Stop Using This Statement ‘We Are Just Kidding’

Stop Using This Statement ‘We Are Just Kidding’

As we all know everything changes with time nothing remains the same in our society, our values, our habits, etc. everything is changing. Sometimes, the change is good but maybe not every time. We adopt many things from our surroundings without realizing the fact that it might be not good but likewise just to pretend that we are cool, hence we are following everything blindly. There are many issues I think that we have to look upon to make our society good, and in the list, I was thinking on this topic for a long time and now I think it’s high time to talk about it. We are just kidding. Is it worth shaming or bullying people and putting on the label “Kidding”?

be anti bullying
Keep calm and be anti-bullying

Kidding is making fun or having fun?

I think we forget what actually fun is? When are with our friends and family we want to spend every moment good and cherished but sometimes someone’s laughter becomes a source of pain for someone? We don’t even bother to realize the fact that in the name of we are just kidding, we are actually insulting or degrading someone very badly. Fun is not what to pick up someone’s weakness and start laughing and sharing that embarrassing thing in public. Trust me guys, this is not cool at all! We target a particular person in the gathering and start making fun of that person is very painful for that person to handle. And the heartbroken moment is when those people only smile and say nothing because those people know that they are not allowed to stop them from making their fun because it’s their family or friends.

don't become reason of someone's pain
my pain may be the reason for somebody’s laughter, but my laughter must never be the reason for somebody’s pain.

Ramifications of “We Are Just Kidding”

Every act has its consequences whether it’s good or bad. Similarly, in this case, we never realize that our words or acts sometimes become a source of losing someone from our lives or we did this by ourselves to force someone to leave us. Making fun in public is allowed in any relationship whether it is husband-wife, friends-colloquies, or parents-children. Some people say what is a big thing in this we were just kidding what’s a need to get serious in this. But no! There is a fine line between fun and insulting and neglecting that fine line can cause the end of any relationship. If this thing doesn’t make a bad impact on someone’s personality then I think I don’t talk on this topic but this thing seriously affects people’s lives on large grounds and here are some issues that build in personalities after getting the target in public.

life was fair
if life was fair, I’d have everything, because I work so hard

Feeling Of Shame

respect others
never make fun of something someone likes because those things make that person himself respect others

When we make fun of someone or bully them, as a result, that person has gone through many self-destructions and one of them is feeling of shame. They feel ashamed of themselves and the things they have. Might be they have the best things that someone can’t have, but then they start judging their selves from others’ points of view and disrespect all those precious things they have and in the end, they lose everything to gain something that does not belong to them at all.

Social Withdrawal

never giveup
the one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never falls

The biggest loss of someone seems like when they start believing that they don’t deserve to live in a society or they don’t fit in society. Hence this thing generates a feeling of loneliness or social isolation. Certainly, it can be very depressing or sometimes impossible for a person to overcome that feeling. Certainly, it also converts into a grave danger hence it causes mental disorders.

Manifestation of depression

causes of depression
causes of depression health problems, isolation, fears, reduced sense of purpose, and recent bereavement

When we are unable to fit ourselves into society and furthermore the feeling of loneliness takes place in our life so as a result, this feeling gives a full medium to grow depression. And I guess we all know how badly depression ruins our personal and professional life. It vanishes a person’s inner peace and creates continuous disturbance and that person is always stuck struggling with their thoughts and reality.

Trust issues

Those people who suffer through these conditions aren’t able to connect to people easily. They don’t easily trust people. They start judging and misbehaving with others. Sometimes, it’s difficult for them to analyze who is sincere with them or not. And this thing creates a misbalance, probably every relationship needs trust.

Respect and its importance

Bad family environment

admire something

Most of us sometimes observed this thing that when we have a tough or bad day at our workplace therefore consequently when we came back home we seem upset or irritated or sometimes we don’t talk so much with others. Similarly, the same thing applies to this scenario when a person dealing with so much in their life and has a depressed mind, as a result, how can they give a proper healthy mind routine to their family? Above all can you imagine this little thing can destroy the whole family’s future?

Self-destructive behavior

show kindness

Ultimately, after dealing with all these difficulties in life, therefore, it’s obvious that any person would lose their patience. And this is the beginning of self-destruction. likewise unintentionally, but those people harm themselves more than anyone else. The feeling of I can’t do anything, I can’t fit in society, people don’t like me or I am not loveable these feelings can destroy a person’s inner peace and confidence. And in the end, people lose hope to survive in society.

The culmination of the topic

Stop judging people or we might say stop kidding
Stop judging people or we might say stop kidding

If you read this topic thoroughly, then you will get to know that just ‘fun’ or ‘we are just kidding’ this statement has a drastic effect on someone’s life. Without realizing this thing we just keep doing this with every person. Some people have an act of courage and stamina to resist or to answer that annoying thing but some people are not strong enough to fight back. And seriously those people suffer through hell because of our just a fun activity. We live in a civilized society, it is the 21st century and that’s what we are doing with our friends or family member? I don’t think so this is a good act at all! Try to be humble, nice, kind, and gentle with people. That is what humanity is! Bullying someone and degrading someone is not cool it is a foolish act. Respecting others is our moral duty.

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