The Story Of The Brain.

Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into mind.

The story of the brain is that it’s an incredible pattern-matching machine. The most important part of the body is the brain. Sometimes I think if I had the same body and the same natural ability and someone else’s brain

There are so many people in this world that have incredible ideas and what they think they missing is motivation and that’s not true. Because the way that our minds are wired and the fact about human beings is that we are not designed to do things that are uncomfortable or scary or difficult. Our brain is designed to protect us from those things because our brains are designed to keep us alive. And in order to change, in order to build a business, in order to be the best parents, the best spouse to do all those things that you know you want to do with your life, with your work, with your dreams, you are going to have to do things that are difficult, uncertain or scary. This sets up the problem for all of us and we are never going to feel like it.

The Architecture Of Brain

Our minds are designed to stop you at all costs from doing anything that might hurt you. The way that this all happens is it all starts with something super subtle that none of us catch and this is with this habit that all of us have that nobody is talking about. We all have a habit of hesitating. Suppose that you have an idea, you are sitting in a meeting and instead of just saying it, you stop and you hesitate. Now, what none of us realize is when you hesitate, just that moment that micro-moment, that small hesitation. It sends a stress signal to your brain. It wakes your brain up and your brain all of the sudden goes “Oh, wait a minute! why is he hesitating? he did not hesitate! when he put on his killer spiky sneakers, he did not hesitate with the really cool track pants, he did not hesitate with a NASA t-shirt, now he is hesitating to talk? something must be up.”

The Functioning!

Then your brain goes to work to protect you. It has a million different ways to protect you, one of them is called the spotlight effect. It’s a well-known phenomenon when your brain magnifies risk, why? To pull you away from something that it perceives to be a problem. And so, you can truly trace every single problem or complaint in your life to silence and hesitation, those are decisions.

What I do, and what change my life is,

You will never feel like it. Do it anyway. Stop waiting.

You can!
You can!

Until I feel like it. And number two, I am one decision away from a totally different marriage, a totally different life, a totally different job, a totally different income, a totally different relationship with my kids. Not like one decision, I’m divorcing in the marriage example but one decision on, you know, could be having a conversation with your spouse and you feel your emotions rise up. And within a tiny window, those emotions can take over and can impact how your marriage goes or you can learn how to take control of that micro-moment. That decision, to act in a way that actually shifts your marriage.

Your life comes down to your decisions and if you change your decisions you will change everything.

The Role Of Brain In The Scheme Of Life.

In the scheme of life, hitting the snooze button is not a big deal. But here is a thing about life; None of us wake up and say:

“Today is the day I destroy my life.”

Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.
Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.

Kind of checkout, it feels overwhelming or we have checked out because we are afraid, start listening to self-doubt and then we make these teeny-tiny decisions all day long without realizing it. Decisions to not get up on time, a decision to not eat the right thing, a decision to not snap at your kids, a decision to not speak in a meeting, a decision to not look for a job, a decision to not deal with your finances, a decision to not call your parents like whatever it is. All-day long these tiny decisions that take you so far off track and then you wake up as I did. And you look at your life and you think “How the hell did I get here?”. And more importantly, how do I get back over there and you have no idea.

So, you may get into so trapped, like you knew that there was more in store for you. But you can’t figure out how do you close that gap. How do you find the power that’s in you? To discover the greatness in you. How do you solve these problems? It feels so overwhelming.

The Knowledge-Action Gap.

I got into a struggle with my self that a lot of us find ourselves in and that is and that you got into the trap what I call the knowledge-action gap. You know what to do but you can’t seem to make yourself do it. I mean every one of us is one Google search away. From a list of instructions that if you follow any of them it will change your life. But how do you get out of your head and stop thinking about what you need to do and actually do it?

Just Take The Step Ahead!

If you lack strength, use your brain.
If you lack strength, use your brain.

Instead of isolating yourself, pick up the phone and call a friend. Get yourself out into the wood and go for a walk, start running again. Like all these little things that I was capable of, but I could not out of the messy brain. And to stuck here is the real problem. The problems are in your head, in your thinking. When you set goals when you have an intention on something that you want to change about your life brain helps you. What it does it, it opens up a checklist and then your brain goes to work trying to remind you of that intention that you set. And it’s really important to develop the skill and I say that word purposefully. The skill of knowing how to hear that inner wisdom and that intention kicking in and learning into it quickly.

So for me, my brain is saying, ” That’s it right there! move as fast as a rocket.” I wanted to change my life. And I think most people that are miserable or that are really like dying to be great and dying to have more, we want to change, we want a better life, we want to be happier. The desire is there, again it’s about how do you go from knowledge to action.

So, the first thing in the story and that’s important is realizing that the answer was in me. And my mind was telling me,” Pay attention”.

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