Top 4 Best Phones For Gaming


As we all know now-a-days gaming on mobile phones growing more and more also gaming is a best way to spent our time. Games are good for everyone if we play them in limits. Some of teenagers love to make their carrier in gaming community but they lag due to bad devices. So here are top 4 gaming phones which are best for delivering good results.

List Of 4 Gaming Mobile Phones

IPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max is top of the list device for gaming Although for using device in regular use. The price of XS Max is also reasonable.

In XS Max you can get a-lot of features, best specifications, best camera, long battery usage, water resistance, and much more. Built quality of XS Max was reasonable like device weight, device hand grip all feels good.

Remember iPhone XS Max is more reliable and power phone device from iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, XS Max was lag free device allover for gaming you need to record your game play to post on you-tube or show to your friends. XS Max is known as streaming friendly device.

Here You can see looks

Asus ROG Phone 2

Asus ROG Phone 2 lets first talk about Asus ROG. This device is fully design for gaming purpose you can get every gaming feature in it. So now you are thinking that why it came after iPhone XS Max So its just because of streaming and recording purpose the device lag a bit but provide stable ping.

The best Asus ROG Phone 2 feature is the cooler on its back it will help if you play games or watch videos for very long then device don’t gonna heat and start buffering also its difficult to hold a heated device.

If we talk about its features they are amazing the battery timing, device weight, allover its camera. If we buy a brand new Asus ROG Phone 2 we get different gadgets with it you can see below in image.

One Plus 7T 

In India, OnePlus phones are assembled by a vendor who also assembles Oppo brand mobile phones.

As One Plus company fellows they are looking for a device which change the vision of customers to buy One Plus 7T. The device looks amazing in design allover the camera quality you can’t rate this device less then 9/10.

The One Plus 7T change the mindset of every user towards android. You guys are thinking about its gaming experience so let me explain in lan event of pubg mobile global the management decided to go with One Plus 7T Also streamers, pro players, always refer One Plus 7T  One Plus 7T 


The only Disadvantage of device is not streaming friendly, otherwise device looks amazing and give feel to enjoy your hard earn money.

One Plus 7T looks amazing

Oppo Reno 2

Oppo making its market very fast and smartly. Here is the new reno 2. The device came with camera of 48 MP which was best key feature for it.As the battery was 5000 mah.

So in gaming everyone need device which have ability to run a long way because its difficult to play games or watch videos while attaching data cable also because android phones lag a-bit while attaching cable.

Also for gaming Oppo Reno 2 give out massive result due to its 5GB Rom If you talk about its built quality Oppo Reno 2 looks, and many more all things make them feel a best device for its competitors.


The one and only Disadvantage that i feel is about the OS software which Oppo use in their devices This software make users make people feel bore.

Price List Of Gaming Devices!

Devices Price In RupeePrice In Dollar
iPhoneXS MaxRs 180,000/- $ 1,139.60
Asus ROG Phone 2Rs. 162,000/- $ 1025.64
One Plus 7T  Rs. 92,999/- $ 588.79
Oppo Reno 2 Rs 78,000/-$ 493.83

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