Cinnamon For Weight Loss; Benefits, Tips, And Tricks To Use It


Start incorporating cinnamon for weight loss into your diet if you want to lose weight, especially around your stomach. Why? In addition to burning belly fat, it suppresses appetite, regulates blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol, and speeds up metabolism.
Of course, you must also exercise and eat a healthy diet because all the cinnamon tea in the world will not help you lose weight if you continue to eat junk and never exercise!

Aside from being a home remedy for colds and nausea, cinnamon nutrition facts cover a wide range of topics. One example is the use of cinnamon as part of a weight-loss diet. Our gym trainers often recommend we switch to supplements. This is done to make us think that being dependent upon supplements is the only way out to burn our fat. 

Why Is Cinnamon Good For The Body?

  • Cinnamon has antioxidant properties. It can help protect blood cells from oxidative damage. This is due to free radicals that are either a byproduct of natural metabolic processes in the body or external factors such as pollutants, chemicals, x-rays, etc.
  • Dalchini lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease as its ingestion leads to a short-term drop in blood pressure
  • It helps blood sugar levels to drop, particularly Fasting Blood Sugar levels. Cinnamon has been known to improve glycaemic control and aid type 2 diabetes maintenance.
  • Cinnamon has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal effects owing to an essential oil compound found in its bark. Its characteristic aroma and flavor are also derived from it.
  • It also has good anti-inflammatory properties. This potent anti-inflammatory drug prevents arachidonic acid from being released.
  • It has prebiotic characteristics that encourage the growth of good bacteria while inhibiting the growth of pathogens.

Benefits Of Cinnamon For Weight Loss?

  • Of all the health benefits of cinnamon, the most underrated is weight loss. You might ask – how is cinnamon good for weight loss?
  • Cinnamon regulates and enhances the body’s metabolism and improves its sensitivity toward insulin. Thus, it helps one lose weight fast. There are many ways to add cinnamon to your meals
  • We can take advantage of cinnamon for weight loss in the form of many recipes. Bay leaf and Cinnamon Tea or Carom-cinnamon water are a couple of examples. Both these drinks are fast fat burners and metabolism boosters.
  • You can add a pinch of cinnamon to your regular cup of tea or warm bedtime milk. Lastly, you can add it to a bowl of oatmeal or oatmeal cookies to add some spice to your life.

Water And Cinnamon For Weight Loss

  • Cinnamon and water, like vitamin D and calcium, form a powerful duo when combined. Cinnamon water is a delicious and simple way to consume a hydrating, antioxidant-rich beverage. It’s essentially cooled cinnamon tea, made by simmering water with a fresh cinnamon stick in a pot and then cooling it.
  • Cinnamon in water is not only hydrating and delicious, but it also has a variety of health benefits, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties, support for heart health, cholesterol reduction, and potential weight loss. Although cinnamon may increase your metabolism, you can even use cinnamon water as a substitute for proper weight loss or management protocols.
  • Many people believe that drinking cinnamon water at night can aid in weight loss. Others emphasize the ayurvedic principle of drinking warm water first thing in the morning to help digestion along with some healthy yoga moves.

Healthy Recipes From Dt Mac Singh’s Kitchen

1- Fat Burning Infused Water Recipe (Weight Loss) – Dietitian Mac Singh

Let’s face the scorching heat with An Refreshing and Fat Burning Drink. As Summer has approached, the temperature is heating up. So, we are up with an ultimate drink, which not only helps burn fat but also keeps you hydrated and refreshed in this hot season.

2- Apple Cinnamon The Best Detox Drink

Drinking water is already a way to help clean your body from toxins on a daily basis, but with a few simple additions, you can get extra health benefits, and turn plain water into delicious fruity detox water.

3- The Cinnamon Milk Recipe

Cinnamon or dalchini has been lying around in our kitchens forever. This spice has been adding spice to our recipes. But did you know cinnamon has a number of benefits that range from weight loss to lowering blood sugar levels? So, do not miss out on our Cinnamon Milk Recipe.

Wrapping It Up

We cannot ignore the power that our traditional Indian spices hold. We have a multitude of natural supplements present right on top of our kitchen shelves. While we turn our gaze westward, people from the West consume the spices of our daily use. They use it as medicines or supplements to enhance their metabolism rate.

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