The Thieves Of Happiness

Overthinking will kill your happiness.

Happiness nowadays is just vanished from everything. We got a thing or news to be happy for but suddenly something came in the way of our happiness and that are the thieves of happiness. Depression, anxiety is becoming the common state of mind of our youth. Everyone here is in depression or suffering from any kind of anxiety.

Happiness; the most less felt feeling of the world!

It’s a strange time we are living in right now, where people from the countries that have the most, feel like they have the least. People that have the most reason to be happy, seem to have the least amount of happiness. Why is this? Is this comparison? Comparing ourselves to everyone who has more, in this social media world we live in? Never feeling enough, because another will always be better in some areas?

Comparison is the thief of joy                         

Theodore Roosevelt

Never compare yourself to others. It doesn’t matter how great you are, if you are not grateful for who you are and what you have, you will never be happy. There’s always going to be someone who has more money than you, doing better than you, fitter than you, better looking than you. If you are always comparing yourself, you will always lose. One thing other people will never have over you: They are not you.

Your greatest asset is that you are unique. And when you are free to be exactly as you are that’s the greatest way to live. The less you care about other’s opinion the happier you will be. Unhappiness and depression come when you focus on what you don’t have. Instead, if we appreciate what we do have, and focus on where we do want to be, we can feel better almost instantly.

Appreciation and gratitude is the single most powerful way out of depression or any low states. You can not feel both gratitude and negativity at the same time. If you can, you are not feeling gratitude. You might be saying that you are grateful, but you could not be feeling it, because science shows that gratitude and depression could not go together.

Depression; The Plague Of This Time!

Depression; the thief of happiness.
Depression; the thief of happiness.

Another important rule that may help many who suffer from depression and anxiety, is this: They are almost certainly in every case not depressed or suffering from anxiety 100% of the time. They have selective depression. Selective anxiety. There are moments, even if they are brief of laughter, of feeling hopeful about the future, brief moments of happiness, of connection with others, brief moments of love feeling good. It’s certainly not a conscious selection, rather something that comes about with triggers, and from a lifetime of conditioned thoughts.

Having rules like “I can only be happy if ” will always ensure unhappiness because of life always throughs challenges and obstacle your way. Keeping this in mind, you then can understand on an intellectual level, that depression and anxiety does not have to be permanent. You can figure out why you feel down, by learning about how your brain works, and you can direct it to something that feels much better long term.

Comparison; The thief of happiness.

Comparison is the act of violence against the self.
Comparison is the act of violence against the self.

Comparison is another big issue, especially these days with the increase in social media and the amazing revelation of filters. Filters that make you look like a supermodel in one swipe, but also the filters may apply to their lives. Like exaggerating everything in their life to make themselves look bigger and better. And leaving out all the negative things that are really causing them pain. The happiest people on earth do not compare themselves to others. They run their own race and they are happy for all others to run theirs in their own time and way.

Thoughts; The Game Changer!

Happy people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything. Things will never work out as planned. This is life, not a movie. How you respond to how things work out will determine the quality of your life. Do you believe? there has ever in the history of this world, lived a human being that was depressed beyond measure, in a world of suffering. But still somehow managed to turn it around, and create a life not only amazing to him but envied by others? Of course, there has. The truth is the pain you feel when you are depressed is coming from your thoughts about your current life situations.

Not the events but your thoughts about the event. Change your thoughts and you change your life. Use the pain for a greater benefit. The key pressure in overcoming unhappiness and depression is not to focus on the depression. That’s what most people do and the reason it never goes away. Instead, you should focus on where you want to be. Focus on the feelings you want to feel, on the person you want to become and work towards doing the things that you must do to become that person.

Happiness Comes from Making Someone Else Happy.

Set meaningful goals that get you working towards something that excites you. Don’t be attached to outcomes or gaining of material things, but get excited about who you will become, how you will develop and who you will be able to help as a result of you creating this amazing life for yourself. Who will benefit from you living a happier life? Who will benefit from you being an example for others?

Making someone else happy is the most rewarding kind of.
Making someone else happy is the most rewarding kind of.

Feel how you would feel if everything in your life fell into place. One of the fastest ways out of depression is to create a compelling future, a great purpose for your life. If you are genuinely excited about your future, you can’t be miserable now, and you can let go of anything that is in the past. The thing that keeps one going is having a sense of future, is having a sense that whatever it is done we still have a chance in the name of the future. The thing that tears us down is not having one!

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