To Mend A Broken Heart.

To mend a Broken heart

A broken heart can be one of the most difficult emotional events we experience in our lives. It’s never easy getting over a broken heart. But after we heal we are stronger in the broken places mending a broken heart means restoring your pride and having the faith to know that only by experiencing the dark can we appreciate the beauty of light. If you are suffering from a broken heart. These seven quotes will restore your faith and pride.

Only A Jeweler Knows a Diamond’s True Worth.

Don’t cry when sun is gone because your tears won’t let you see the stars

Violeta Parra
Don't cry when sun is gone because your tears won't let you see the stars
Don’t cry when the sun is gone because your tears won’t let you see the stars

What’s done is done! You can not control other people and you can never control the circumstances that arrive in your life. What you can always control is your reaction. You can always choose to see the positive. You can always choose to trust everything that happens for a good reason and maybe something better is on the way. So keep going. Keep believing and looking for the positive in your life. Because the greatest thing can only be found if we are looking for them.

Broken Heart Is Not The End Of The World!

Often we feels like the end of the world is really the rough beggining of a new pathway to a far better place.

You have a broken heart, not a broken life. A broken dream but never a broken future.
You have a broken heart, not a broken life. A broken dream but never a broken future.

A broken heart can be torturous to endure. But know that your broken heart and become the strongest part of you. Know that this experience is a part of your development. So that you may be evolved into an improved version of yourself. Capable of finding the self-love that you deserve.

Your Broken Heart Is Priceless For The One Who Deserves It.

At your absolute best you still won’t be good enough for the wrong person at your worst you will be priceless for the right person.

Karen Salmansohn

Keep looking. It’s amazing how we develop tunnel vision for one wrong person. When there are over seven billion people on this earth. If you can comprehend that number you will realize that there is someone so much better for you out there. But you must be open to that. So stand tall and focus on becoming the best version of yourself. So that you are ready when you do meet the right person

Just Be Yourself.

Stay real, stay local and stay honest.

Like attracts like. So make sure your actions and intentions are a match for a match you would like in your life. Stay true to yourself. Your values and your character. The universe will bring you someone that matches your frequency.

Don’t Allow Everyone!

One day you are going to remember me and how much I loved you. Then you aregoing to hate yourself for letting me go.


Know your worth. Your sacrifice is an incredible gift and anyone that does not realize to love or be loved. Be true to yourself and watch former lovers come crawling back but by then it will be too late. Because you will have realized your true worth. Move on. Not with revenge or hate in your heart. Just with self-respect and pride. Knowing you are worth more.

Your Pain May Be The Step For Something Bigger.

A broken heart is just the growing pain necessary so that you can love more completely when the real things comes along.

J.S.P Morso

Every relationship we have teaches us a valuable lesson. You can learn the lesson or risk making the same mistake again. Heartbreak can be immense, but there are few things in life that will command such power of will and self-growth to overcome. Heart Breaks are really blessings but we only realize this much later. So you know that pain is necessary for you to develop into the person that will find love

Someone’s Remarks For You Should Mean Nothing In Your Life.

To be rejected by someone does not mean you should also reject yourself or that you should think of yourself as a lesser person. Remember that only one person has rejected you at that moment. And it only hurt so much because to you, that person’s opinion sybolized the opinion of the whole world

Joeelyn Soriano

Someone’s perception of you does not determine your reality. Know your value or spend your life as a servant to other’s opinions. You could be rejected because your character is too genuine which can not be matched. So they take an early exit. To maintain their own pride. Focus on self-improvement only when you meet someone truly on your level. Will you feel that intrinsic connection. Until then, live your truth. Be yourself. Work on yourself. Love yourself and live your life.

Broken Heart Is Not An Incurable Disease!

Rainbows always come after darkest storm.
Rainbows always come after the darkest storm.

So many people today just throw around the word ‘love’. It’s such a shame they don’t realize how much it affects people. But just because someone told you that they loved you and did not mean it does not mean that love does not exist. Just because you believe them and it was not true does not mean that you should not believe in love. See, love never hurt you. Someone who does not know how to love hurts you. Do not confuse the two. Just because they did not mean it does not mean that there is not someone out there who does mean it. Do not write off love just because someone did not know how to love you properly. I know it would be hard at that time and it may not make sense. But we have to move on and start living with a purpose then.

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