This Full Body-Skin-Care Regime Is All You Need.

How to make your body skin as radiant as it was never before?

Body care is a critical concept, yet mostly it is skipped from our skincare routine. Skincare does not only consist of facial skin. But it includes the body skin as well. Although body skin requires a different process but very different products. Here is a full body-skin-care regime that everyone must incorporate into their lives to get flaunting and flawless skin.


skin-care regimeExfoliation is the first and the most crucial part of skincare. It is a tricky procedure to deal with. The level of exfoliation varies with your skin type. One should not use harsh and deep exfoliants if you have sensitive skin. There are various body scrubs available for you to choose from according to your skin type.

“Dry-Exfoliation” is another type of exfoliation that has been becoming very popular. As its name suggests, it does not require any scrub, exfoliant, or any other product like that. You just need a special dry brush to use in circular motions on your dry skin to exfoliate the dirt, clogged pores, and dead skin, right off the bare, dry skin. This technique is reasonably suitable for all skin types. Yet, people with sensitive skin should not go very deep with the brush because excess friction can severely damage skin tissues.

Women Dry-Exfoliating an essential part of skin-care regime
Women Dry-Exfoliating an essential part of the skin-care regime

After shaving or waxing treatment

After shaving care is a must step in any skin-care regime. Body hair removal is a big issue for almost every woman. Yet, it has to be done at any cost. Women are willing to endure all sorts of pain just to get them perfectly smooth skin. Even though many seem to be very unfulfilled with their hair removal experience. There is a very good chance that you are not doing it correctly. The waxing bit is not the only step of the hair removing process. There is an after-treatment of waxing or even shaving. You put your skin through a lot while waxing and shaving. To heal the skin from that trauma, it is necessary to treat your skin after waxing with soothing lotion or aftershave. Moreover, if you do not use soothing lotions, your skin will become more likely to get cracked and dry.

Shaving and waxing tools
Shaving and waxing tools

Moisturize till you get plumped

Even at a beginner level, a full body-skin-care regime of moisturizing is very important. Moisturizers are as essential as water to the human body, especially in dry seasons. Moisturizers can aid in keeping your skin baby-soft and fresh. Moisturizing is the best way to keep your skin hydrated and plumed. As we get older and get older, the oil glands that ensure healthy skin decrease in strength and tend to sag. Resulting in less production of skin oils which are essential for your skin. Moisturizing daily can help you minimize the aging effects on your body. Moreover, it also helps in reducing pigmentation and stretch marks.

Woman applying body moisturizer
Woman applying body moisturizer

Shea butter is the one answer to all your skin problems

Shea butter is the fat derivative taken from nuts in the shea tree. It’s solid when temperatures are warm and is an off-white or ivory hue. It has a delightful smell that enhances the odor of your body. Shea butter has been proven to have many benefits. You might think that this is butter and fat, which would make your skin oily; well, I have to stop you right there because that is not true. Shea butter never leaves your skin oily or greasy, as it is a very refined, light in weight, and organic product which does not build up on your skin. Instead, it diffuses into the skin and gets absorbed completely. It endorses the anti-oxidizing activity in the body as it is enriched with vitamin A and vitamin E. Moreover, it is an anti-inflammatory agent. It heals the inflation of the skin and strengthens it.

Treat yourself with body massages

I think a good massage can instantly vanish all the worries off your mind. It works wonders on your mental health as well as on your body. There are areas in your body that, quite frankly, are not very accessible. And can’t be appropriately massaged by yourself. A proper body massage given by the magic hands of an angelic masseuse cannot be replaced by anything else. They use essential oils, which are very useful for your body in many ways. It regulates the blood flow thoroughly. In addition, it also helps tighten the skin, which is a significant problem for many people.

Treat yourself with body massages
Treat yourself with body massage

Always use body wash

Finally, we come to the end of this skin-care regime with the body wash. Never ever think of washing your body with a regular soap bar. This thing will eat you up like a parasite. Soap bars have intense cleaning chemicals and do not have a balanced PH rate. Which can wash off the natural and essential body moister and leave the skin dry and brittle. Using bars can result in an alteration of your body’s natural odor. Your delicate body needs extra care, and it deserves to be provided that care.

Adding these essential steps into your daily skincare ritual would really take your flawless skin game to another level. I hope this can help you elevate your skincare regime. Let me know what else can be added to this list.

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