April Month

April fool day


“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” –William Shakespeare. In a yearly calendar, April month comes in the fourth number. It has 30 days. It is the second month of the spring season. In this month spring season is at its peak. April comes from the Latin word “Aperio” which means “to open” (opening of bud). Plants flowers and trees carry a special freshness and reach their youth in this month. This is the month where Flora regains its lost life after winters.

April month is also thought of as the most confusing month and full of surprises. Sometimes it’s rainy and wet one day and the next day it has full of warm atmosphere.

In Southern Hemisphere, April month’s weather is the same as October has in Northern Hemisphere. This month has two zodiac signs: Aries and Taurus. Aries is the first or start of Zodiac Astrological signs. Those who born from the first of April to the 19 April, come under the Aries sign. And those people who born from 20th April to 30th April come under the Taurus sign. This month is also known as the month of love.


Earlier time April month had only 29 days. Then Julius Caeser when reformed the calendar, he added one day in this month. Now April has 30 days.

Before 700 BC, in ancient Roman times when January and February were added as months, April month was the second month of the yearly calendar. It is believed that April month is named after the Greek Goddess Aphrodite (Apros). Like all other Greek Goddesses, she was also immortal and very powerful. Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty. She was famous for her extraordinary beautiful looks. This goddess had special powers to reconcile fighting couples and help them to fall in again with each other. She had a belt that had the power of love and desire. Her Roman name was Venus. She also pictured as a mirror, dove, and shell. This Greek goddess of love and beauty also called as Lady of Cyprus.

Some minor believers also believed that April month was not named after and God or Goddess rather is attributed to an angel of Love.

Historical names of this month are:

  • Aprilis (Roman)
  • Eosturmonath –Easter month (Saxon)
  • Oster Mond (Germanic)
  • Aphro –short form of Aphrodite (Greek)
  • Aprilis/Aperit –to open (Latin)
Greek Goddess Aphrodite

April Month in Different languages

Following are some names of April in other languages:

  • April (Dutch)
  • Abril (Portuguese)
  • April/Ah-pril (German)
  • Nisan (Turkish)
  • April (Maltese)
  • Avril (French)
  • Aprile (Italian)
  • Abril (Spanish)
  • Prill (Albanian)
  • Aprel (Azerbaijan)

April Important Days

Here are some UN Days which come in month of April:

  • April fool -1st April
  • Autism Awareness Day -2nd April
  • Good Friday -2nd April
  • Holy Saturday -3rd April
  • Easter -4th April
  • International Carrot Day -4th April
  • Easter Monday -5th April
  • World Health Day -7th April
  • World Homeopathy Day -10th April
  • International Be Kind to Lawyers Day -13th April
  • International Moment of Laughter Day -14th April
  • World Hemophilia Day -18th April
  • World Earth Day -22nd April
  • English Language Day- 23rd April
  • World Book and Copyright Day -23rd April
  • World Malaria Day -25th April
  • International Dance Day -29th April
  • International Jazz Day-30th April

Famous People Birthdays in April Month

Some famous people who born in April are listed here:

  • Marvin Gaye (2 April) –American Singer and Songwriter
  • Kapil Sharma (2 April) –Indian Standup Comedian
  • Nazia Hassan (3 April) –Pakistani Singer
  • Prabhu Deva (3 April) –Indian Actor, Director and Choreographer
  • Saba Qamar (5 April) –Pakistani Actress, Host and Presenter
  • Shaheen Afridi (6 April) –Pakistani Cricketer
  • Jackie Chan (7 April) –Actor and Martial Artist
  • Samina Peerzada (9 April) –Pakistani TV Actress, Producer and Director
  • Mohammad Amir (13 April) –Pakistani Cricketer
  • Julie Cristie (14 April) –British Actress and Activist
  • Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (15 April) –English Actress, Model and Activist
  • Leonardo Da Vinci (15 April) –Italian Poly Math, Painter, Sculptor, Architect, Theorist, Engineer &      Scientist
  • Charlie Chaplin (16 April) –English Comic Actor, Filmmaker and Composer
  • Lara Dutta (16 April) –Bollywood Actress, Former Miss Universe 2000
  • Mukesh Rishi (19 April) –Indian Actor
  • Umer Sharif (19 April) –Pakistani Comedian, TV Actor, Producer and Director
  • William Shakespeare (23 April) –English Playwright, Poet, Actor and Famous Dramatist
  • Sachin Tendulkar (24 April) –Former Indian Cricketer
  • Varun Dhawan (24 April) –Bollywood Actor
  • Alfredo James Pacino (25 April) –American Actor and Filmmaker
  • Arijit Singh (25 April) –Indian Singer and Music Composer
  • Shaan Shahid (27 April) –Pakistani Actor, Model, Director and Screenwriter

Personality Traits

Birth month determines the personality traits of a person. Here are some common traits that have in April born people personalities:

  • April-born people are very passionate about achieving their ambitions and desires.
  • They can influence others by having a positive attitude and become role models.
  • April people are very energetic, active and charged all the time like energy house.
  • They give importance to the term ‘Friendship’ and care about their friends.
  • April people have fun nature and they are an entertainment source and boost laughter among groups/gangs.
  • Those people who born under Aries sign in April are very cheerful, enthusiastic and have a passion for creativity.
  • April people who born under the Taurus sign are much focused and don’t like to waste their time on any stupid things.
  • They are very bold and brave and not afraid of losing.
  • Have a very kind nature.
  • Fairytale is their definition of love.
  • Very smart personality.
  • They are more introverted than extroverted.
  • April-born people can’t stand among fake people.
  • They hate unfairness.
  • April people are very stubborn in nature.
  • They are perfectionists.
  • April people are extremely curious. They often poke their noses in other’s affairs and want to know everything about it.
  • They have a hidden adventurous personality.
  • April-born people are sensible and highly sensitive.
  • They are the true definition of a brave heart and never go for easy things.
  • April people are very impatient.
  • They have good memories and great diplomats.
  • Attractive and attention seekers.
  • Some April people are good at sports as well.

Pink Moon Month

A traditional name for the full moon of April is known as Full Pink Moon. But the color of this moon is not pink. Full pink moon is the time when wild phlox or creeping phlox are also known as “moss pink” (little pink flowers) blooming or blossom everywhere. This name was used by colonial Americans and the Algonquin tribe. We can see this full moon on 26 April this year.

April full moon also has other names as well. Every tribe named and associated this full moon differently.

  • Native American Tribe –Associated with lively life and growth of spring.
  • Sioux Culture –Named it sprouting of red grass and budding moon.
  • Cherokee Tribe –Flower moon
  • Shoshone Tribe –Full melting moon
  • Abenaki Tribe –Sugar maker moon
  • Assiniboine tribe –Frog moon

April Fools Day

Every year April fool day is celebrated on 1st April. This day is celebrated by different cultures and has its own history for this day. But the exact history or origin of this day remains a mystery.

Historian of different cultures have different story for this day. Some of them are:

  • April fool day started when France switched their Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar as called by the council of Trent. Some people failed to recognize that New Year’s day shifted from the last week of March through the 1st of April to the 1st of January and they celebrated their New Year according to their old calendar. So this became the reason for many jokes and eventually called April fools.
  • There was a festival in ancient Rome times called Hilaria. In this festival people dressed up in disguised characters and mocked and pranked their other fellows.
  • Some also associated this day with vernal Equinox in Northern Hemisphere because this month’s nature fooled people with its unpredictable weather.
  • In Britain, this April fool day started in the 18th century. In Scotland, there was a tradition of 2 days event named “hunting the Gowk”. Gowk is a bird who is the symbol of a fool.
April fool day

April Month Birthstone

The evil eye shall have no power to harm him that shall wear diamond as a charm” –Anonymous poet.

Birthstones introduced by breastplate of Argon back then which had 12 gemstones which represented the 12 tribes of Israel. Romans believed that birth stones had some magical power and they used them for their protection. They also thought that Cupid’s arrows were made of diamonds. Some says that diamond was the tear of god or created by lightning bolts.

Diamond is the birthstone of April month. Diamond is the most popular stone around the world. All kind of jewelry but especially engagement and wedding rings are most commonly made. Diamond is known as king of all birthstones. Whether it is past, present or future, diamond has become a status symbol. This stones comes in various colors including white, pink, yellow and purple. Koh-e-noor was the most famous diamond which name means “mountain of light”.

Diamond firstly found in India and became famous among elite and royal families all over the world. Other than India, other countries: South Africa, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Venezuela and United States are major sources of diamond.

Diamond stone has magical healing power especially it cure brain and pituitary gland illness. This birthstone is used as protection from the evil eye. It was also thought at some point that diamond is the antidote to poison. In the past, it is also used as protection from the plague. The hardness of the diamond associates with strength, courage and power. Its beauty represents eternal love. Colorless diamonds referred to as symbols of purity, loyalty, innocence, honesty and faith. Diamonds always associated with love, commitment, happiness and longevity. Diamond engagement rings have become the universal symbol of love and marriage.

Diamond stones

April Birth Flowers

There are two birth flowers of April month have: Daisy and Sweet Pea.

Daisy’s flower represents love, innocence, fertility, motherhood and purity. From white to pink daisy flower has 5 types having a bright yellow center. This flower closed its petal around the yellow center at night and reopened during the day. Due to this reason in old English times, daisies were known as “day’s eye”. This flower also means “I’ll never tell!”


Sweet Pea flower represents blissful pleasure. These flowers have a very lovely smell which makes your home smell like spring. Sweet peas flowers also used for saying goodbye.

Sweet Pea flowers

April Month Fun facts

Some fun facts about April are following:

  • In April month there are meteor showers in the sky.
  • Titanic, the famous ship sank on its first and only voyage by hitting an iceberg on 15 April 1912.
  • On 6 April 1896 in Athens, the first Olympic of the modern era took place after 1500 years break.
  • Birds migrate toward the north this month.
  • In the month of April, Nosh Webster copyrighted the first edition of his dictionary.
  • On 9th April 1959, NASA announced their first American astronauts.

April Month Quotes

Here are some quotes about April:

  • “Here cometh April again, and as far as I can see the world hath more fools it than ever” –Charles Lamb
  • “It was a bright cold day in April, and clocks were striking thirteen.” –George Orwell
  • “I shine in tears like sun in April.” –Cyril Tourneur
  • “April splinters like an ice palace.” –Ruth Stone

So here is some interesting information about April month. Hope you like it!

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