What Susan Sarandon Thinks Is The Most Beautiful Thing In Life?

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is ageless. Ask for her beauty secrets and she doesn’t hesitate for a moment.

“The most important and beautiful thing in life is to be authentic,” says Sarandon. “If I’ve learned anything with age is that you have to be true to yourself, and you have to work through your own issues. “It’s also important to have some fun!” she says.

So how does Sarandon stay so beautiful and healthy? “One of the most crucial things I tell young people is to not smoke. It’s so bad for your health, and it wreaks havoc on your skin,” she insists.

Susan Sarandon takes health seriously, including getting the requisite tests. She had her first colonoscopy at 50 and the news was wonderful. “I was told that I had the colon of someone in her twenties,” she says. Here are some of her other tips for beauty and wellness.

Pick the right carbs.

She says watching her diet is key for great health and beauty. One of her secrets is to pack antioxidants into her menus. “I really do try to focus on eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible,” she insists.

“I don’t eat a lot of red meat and I don’t eat as many carbs these days,” she says. “But I do allow some carbs. The key is to pick the right carbs like fruits or whole grains.”

Skip the meat.

Make sure that each meal delivers a healthy punch. Sarandon favors a breakfast of broccoli and bell pepper quiche that she makes with reduced-fat cheese and an egg substitute. If she wants a snack, she’ll throw some bananas and berries into her blender for a healthy smoothie. She also skips the meat.

Instead of a meat burger for lunch, she’ll make a turkey burger and pack on the tomatoes for some extra antioxidants. She says you can’t miss with a healthy stir fry for dinner. She even skips the red meat and does tofu strips in it plus loads up on the veggies.

Try new ways to get your heart pumping.

It’s so important to stay active. “I’m lucky to live in New York because that means I do a lot of walking. That’s always great for your health, plus it’s a way to get around the city, so it doesn’t feel like I’m exercising,” say Sarandon.

She also has an interest in a ping pong club in Manhattan called SPiN and has come to love the game.“It’s so much fun, plus you get a great workout. You’re moving and stretching, plus using your brain. I’d encourage everyone to try it,” she says. “The whole family can play, plus it’s a great way to challenge yourself.”

“As you learn more about the game and get more limber, your game gets even better,” she says. “Plus, it’s fun to watch others play between games. “It’s another way to work out that doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything but having fun.”

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