Traditional Books OR E-books?

E-books or Traditional Books?

Nowadays traditional book reading is a habit that is vanishing from the world, leaving behind a breed of few, only a few people who carry this legacy. These only a few people are somehow emotionally attached to the smell of books, the hand-written notes at the end of the pages, the page-turning moments, etc. Now all these feelings are taken over by the mobile, tablets and laptops, and book in them.

How the tradition of books came to the world?


The history of mass book publications depicts that it was started six hundred years back. Before this, all the writing was done on papyrus, clay tablets. Later on, hieroglyphs were used to save texts. But now these virtual texts staring back at us somehow make our lives easier by its portable size, easy searching techniques, and cost-effectiveness as most of them are freely available on the internet. Now the fact of the matter is, Does this trend of e-book reading enhance its productivity than traditional book reading?

Reading Via Screen.

Recent studies reveal that continuous book reading via screens makes people cause irritation, disinterest in reading. As speedy readers read hundreds of pages to reach their point of interest. But now a single word takes them to that point providing them only the shallow level knowledge of your interest. It makes us so idle that we are gradually losing our ability to focus and concentrate on the point. Yeah, it is giving us so many advantages like saving trees by not using papers, space compatibility, accessible everywhere, and interactive element. But at the same time, it is producing so many dangerous effects on the readers.


As per the Association of American Publisher’s Annual report of 2019, the revenue of $26 billion was generated in which $22 billion was from printed books while $2 billion was from e-books published by the USA. This depicts that still, traditional book reading is more productive that e-book reading in many aspects.

Good Readers Becomes Good Writers

Read, read, read. Read everything, trash classics, good, bad, and see how they do it.
Read, read, read. Read everything, trash classics, good, bad, and see how they do it.

It’s an old saying that for being a good writer, one must be a good reader. And it is a fact that every writing is supported by the extensive reading of the person who penned it. But e-books are becoming difficult to read as there is an 80% chance of distractions while reading. You sit for reading and then a notification came from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other social media app and your attention went there. The main things that are focus and concern are diverted while reading a book on any electronic device. And it happens many times that we start reading by pledging ourselves that we won’t focus on any other thing except reading we got a notification from the battery that the charging is low. Like that there are several issues that make us fatigue and we lose our interest in reading.

Books, The Hub Of Knowledge.

Books have always remained central to the acquisition and spread of knowledge. The history of Islam tells us that our ancestors were keen on reading and writing books. The father of chemistry Jabin Bin Hayan wrote thousand of books which become a ray of light for modern age scientists. Imam Ghazali wrote about four hundred books in less than 33 years. He also earned the prestigious title of Hujjat Ul Islam (Proof Of Islam). Both of them were known as the brilliant readers of The Holy Quran.

Books are the plane, the train, an the road. They are destination. They are home.
Books are the plane, the train, an the road. They are destination. They are home.

For the fact that reading books in the printed form, we have to make an environment. If we are habitual of adding notes we keep a pen with. And if we are reading any religious book like the Holy Quran we first have to do ablution and sit in the neat and cleanest portion of our home. It really helps a lot in making a productive environment that soothes our souls. While in e-book reading we don’t have to make any sort of arrangements. We just sit where we are and pin our eyes to the screen and do whatever we want with just a single touch! No need to bring any pen, pencil, or find the most appropriate place for it.

Reliance On Technology?

My opinion is not banning e-books at all. Just to realize that books are not the kinda past thing. E-books are best for the people who can’t carry books with them while traveling, your all books are saved in one place, one-touch will brought you to the same point you want to know urgently. But the question that arises is will this much reliance on technology is safe for us? Nowadays if we get our desired information by just a single click so remember it can also be removed from the devices by just a single click.

People who belong to office work and spent a minimum of 10 hours of their day in front of a computer screen are not interested in e-book reading. They need a break from electronic screens so they prefer reading printed books rather than e-books.


Books are here to stay and people should not let them fall victim to the changing technological fads. Loss of books would entail a loss of authenticity and the original sources of knowledge. Yes, we live in a modern world that has its own needs and requirements. Reliance on technology is not a bad thing at all but too much emphasis on modernization can also make us lose our way in this technological wilderness. I always prefer books because for myself; an e-Reader cannot buy the excitement that comes with the buying of new books or going to the book store with its distinctive musty smell and to enjoy the pleasure of flipping through the pages of the latest edition!

There is no doubt that book reading is a habit that should be nurtured from a young age. We still need to place books into our children’s hands as the first step of learning, just as it has always been the case in the olden times. We ought to consider the digital media only as an adjunct, never as a replacement of real books!

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