PAKISTAN’S prosperity means education for ALL


Our society is prone to trends, and the latest trend in the IT world is the increasing number of start ups. A single idea might seem very small if you keep it in just your mind but to make a difference with your idea and to make it worthy, the start up culture is a big help. The best thing about this culture is you can start with just about anything that seems a bit different, and by different, I do not mean that you will only succeed if you start with very complex ideas. You just need to know your strengths, share your ideas and make a persistent team and you can start with as simple as a platform to educate others or to help the needy ones through tutorials, articles, freelance jobs etc.

Such is the theme and story of a Pakistan based start up “ASAAN TALEEM” whose motto is the education for all. Founded by Radha Mohanlal and her companions Komal Mohanlal (co-founder) and Ajay Kumar (co-founder), who realized that the tutoring trend or strong tuition mafia in our country should be eliminated. Especially for schools and colleges, where not everyone can afford heavy tutoring fees. Another important thing that she wanted to change was the classroom set up for tutors too where many students fail to cope with the tutor’s pace.

What they have in store?

Asaan Taleem’s team offer students of SSC and HSC a proper layout about board related topics through their e-forum and in doing so they create a friendly environment by asking senior students to help junior ones. They are open to everyone who wants to contribute.

Moreover, by keeping in mind that how important a career choice is for students, they provide a befitting guide to everyone in the form of career counseling.
On this platform, you can find professionals from almost every field, who voluntarily gives you professional advice according to your eligibility and talent, so you won’t be left alone in the crucial time of deciding for major.

Their aims and goals:

With their thoughtful strategy to educate all, Asaan Taleem’s team brings quality education which is easily accessible for every student ( almost every student can access social media and their website ) in just three easy steps i.e., Develop – share – educate. Professionals and seniors are here to help you in studies and share their experiences and advice for your bright future and an educated Pakistan.

Asaan Taleem is currently incubated at Nest I/O, a Karachi based incubator which helped them to broaden their platform where they will soon extend their help to even university students which will include help in selecting majors and minors for students who don’t have professional guidance at home.

Here, you can contribute too i.e., if you think that you can help an HSC or SSC student in any subject just message or email their team and share your guide either through a video tutorial or through pictures. You can even write blogs on important board topics and you can also help students with your past/exam experiences, by guiding them about paper patterns, presentation techniques etc.


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