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Top 5 Emerging Technologies in the next 20 years

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The world is rapidly changing as technological revolutions and we see innovation everywhere we look. What will the Future Look like? We are already one step away from what the future holds. New technologies are emerging every day and there are still some which are not even discovered. Technology companies are investing so much in artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, etc. The world after 20 years will make life easier in the future and it will be transforming our lives by becoming a part of it.

In the past few years, new technologies are prevailing that we never thought will prevail, new horizons are tapped that we never thought of. No Tech experts or economy experts can answer how the world will look like in the future after 20 years. So here is the list of top emerging technologies that have the most potential to grow and to bring innovation to the new technology world.

1. Artificial Intelligence:

You have already seen google assistance in your phone to micromanage your task, set a reminder, can open apps, make calls, set reminders, set alarms, and check the weather. The Siri in Apple devices can track different locations, search for different destinations on your phone. Men have made a huge leap towards developing human conscious robots that are more smart, intelligent. It can write books, listening to music created by AI machines. Moreover, the era of self-driving cars is about to come. The machine working alongside you and helping you in your work is wonderful and unbelievable. As the internet has vast information in it about every topic, literally every topic, a machine can learn from this data to create more efficient AI-based products. 

Artificial intelligence will no doubt change the world by bringing a revolution in technology. It is actually way more than just generating machines and robots, sites and data experts are working on creating artificial brains having more intelligence than a human being. In the coming years we will be observing them, living with them, and even working with them.

Data scientists, Investors, and future insiders are already investing money in developing AI machines and robots. These artificially generated robots and machines can perform minor and major tasks with superexcellence. AI intelligence is already prevailing in the form of google assistants, virtual call assistants, self-driven cars, automotive disease detection systems in humans, digitalization of textbooks, and replacing tutors on the internet is the major change the world will see in the upcoming years.

2. 5G Technology:

What revolution will 5G technology bring as we already have a superfast internet connection of 4G technology? The speed of 5G technology is 100 times faster than  4G technology. The 5G technology can connect multiple devices at a single time and the speed of downloading will be unbeatable. Moreover, it uses less power and energy. The health care system will change dramatically and you will see a lot of improvement in the disease diagnosis, remote surgery, and internal health of the individual to detect any serious illness and smart prescription of medicines. Although 5G  technology is not that well developed, there are higher chances that the performance of this technology will do wonders in the next upcoming years. Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Apple have already rolled out 5G phones.

3. BlockChain:

Most people interlink cryptocurrency with Bitcoin. But blockchain is not all about cryptocurrency, this technology is used in bitcoin and crypto. It has a lot more benefits and it can change almost everything. With the help of blockchain, you do not have to trust people anymore for records and transactions. The blockchain has enough potential to share valuable information on medicines, improve the voting system, and launch an anti-money laundering system.

Blockchain is a decentralized system and is one of the most effective systems for data security. The blockchain industry has made huge progress since 2010 and many international companies are accepting cryptocurrencies as payment to make transactions. Moreover, it played a key role in fighting against a global pandemic COVID-19, by helping scientists in medical research. Doctors can check your history of medical checkups through blockchain. It will bring a great revolution in terms of financial security and data security as it will cut the middle man you have to trust for making transactions. You no longer have to rely on banks for making transactions as all the data will be recorded in the blockchain and you can easily access it.

4. Quantum Computing:

Quantum computing can solve problems more efficiently than classical computers. Basically, it is the super-efficient version of regular computers. The computers of today process information using bits such as 1 or zero, however, quantum computing uses quantum bits or qubits. They can be zero or 1 at the same time. Hence, they can deliver more complex data. In the future quantum computing will help to give a better understanding of biology, cure cancer, and to discover a treatment for untreated diseases. It can perform complicated calculations and it is 1000 times better than our traditional companies. It will allow us to treat the weather and climate changes by describing what is happening with our atmosphere.

Smart companies are investing in quantum computing as it will change the whole world. By the end of 2030, the quantum computing industry will grow by 64.88 billion dollars. This nascent technology has the potential to revolutionize our lives from health care to finance and national security.

5. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

Augmented and Virtual Reality will point the world to endless advancements. By using AR technology we can view information on the digital screen with the user’s peripheral version. In the coming years, we will see our smartphones slicker, fast, and lighter. This technology is growing massively and many startup companies are training their employees to replace reality with 3D technology. Being able to simulate virtual reality without the costs and risks or those experiences in real life. We can open applications we cannot imagine at the moment and scientists are already using this technology to train their military officers, mobile companies are using this technology to train their employees, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.  We will see this technology dominating the world and as a part of our life.


With such new technology, the future looks more promising than ever. It will likely reshape most parts of our lives. This technology revolution in the future can help us to create ease, comfort, and flexibility in our lives.No matter, it will have its consequences, and how it will affect our lives is arguable. 

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