5 Bodybuilding Supplement and Nutrition Mistakes


You’ve been hitting the gym. You’re lifting. You want to get stronger, faster. The motivation is admirable but don’t make these supplement and nutrition mistakes along the way

1. Taking Steroids

Taking steroids is by far one of the worst decisions a man could make. You are subjecting yourself to not only “roid” rage, but other nasty side effects, from the unattractive to the truly life threatening. According to the National Institutes of Health, use of anabolic steroids in men is associated with:

  • Acne and cysts
  • Breast growth and shrinking of testicles in men
  • Heart problems, including heart attack
  • Liver disease, including cancer
  • Aggressive behavior
 supplement and nutrition

Instead, Do This

Bulk up using a good old remedy of regular exercise and eating healthfully:

  • Foods high in protein will help you gain muscle, but include complex carbs from whole grains for energy as well.
  • Create five to six smaller meals per day made up of green veggies, complex carbs, and lean protein.
  • Enjoy a protein shake after a workout, but make sure you check the ingredients in your powder before you do.

2. Chugging Energy Drinks Before You Pump 

You’re feeling a little lethargic, but you want to work out, so you chug an energy drink before your workout. While nowhere near the magnitude of health risk that taking steroids poses, overdoing the energy drinks can backfire. While it’s true that caffeine can help you work out harder, too much caffeine (and other stimulants) may actually push you to do things in the gym which could leave you with a serious strain or injury.

In addition, the combination between sweating and the ingredients in the energy drink is risky and will leave you feeling dehydrated. You may feel fine one minute, and then the next minute you will feel lightheaded with clammy hands, which is far from the strength you want to feel when you’re at the gym.

Instead, Try This

If you don’t think you will get the same amount of energy from a natural, green shake or juice, you’ve probably never had one. By blending your own green smoothie or juice with fresh ingredients, you will not only feel great, but it will help sustain your workout and provide your body with the nutrition and electrolytes it needs! Try tossing a red apple, fresh kale, a little ginger, ice and some cold green tea into the blender and see what happens.

3. Downing a Sugary Electrolyte Drink After Your Workout

While these drinks, like Gatorade, may boost your electrolyte count after a sweaty gym session, these products are known for the nasty effects they have on teeth. The acidity plus the high sugar content causes erosion of the enamel. Registered dental hygienist Myriam Cadabal explains the mouth naturally maintains a neutral pH of seven, and when this number drops below neutral due to acidity, the teeth are subject to destructive levels of acidity.

Instead, Try This

  • Stay hydrated with water.
  • Replenish electrolytes naturally by eating a banana or drinking coconut water.

4. Downing Raw Eggs

I will never forget a few years back when I was dating a wrestler and witnessed him gulp down a few raw eggs. Aside from the fact that he fizzled any romantic sparks by doing that (gross!), it was potentially a pretty risky tradeoff he made in the name of extra protein.

While eggs are certainly nutrition powerhouses, there is no reason why you can’t throw them on the stove for a few short minutes. Gulp down all the eggs you want, but don’t come running to me when you swallow a salmonella-laden egg. As for protein, cooked eggs contain significantly more digestible protein than the raw ones.

Instead, Try This

  • Cook your eggs.
  • Scoop a little protein powder into your next glass of milk.

5. Shaking Your Protein In the Wrong Plastic

While we’re on the topic of protein, be careful in selecting a supplement and nutrition. If this is how you want to mix your drink, by all means, go for it. If your plastic bottle does not contain a BPA-free label, then it probably isn’t BPA-free. If you’re using this bottle on a daily basis, you are running a risk of ingesting too much of the chemical. Scientists have documented serious health concerns for this preservative, including its effects on the prostate.

Instead, Try This

Blender Bottle brand protein shakers are BPA-free.

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