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Have you ever freaked out while talking to the public and leather getting disheartened later? You are not alone, almost one in five people in America face public speaking fear. 

After your failed first stage experience, you can have two kinds of affirmations: Either You decided to quit public speaking and woe yourself to never come on stage, or you decided to work on yourself. The latter one is much better than the previous one obviously. We have solutions for both types, for type I, you will be convinced that you can learn public speaking from zero. For type II, this guide will learn how to stand out from the rest of the public speakers and secrets like how effective storytelling can add value to your public speaking skills. Effective tips and tricks will help you become an effective speaker.

Barack Obama, who has been blessed to be the president of America two times, has public speaking and stage fear. But now he is an excellent public speaker and he can communicate his point very well and he knows how to engage his audience in his speech. How did he manage to do that? Answer:  Positive mindset and practicing public speaking.

In this article, we have stolen some tips and tricks from famous TEDx speakers and the most influential public celebrities. The most effective tip to improve your public speaking skills, adding the personal experience of the speakers will eventually help you become the better public speaker you used to be. 

Impressive Body language:

Your facial expression and body language say a lot about how you communicate. 78% of the communication is done through your body. The beginners who are not good public speakers usually do not use body postures like gesturing hands or walking while talking to convey their meaning. Hand gestures help to emphasize certain parts of speech, and audiences tend to listen to those who use hand gesturing while communicating as compared to those who focus on just speaking till the end. The whole body language should be confident and should be such that it aligns according to the level of the audience. Your speaking, body posture, hand gesture, and body language help the audience understand a lot about your personality and how you are as an individual. Have you ever heard “Fake it till you make it?” Implement it, now is the right moment.

Overcome stage fear:

 Stage fear is the toughest when it comes to public speaking. Beginners usually have their legs shaking, teeth chattering, and heartbeat running as if there was a train running behind. It’s normal when you have an inner fear of facing a lot of people and you get confused ( The feelings are unexplainable and it sucks). 

To overcome this fear, practice speaking before your parents, family, friends, and class.  This practice and activity will help to boost your confidence, and your stammering will be overcome by this method.  Another scientific approach is to take deep breaths from your stomach, not from your lungs, as neurologists and scientists have said that this activity lessens the stress and anxiety that usually happens before complicated tasks like giving any competitive test or interview.

Know the art of storytelling:

Listening is exhaustive and tiring and it can divert the attention of your dear audience for whom you have been practicing and memorizing the notes. People love to listen to stories because stories have emotions and emotion deepens the connection with the person even if it doesn’t exist. Remember, obsession with harry potter in famous fiction novels, even if it’s unbelievable. So the point is to use the art of storytelling in your public speaking, it will take your public speaking skills to the next level.  If you know the art of keeping the audience engaged in your story to the end, then congratulations you are a good public speaker.

Record yourself before giving a speech:

The idea of speaking in front of the mirror is passive and it doesn’t work anymore, because in the mirror you are speaking to yourself, seeing yourself not your real audience. It’s a digital world now everyone has phones with excellent cameras, take advantage of this and just hit the record button and go on. Then after recording with your video like an audience, see how you are speaking, are using enough hand gestures, and your body language. there will be many points where you will find yourself awkward and many points that you didn’t realize while speaking.

Remove fluff words:

Are you using any fluff air filler words like uhh1….Ummm….I mean! …. Like!…. You know! These words indicate that you have low confidence and they ruin your rapport while speaking in front of an audience. So avoid using filler words. For getting a better idea, you can watch famous TEDx speakers who effectively communicate their meaning in front of thousands of audience members. Watch their tone and storytelling technique, the choice of their words, and  be a critical analyzer to see if   you are missing any point that can make your speech worth listening to and effective, yet better,

Practice is the key to public speaking

Last but not the least, it’s not advice but a final message to show up every day. Whatever you are trying to do or trying to achieve, practice daily. When they say practice makes a man perfect, they are right. I know it’s hard to overcome your fear and continue after failing many times, but don’t give up and remind yourself of the person or the task that you have to achieve in your life. Visualize yourself accomplishing that goal. It not only motivates but inspires you to continue your mission. You will be able to achieve your goal if you practice it daily and see yourself visualizing it. 

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