May Month


“The world’s favorite season is spring. All things seem possible in May.” –Edwin Way Teale. May is the 5th month of the yearly calendar. May month is one of the 7 months that have 31 days. Gregorian as well as in Julian’s calendar, this month comes in 5th position. Word “May” comes from the Latin word “maiores” which possibly means ancestors and elders. This month is the 3rd and last month of the spring season.

May months’ weather in Northern Hemisphere is same as weather November month has in Southern Hemisphere. The month of May has 2 zodiac signs: Taurus and Gemini. Those people who born from the 1st of May to the 20th of May have the Taurus zodiac sign. And those who born between 21st May to 31st of May come under the Gemini sign.


  Back then in ancient Roman times this month had 3rd position in the yearly calendar. After adding January and February months in the calendar during the reign of Julius Caesar this month become 5th month in the yearly calendar.

According to Roman Beliefs, May month is named after Goddess Maia. Now in history, there are two goddesses of the same name. But it looks like May month is probably named after Roman Goddess Maia.

Greek Goddess Maia: Greek name Maia means “mother or nurse”. Maia goddess was the most beautiful daughter of 7 daughters of God Atlas who was known for carrying the earth on his shoulder or bearer of the sky. She was the mother of Hemes who was the messenger of Gods.

Roman Goddess Maia: Goddess Maia was the Oscan Earth Goddess and Roman Goddess of springtime. Maia Majesta which means “she who is great” was also the Goddess of fertility and considered a nurturer. She gave warmth to the plants to grow. It was rumored that her original name was Bona Dea. During the month of May, they also held a festival for Bona Dea or Goddess Maia.

Romans called this month Maius which has changed over years and finally in 1400 near the end of the middle ages this month was first called May.

Some historical names of this month are:

  • Mauis (Roman)
  • Thrimilci (Saxon)
  • Wonne-mond (Germanic)
  • Maius Mensis (Month of Maia)(Latin)
Goddess Maia
Goddess Maia

May Month in Different Languages

May month has different names in almost every other language. Some of them are following:

  • Mei (Dutch)
  • Maio (Portuguese)
  • Mai (German)
  • Mai (French)
  • Mayo (Spanish)
  • Mund (Albanian)
  • Mayis (Turkish)
  • Jista (Maltese)
  • May (Azerbaijan)
  • Wuyuè (Chinese Mandarin)
  • Maj (Danish)
  • Maggio (Italian)

May Important Days

Some Important days which come in the month of May are following:

  • May Day -1st May
  • International Worker Day -1st May
  • Global Love Day -1st May
  • World Laughter Day -2nd May
  • World Asthma Day- 4th May
  • African World Heritage Day -5th May
  • International No Diet Day -6th May
  • World Red Cross Day -8th May
  • International Thalassemia Day -8th May
  • International Nurse Day -12th May
  • World Hypertension Day -17th May
  • International Tea Day (UN) -21 May
  • World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development -21st May
  • International Day of Biological Diversity -22nd May
  • World Schizophrenia Day -24th Day
  • World No Tobacco Day -31st May

Famous People Birthdays in May Month

Famous people who have their birthday in the month of May are given below:

  • Jamie Dornan (1st May) – Hollywood Actor
  • Anushka Sharma (1st May) –Indian Actress
  • Ellie Kemper (2nd May) –American Actress
  • Christina Rene Hendricks (3rd May) –American Actress, Producer and Former Model
  • Will Arnett (4th May) –Canadian-American Actor, Comedian and Producer
  • Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (5th May) –English Singer and Songwriter
  • George Clooney (6th May) –American Actor, Film Director, Producer, Screen-writer and Philanthropist
  • Alexander Ludwig (7th May) –Canadian Actor and Singer
  • Stephan Amell (8th May) –Canadian Actor, Producer and Occasional professional Wrestler
  • Saadat Hasan Manto (11th May) –Subcontinent Writer, Playwright and Author
  • Robert Pattison (13th May) –English Actor
  • General Ayub Khan (14th May) –Five Star Army General and 2nd president of Pakistan
  • Bushra Ansari (15th May) –TV Artist, Comedian, Anchor, Playwright and Singer
  • Madhuri Dixit (15th May) –Indian Actress
  • Vickey Kaushal (16th May) –Indian Actor
  • Ali Zafar (18th May) –Pakistani Singer, Song Writer and Film Actor
  • Nawaz-ud-Deen Siddiqui (19th May) –Indian Actor
  • Najam Sethi (20th May) –Pakistani Journalist
  • Karan Johar (25th May) –Indian Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter and TV Host
  • Umer Akmal (26th May) –Pakistani Cricketer
  • Chris Colfer (27th May) –American Actor, Singer and Author
  • Misbah-ul-Hasan (28th May) –Former Pakistan Cricketer
  • Idina Menzel (30th May) –American Actress, Singer and Songwriter
  • Brooke Shileds (31st May) –American Actress

Personality Traits

People who born in month of May have some following amazing personality traits:

  • They are very honest, ambitious and hard-working. They fully devoted themselves to achieve their goals.
  • May-born people are very emotional and sensitive.
  • Because of having strong feelings, it is very easy to make them angry.
  • They have very dynamic and active personalities.
  • May-born people are in love with traveling and very adventurous. They feel happy and excited to see and know different people and their culture and also make memories which lasts forever.
  • It seems like May-born people are stubborn or headstrong.
  • They love to spend money on themselves and their loved ones. But even if they spend a lot but they also know how to save.
  • May-born people have very pleasing and amazing personalities.
  • They are very good-looking.
  • They smoothly mold themselves into every new situation.
  • People who born in the month of May have a very secretive nature.
  • They work hard to be independent.
  • Have a very creative and intelligent mind.
  • They love attention.
  • They always dream bigger and better.
  • Sometimes become more logical than emotional.
  • Quick to return favors.
  • Balance in everything is what they believe.
  • Self-motivated people.
  • May month people have a positive approach towards life.
  • They are committed yet, possessive people.

Youm-e-Takbeer Day

This month is a very memorable month for Pakistan. 28th May 1998 was the day when on the hills of Chaghi Baluchistan, the first nuclear test was successfully conducted under the supervision of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. Pakistan became the first nuclear power in all Muslim countries. The immense power of defense which we got on 28th May was not only for Pakistan but it also gave a sense of security to all other Muslim countries. Pakistan named this day as Youm-e-Takbeer.

Youm-e-Takbeer Day
Youm-e-Takbeer Day

Flower Moon

The full moon of May month is named as flower moon. This name represents the flowers that bloom during this month. Northern Hemisphere where these traditional full moon names are originated, there is a myriad of wildflowers that bloom in this late spring month of May. Wildflowers like indigo, many types of anemone, bluebells, wild garlic, violets, lupine, sun drops and many more. Who knows that after seeing this naturally beautiful and mesmerizing colorful display of these wildflowers have inspired people so much that they named May month moon as Flower Moon.

This year flower moon came on 26th May 2021. This year flower moon was a super moon. There was a lunar eclipse which becomes this moon “Super Flower Blood Moon”. During the lunar eclipse, the moon is fully under the shadow of the earth which giver the moon a red hue, which is why it is called Blood Moon.

May month moon also have other names which are following:

  • Corn Planting Moon –May is the time of the year when farmers begin to seed their fields.
  • Mother’s Moon
  • Milk Moon –comes from old English which means a month of 3 milkings.
  • Hare Moon
  • Vesak Festival Moon –Buddha’s Birthday
Super Flower Blood Moon
Super Flower Blood Moon

May Month Birthstone

“An emerald shines even if it’s worth is not spoken of” –Marcus Aurelius

Both traditional and modern birthstone of the month of May is Emerald. Emerald is the best stone to represent this wildflower month. Since ancient times Emerald is a synonym for the color green. Emerald comes from the Greek word “Smargdus” which means green. It is one of the gemstones which has its position in “Big Four” gems. The other 3 gems are Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire which hold their places in “Big Four”.

It is one of the varieties of Beryl mineral. This gemstone is available in deep to medium green and bluish green. Emerald is one of the rarest gemstones. It carries the rich green color of spring. The deeper the green color this gemstone has more valuable emerald is. This gemstone mined in Brazil, Zambia, Colombia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Madagascar.

Ancient civilizations of Incas used to worship emeralds as gods. Ancient Romans dedicated this stone to the Goddess of love and beauty. Romans gave emeralds to their wives as gifts. Ancient Egyptians believed that Emerald contains secrets to eternal youth which is why they used to bury their mummies wearing Emeralds. Egyptian’s stormy female monarch “Cleopatra” was very famous and passionate about wearing emeralds gemstone.

People used to wear emeralds because of the belief that this gemstone makes its wearer more witty and intelligent and also gives fortune, and youth. It is often believed that emeralds cure diseases Iike: cholera and malaria. Emeralds have some therapeutic power which now science has also proved that emerald’s green color relieves stress and eye strain.


There are following some myths or magical powers which were attached to this gemstone:

  • It was thought that one could see the future when emerald was placed under the tongue of that person.
  • Back then emeralds also used to expose unfaithful lovers who made false promises because of the belief that this gemstone made the person an eloquent speaker and if the gemstone changed the color it means that person was telling a lie.

Inner Meaning

 This gemstone is so breathtakingly beautiful that it always captures our eyes, heart and imagination. It is the gem of Venus. For a long time, it symbolizes love, rebirth and considered an aid to fertility. But now it signifies wisdom patience and growth.


Ireland is also known as “The Emerald Isle” because of its lush green rolling hills. The famous legendary crown of Adnas contains 450 emeralds which were made for the Virgin Mary statue in the Cathedral of Popayan, Colombia. Now it is placed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. 20th and 55th anniversaries also called “Emerald anniversaries”.


May Birth Flowers

May month has two birth flowers:

  • Lily of the valley
  • Hawthorn

The Lily of the valley has gorgeous white delicate blossoms grouped together on one stem. These dainty flowers have a bell shape. It has a sweet scent. The Lily of the valley is also known as “May Lily”. Its scientific name is “Convallaria Majalis” which also means “belonging to Maia”. Gives these flowers to those loved ones with whom you feel that your life is complete. The Lily of the valley is perfect for mothers on their birthday. This gorgeous flower is many royal brides’ favorite.

There are following some myths about this flower’s origination:

  • People used to believe that the lily of the valley flowers appeared where Eve’s tears fell down after eviction from Garden of Eve.
  • Some other people also believed that these flowers grew where the brave warrior Leonard’s blood fell who fought for hours with a terrifying dragon.

Lily of the valley represents sweetness, motherhood, chastity, hope, humility return of happiness.

Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley

Hawthorn flower is a white and pink flower which blooms on a bush or plant. It’s red berries used in bouquets as fillers. It also adds texture and color to the bouquet.

The Hawthorn flower symbolizes hope and supreme happiness. These hawthorn flowers are a reference that you want best for the person to whom you give these flowers.

Hawthorn flower
Hawthorn flower

May Month Quotes

Following are some quotes about month of May:

  • “I thought that spring must last forevermore; for I was young and loved, and it was May.” –Vera Brittain
  • “May: The lilacs are in bloom. Forget yourself.” –Marty Rubin
  • “As full of spirit as the month of May, and as gorgeous as the sun in Midsummer.” –William Shakespeare
  • “What potent blood modest May.” –Ralph W. Emerson
  •  “And all the world is glad with May.” –John Burroughs

Hope you like this amazing fun informative article about May month!

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