider your failure a new beginning instead of an ending. First try to understand why you have failed, if you would not find the reason then you can not move on. Why do you feel that you failed?… this is really an important question to ask yourself, if you have learnt something new from your experience then this is really not a failure. If you don’t try, you won’t succeed.

Harness the influence of people

If you can dream it, you can do it, Walt Disney. We meet or interact with different kinds of people everyday. Some are really like spreading positivity around them and some are opposite. It’s our choice how do we react on every act. On a working place if you spend time with creative or hard working people you get motivated, unconsciously. These types of motivations are although temporarily and do not work for long time but these little pushes are very important. Having conversation with a person who has wide opinion about things is really helpful for motivating oneself.

Phone a friend… it’s a great trick to get yourself motivated. When we talk to a friend about our problem or a friend talks about his problem then we often find the best solution. One more thing, try to listen to inspirational speeches of people who receive some awards, it’s a very useful tip to encourage yourself. Spend time with motivated, enthusiastic, and supportive people.

Be honest to yourself

One of the basic rule that everyone should adapt is to be honest to yourself. You really do not need to tell yourself some fake stories to make you happy. You have to be strict about your plan. Do not let your focus blurred. As the Miranda Shaw says, If you cannot be honest with yourself, how can you get the truth out of anyone else? This shows how important it is to get yourself on track. Always try to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then work on them. Improve yourself every moment.

be honest to yourself

Do a review of your progress and mark your performance. Sit at a side, audit your tasks, separate the best done tasks and others that you feel should be corrected or could done in a much better way. Then again get yourself ready for the fresh ride and new challenges.

Celebrate wins and reward yourself

You are your master. Only you have the master keys to open the inner locks, saying of Amit Ray. After all hard work and struggle everybody needs some appreciation or reward. Like it’s not necessary to be praised by others all the time, you can praise your work. It’s a trick to be motivated towards your work. Cultivate a high quality relationship with yourself. Be a role model for positivity, optimism, and hard work; it would help you to move on and improve yourself and people around you.

Always choose the future over the past. What do we do now?, it’s saying of Brian Tracy. The lack of incentives from the outside world could be hurting and demotivating for someone. But you can reward yourself at these situations to continue your journey towards the destination. Discover your strengths and develop them to get more benefit from them.

Tips and Techniques

You can use some tips and techniques to motivate yourself;

  1. Set SMART goals
    • S…. Specific
    • MMeasurable
    • A…. Attainable
    • R…. Realistic
    • TTimely.
  2. Make a to do list and stick to that.
  3. Take small breaks if you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Listen to your favourite music (it’s good to listen motivational songs).
  5. Dress up yourself .
  6. Have balanced diet.
  7. Practice some mind exercises.
  8. Watch motivational movies or videos on youtube.
  9. Download some motivational apps (if needed).
  10. You can read books if you feel good by reading them.

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