5 Common Myths About Math

5 Common Myths About Math

Math is all about memorisation, mental and written calculations. All of these things detach from reality. Math could be a challenging subject. Many parents struggle with educating their children. The most probable explanation is that the parents do not regard themselves as being proficient at the particular subject. These 5 common myths about Math will help you understand where you lack when learning Math.

Math anxiety reveals itself in the early elementary. Frequently observed negative beliefs are present about Math. These can have an adverse impact on your child. Kids are quick to determine whether they are good or poor in Math. Children are much more likely to preserve their mathematical personality throughout their lifetimes. Listed below are 5 common myths about Math that we are going to bust and ease your fears and give a boost to your confidence.

Common Myth #1: Being born with the Math gene

Kids who are having difficulty with Math will exploit this myth to reassure their self that they just do not have the “Math genes,” and will then quit. This is a pervasive myth that many kids have had as they advance through higher mathematics.

A Piece of DNA floating. Being born with the Math gene.
Being born with the Math gene, A Piece of DNA floating

This is an incorrect perception. You can only be as excellent at Math as you invest the time to exercise. Believing in myths about how Math is done results in a total lacking in self.

All one needs is the confidence to keep failing till they succeed to learn Math. Till the point you have confidence in yourself, no obstacle can stop you from doing what you want to.

Common Myth #2 Boys are better at Math than girls

There is no difference in mathematical aptitude between boys and girls, according to research. Math does no gender discrimination. A common myth is that boys tend to outperform girls in Math. Whereas, girls often perform better in biology. This perception now rarely exists in the subcontinent but the deep roots still outweigh the advancement of perceptions.

Blocks showing male and female symbols, another block in between showing equal or inequal signs. Boys are better at Math than girls.
Boys are better at Math than girls, Blocks showing male and female symbols, another block in between showing equal or inequal signs

The only individual better at a particular subject is the one who desires to be good at it. Gender does not determine the habits and interests of a person. Regardless of their gender, any person can be good at Math and not just boys.

We need to break the common myths about Math and encourage more girls to practice Math and perform rationally. It will help them in understanding the world with logic and reasoning.

Common Myth #3 Only one way to solve a problem

Another common myth is that there is only a single way to solve a problem. A mathematical problem can be resolved in a range of methods that demonstrate uniqueness and creativity. Learning Math is all about finding the solution to any problem. Regardless of what the problem is, there are numerous solutions. All we need to do is gain a vast perception.

Road sign showing only one way. 5 Common Myths About Math. Only one way to solve a problem.
Only one way to solve a problem, a road sign showing only one way

If an equation has five variables, then it has five possible solutions. The problem can provide you with any of the four variables and you will have to find the fifth. But this is not the case for every mathematical problem.

Mathematics can only provide one completely mathematical solution, but when applied to the actual world, the said result may not look more or less the same to different individuals. So, there can be at least one or as many as possible solutions to a problem. Math is done in a highly personal and individual manner. The ideal approach would be the one with which you are most proficient.

Common Myth #4 Speed is a measure of mathematical skill

The fourth myth is that Math is simply a game of memory in attempt to optimise one’s speed. Many students believe that someone who is swift and the first seems to be the only one who has a way to demonstrate mathematical ability.

A boy speeding in a scooty with a rocket on his back. 5 Common Myths About Math. Speed is a measure of mathematical skill.
Speed is a measure of mathematical skill, A boy speeding in a scooty with a rocket on his back

The students are just memorising formulae. They don’t understand why they’re doing it. This can result in pupils hurrying through schoolwork and assessments in order to demonstrate their intelligence by being quick.

Speed is only the measure of the experience and the practice put through to polish the skill. Not just the mathematical ability of an individual.

Common Myth #5 Good memory is necessary to learn Math

Even experienced mathematicians admit to having difficulty memorising Math facts. However, this myth lingers because Math has traditionally been taught by dividing problems down into fact, formulae, and sequential techniques. You will need to like the subject more than you will need to remember it.

All you really need is ability to derive and evaluate; a strong memory isn’t required. A skilled mathematician understands the significance of their calculations. Math is about properly understanding, not memorization.

A load of post it notes stuck on a wall to remember things. 5 Common Myths About Math. Good memory is necessary to learn Math.
Good memory is necessary to learn Math, a load of post it notes stuck on a wall to remember things

Whatever you like more than anything else is what you remember. Individuals are able to get through Math class solely through memorization. Consequently, their memory dissipates rapidly, and they learn next to nothing. And even though, despite whether you have a strong memorability, you won’t be able to progress much if you consider Math to be your nemesis.

Pupils strive to remember rather than comprehend what they are doing incorrectly. One of the numerous reason kids face challenges with word problems is because of this. These were the 5 common myths about Math.


In my perspective, Math is very similar to painting. You essentially create a picture using numeric values rather than colour. Math myths are abundant, however if we don’t try and disprove them, they spread.

There are also several reasons why merely the technique to learning Math will provide you with a long-term benefit through most of your life.

Initiate to understand the process of acquiring mathematical knowledge as a means to develop and significantly improve your intellect. Try to debunk any false math misconceptions or misunderstandings individuals may have about their mathematical aptitude.

As you learn Math, you’ll come across several possibilities to defeat your own Math monsters, improve your number knowledge and understanding.

So, let’s face our irrational fears, debunk myths, and move forward. Legends are yearning to be created.

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