Depression has proved to be our nemesis. We all face it at least once in our life. It is the result of the chaos created by ourselves. The more dependent we have become on technology the more we feel psychologically handicapped, and the competition and comparison that we have to face on daily basis are the reasons for depression. The cure is in the basics which have been pushed back in the closet.

Another reason for depression is the increased brain activity. People with higher I Q’s are also likely to suffer depression (which is quite justified) or a sudden loss can cause depression (like a failure in exam, loss of loved one etc.). Many more reasons can be associated with it along with hundreds of cures but the most effective cures are the ones which relate to our immediate surrounding.


Social networking is one of the main reasons for depression. To see others successfully dominating and enjoying their lives either create jealousy or causes depression. What we don’t realize is, not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy all the luxuries or talented enough to rock the world. We need to start learning that we will only get what is destined for us. Things might go wrong or people may let you down for a period of time but you should know how to come back and prove yourself. This feeling of self-acceptance is the best medication for depression.


Many might recommend to lift up your mood and for getting of anxiety and sadness but I recommend book therapy. Book reading (especially Holy Quran) is what can take you away from the world of caliginous and into the world of absolute brightness because ever since the evaluation of mankind, one that has helped men is the reliance on religion.

Other than this, many more genres are available according to your choice, mood, and circumstances. This only requires a good taste for literature. (only book lovers can relate to this).


Keeping yourself restricted to brick walls and artificial surrounding can depress you to no boundaries. Bring yourself close to nature. Walk barefoot on grass early in the morning, witness the sunrise, hear the bird songs early in the morning, go for long walks in parks, breathe fresh air and you will be astonished by not just mental effects of this but by the physical effects too.

Big ‘NO’ to therapy:

We are prone to trends, and according to therapy trend, we are supposed to talk about our issues with a complete stranger. Although we should be more confident on the people in our surroundings (friends, family). They would help you more in understanding yourself than a stranger. It will also help you reduce social burden and you won’t feel left out as in the outside world.

Stay away from anti-depressants:

While in any sort of sickness our first instinct is to take medicine. This is the mistake that most depressed people make. They start thinking them as sick and take anti-depressants. The first thing that they need to understand is that depression is not a disease, it is a state of mind which is rather disturbed. One of the least recommended methods for depression is anti-depressants because pros of taking medicine for depression is far less than the cons. Moreover, antidepressants are usually addictive. Nobody would want to suffer from rehabilitation after the depression.


Depression can also be overcome by exercise. Flexing your muscles can have both psychological and physical effects. It is also one of the most cost effective method so far which can be done easily at home. If possible, try to join exercise groups. Interacting with people on a positive note can have good psychological effects which will come as a perk. It can also boost your mood to do productive things.

Take healthy diet:

Most people skip foods in depression which is very inappropriate for health. A balanced diet helps you balance your mental state as well as physical state. Even if you don’t have the appetite, you need to be determined to take three meals a day. Do not just stick to canned and processed food instead take all seasonal fruits, vegetables and proper intake of dietary fibers. Do not skip breakfast especially so you can start your day on a healthy note.

Join positive company:

A negative company is poisonous for you in you are suffering from depression. Surround yourself with the positive company who have the positive mindset towards. The positive company is when you are around people who not only accept themselves the way they are but also accepts others the way they are.

Depression is definitely a tough situation for anyone to face but with preventive measures, one can beat depression easily. So, stay positive and stay healthy both mentally and physically and enjoy life.

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