The Way We Look At Life.

The Way We Look At Life.

In the days of Quarantine, when all the world is affected by Covid-19 almost everyone is complaining about the problems of life by living at home. So, this is the high time to consider at the way we look at life and try to find the solution. Here are some points that may help you in dealing with this issue.

The Thinking Process!

For many negative thinking is an habit which, over time, becomes an addiction.
For many negative thinking is an habit which, over time, becomes an addiction.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. The most fundamental and major decision that you have to make is your life is this ” Do I live in a friendly or a hostile universe? Which is it? Is it a universe that is filled with hostility and anger and people wanting to hate each other, kill each other. Is that what you see? Because when you see the world that way that’s exactly what you will create for yourself. This is from a great scientific mind and the interesting thing is that this is not just a clever play on words that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Look Inside For The Solution.

Look for the answer inside your question.
Look for the answer inside your question.

Imagine a scene that you are in your house, holding the keys of your car, the lights go out power failure. You can’t see a thing, you stumble around in your living room and you drop your keys and you look around for a moment and you realize that you are never going to find them in the dark. But you look outside and you notice that the street lights are on. So, in your mind, a light bulb goes off. I am not going to sit around here in the dark and grope around looking for my keys. When there is light outside, I am going to go out here, under the street and I am going to look for my keys. So a neighbor came to help me out. In the spur of the moment, he asked me where did you drop your keys? I told him that I dropped them in the house. He said: So why are you looking them outside the house? It does not make sense.

The Way We Look At Problems.

When we change the way we look at problems, the problems themselves transform.
When we change the way we look at problems, the problems themselves transform.

This is exactly what we do when we have a problem, a difficulty, a struggle that is located inside and we are looking for the solution outside. Someplace outside of ourselves. It would be like going to doctor and telling him all of your symptoms and the doctor says: Oh boys you have got a lot of symptoms and he starts writing out prescriptions, You need a prescription for this symptom. But you give this prescription to your neighbor, wife, mother, and father. You are the one who is in difficulty or problem expecting somebody else to change for you. When you look something outside of you to get better in order for you to make your life work is something you have to really take a hard look at. Because it’s in here, inside you.

There Are No Justified Resentments.

Meaning, that if you carry around resentment inside of you, about anything or about anyone and I’m talking about the person that may you lend money to and hasn’t paid you back. I’m talking about the person in your life that you feel was abusive in your life, about the person that has left you for somebody else. Those all the things that you have justified in your heart and in your life that you have the right to be resentful about. And I am suggesting to you that those resentments will always end up harming you and creating in you a sense of despair.

No one ever dies from a snake bite. The snake bite will never kill you. You can not be unbitten. Once you are bitten, you are bitten. But it’s the venom that continues to pour through your system. After the bite that will en up destroying you.

You Are What You Want To Be.

As you think, so shall be.

What you think is what you become. It all begins with how you chose to think.

As you think so you shall be

7 little words, I think that perhaps the most important things that we can learn and master in our lives. That old proverb notion That I become what I think about. All day long and once you know that what you think about is what expands you start getting real careful about what you think about. You don’t allow your thoughts to be on anything that you don’t want or that you would not want to manifest or show up for you in your life.

Listen Everyone, But Do What You Think Is Right.

Have a mind that is open to everything but attached to nothing. No one knows enough to be a pessimist about anything. And that each and every one of us when we close our mind to what is possible for us or what is possible for humanity closes off the genius that resides and lives in each and every one of us. Having an open mind doesn’t necessarily mean finding faults in all of the things that you have been taught by others. It means opening your self up to the potential and possibility that anything and everything is possible. So, having a mind that open to everything and attached to nothing really means finding within ourselves the ability to get rid of a trait that I find so common in the contemporary world.

Being Offend With Everything In Life Is An Offense!

Most people in life are looking for occasions to be offended. They actually out there hoping that they can find some reason to be offended and there’s no shortage of reason. They are out there everywhere, the way this person dressed, what this person said, they turn on the TV, they hear the news, they are offended by this. Someone used language that they don’t like, someone doesn’t share the same custom as they and people all day long. Be like, I’m not going to be offended by anything.

Do The Best You Can!

Just do the best you can.No one can do more that that.
Just do the best you can.No one can do more that that.

Don’t die with your music still in you. All of us have to play some music with a heroic mission. There is no accidents in this universe. We all show up there with a purpose. There is an intelligence that is a part of everything and everyone and all of us are connected to it. And, to many of us to listen to that music and march to it. All of us feel something, in Leo Tolstoy’s famous novel, ” The Death Of Ivan Ilyich” he asked this question. as he has an accountant from Moscow lying on his death bed contemplating the horror of this question: What if my whole life has been wrong? I know what my music is playing right now.

Look At The Least Possibility.

Whoever you are, whatever that music is, however distant it may sound. However wierd and strange others may interpret it to be. Don’t get to end the of your life and know that you are going to leave and not have it played yet. Don’t die with your music still in you.

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