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There are millions of people going through spiritual awakening across the world right now. For majority of us, spiritual awakening can sometimes be painful and difficult. In this article I am going to explain what spiritual awakening means and will give you broader picture of what spiritual awakening looks like.

Spiritual awakening is when you become aware of something deeper in life. Now, this can be happened through some kind of sudden event or some kind of dramatic event that wakes us up to something different in life. It could be car accident or your relationship fall apart or something else. For me it was my relationship with my best friend disintegrated suddenly without me expecting it, so it was this sudden that it activated my spiritual awakening. For some people it could be they meet a very powerful soulmate that activities spiritual awakening as in my case. Whatever the event is, a spiritual awakening just simply means that you become aware of something deeper.

As you start becoming aware of underpinnings of life, you become connected to God or ALLAH. You become connected to everything around you. Eventually, spiritual awakening means you are going to come face to face with your own divinity.

Flip side of spiritual awakening:

But there is a flip side to everything. When you come face to face with your own divinity, you are forced to shed all the masks you have put on to presented yourself in the world. You have to shed everything that everyone ever done to you and what you have done to them. You have to shed all of your judgments and emotional baggage. Coming face to face with this intensity requires you to shed everything that has blocked you in life up until now. And it’s this shedding process that can be tremendously difficult to navigate at times.

Spiritual Awakening signs:

In going over a spiritual awakening is one of the most alienating, confusing, lonely, but also enormously lovely and divine experience in life. Spiritual awakening occurs at least expected times. This the disturbing and beautiful thing about spiritual awakening. It heaves you into your life and shake everything up in life.

These are signs that are experienced by me and still it’s going on. The signs of awakening steadily changes with the spiritual progress.

  • You will start questioning everything:

During the starting period of Spiritual Awakening, I used to ask myself the questions that I never thought of, the questions which are more complex to entire mankind. The question to my existence, my purpose being on this planet, the sufferings which I was continuously going through, the death aspect of life and much more. The true spiritual seeker is filled with countless questions.

  • Start to find purpose of existence:

People who are awakening no longer feel the need to fit in and belong. I used to literally sit slothful for hours thinking about all the facets of life and its purpose as if I was born yesterday. All things felt new to me the sun shining, the plants, the cool breeze, the energy that I was experiencing was unusually divine.

  • You see through the illusions of these world beyond these matrixes:

The consciousness level increases significantly and one starts experiencing unbelievable things.

  • You start to love unconditionally:

As the walls of the ego breakdown, you begin to love other people without expectations or conditions. You lose interest in fight, drama and anything that continues hatred.

Some behavioral signs:

  • Friendship shifts and changes:

One of the difficult parts of going through awakening is that many of our relationships begin to change, shift or even end. This can lead to feeling of loneliness, lost and fear. Your friends may not understand the new version of you and begin to question you.  From past 4 to 5 years, I have just 2 or 3 friends only, I walk alone, I live alone. This loneliness looks difficult to bear but it helps you enormously in your spiritual journey. It gives you the chance to spend your quality time with yourself.

  • You desire to be alone:

I start living my life lonely questioning inside my mind throughout the day. The desire to be alone is very important feature of spirituality which helps you to understand more of yourself & the inner power which you possess.

  • You see how unhappy most of the people are:

Awakening to the suffering and sadness of others. You may start to discover involvement or read more about the human condition. It is nerve-wracking for you to realize how much pain there is in the world.

  • Become more sensitive to others:

Become more sensitive and everything impacts you more. You are able to see the energy of others more strongly, the pain of others, difficulties of others more intensely. I am sensitive to feel the energy of spirits and its presence. I am able to understand the feelings, intentions & thoughts of people’s mind by just looking out their eyes.

  • Less interested in materialistic things:

 As you gradually increase in spiritual journey, your ego, attachment starts to decrease. You don’t have any such desire of achieving and accumulating material things. I am in such stage of spirituality, where I am detached to material things. Money, fame, attachments, desires are absolute meaningless.

Some unique or weird signs:

  • Waking up between 3 to 4 Am:

Waking up suddenly during the time of 3 am states that person been aligned to divine energy. This is the time to manifest things. This is the time to meditate and know more about yourself. This time is also considered very spiritual to connect with divine energy. So, this time is doorway to many things. I think of during my initial awakening time I used to simply wake up as someone had woken up me from sleep with feeling presence of ultimate bliss filled with love and peace. I still woke up at this time all of a sudden.

  • Heightened intuition:

Slowly you begin to listen to the still, small voice within. You allow it to guide your decisions. Ultimately, you start to uncover your hidden spiritual abilities.

  • More Synchronicity:

You start becoming conscious of the many signs and warnings that life brings to you. You may start to see repetitive numbers like 444,333,11:11 etc. I have experienced almost all repetitive numbers. Most repeating of them is 444,111 and 12:12. Life becomes much more interactive and receptive with you. Serendipity increases. You may even undergo numerous mystical experiences. I am personally going through many of it, it couldn’t be expressed in words because it’s much higher and more complex than mere words.

  • You see that we are all one:

Not only do you intellectually understand that we are all interconnected, but you feel it deeply within. You understand that our thoughts and beliefs influence reality, and that we are all trashes of one great Whole – that is, Spirit. Having fully experienced that we are this oneness, you find peace at last. Sometimes this stage can take years or even a lifetime,

Physical changes and symptoms:

You may go through a lot of both physical and mental changes. The body can also go through massive changes and when that happens, you can experience some really weird, unexpected symptoms that can disrupt your life and cause a great deal of anxiety to anyone living with you who can witness them. In my experience, the body is extremely involved in the process and goes through all manner of changes, from subtle to extra ordinary.

Some of the physical changes and symptoms experienced by me are:

  • Intense Burst of Energy:

It is the energetic shift that most physically affects us when we have undergone a spiritual awakening. Everything else declines, but the energies released during awakening stays with us they become the gears with which we interact with spiritual world. Spiritual Awakening is a transformative period so learn whatever lessons it can teach us and learn to trust our spiritual senses.

  • Changes in body, eating habits and lifestyle:

Aches and pains, exhaustion or bursts of energy out of nowhere, flu like symptoms, digestive difficulties or bloating. All Physical symptoms of Spiritual Awakening come to increase as the process becomes the most important matter to deal with on a daily basis.

  • Changes in weight:

Because of your eating habits and the body’s ability to assimilate nourishment is undergoing alteration, it is common for weight to change, it may go down if you find you are needing less food and sleep and may go up if you need more grounding and therefore your appetite has grown.

Some other signs are:

  • Faster hair & nail growth:

In some people food intake has changed to the point where you are nourishing your body in a better way. Additionally, remember that spirit knows that your body is your vehicle and you are being probable upgraded from a clunker to a fresh showroom model in large and small ways.

  • Heart palpitations:

This may be anxiety reaction to the series of changes contained within the physical symptoms of Spiritual Awakening. Bring yourself into the present moment, breathe very slowly and deeply. Practice deep breathing, accept the oxygen into your lungs with thanks. Realize that you are completely safe.

  • New Sleeping Patterns:

There may be nights when body literally ring at a very higher rate. The exhilaration may mean nights with little sleep. However, after a bout of integration, more likely you, will want more than usual eight hours. Sleep cannot chase you and it is one of the best ways for the body to heal itself from the dump of toxic cellular memories.

  • Sensitive to sound, light, people:

Sensitive to sound, people, light is one of the physical signs of Spiritual Awakening. As per my experiences, I used to feel others sadness just by being in their presence and having an eye contact. I have also felt other feelings, their emotions, their deep-down intentions at first sight.

  • Intense periods of exhaustion for no reason:

I use to go through an extreme overtiredness for no particular health reason, while having lunch, while walking. Messages from my Guides or universe (ALLAH) started coming. They were letting me know that they are working on me, recalibrating things, making me stronger and adjusting my energies.

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