Is Tech Phobia A Syndrome To Isolation And Suicidal Epidemics?


Technology has been increasingly in demand in many businesses and our personal life is highly dependent on it, especially mobile technology. Mobile technology is among the most widely used technologies in the entire world. According to researchers in 2009 about two out of three people owned a mobile phone. In high-income countries, there are more mobile phones than their citizens. It comprises all forms of portable technology such as cellular phones, laptops, palmtops or personal digital assistants (PDA’s), global positioning systems(GPS), and wireless card payment terminals.

Mobile technologies provide a wide variety of benefits and advantages to their users in almost every aspect of life. From household appliances to industries, classrooms to offices, grocery stores to vast businesses, and so on. It is faster in communication than any other thing. It can improve the service you provide to your customers. Access is the primary benefit of mobile technology. There are thousands of applications and programs that can help us connect to our professions almost everywhere as wireless systems or Wi-Fi systems are easily available.

What more noteworthy arraignment of a framework could there be than a pestilence of psychological sickness? However, a torrent of tension, push, despondency, social fear, dietary issues, self-damage, and depression presently strike individuals down everywhere throughout the world. The most recent, cataclysmic figures for kids’ emotional wellness in England mirror a worldwide emergency.

Youngsters’ psychological well-being in an emergency – perusers share their stories. There are a lot of auxiliary purposes behind this misery, however, I can’t help suspecting that the hidden reason is wherever the same: individuals, the ultrasocial well-evolved creatures, whose brains are wired to react to other individuals, are being peeled separated. Economics and ideologies may be a reason to an extent but the major role is of the technology.

Ain’t it a war of everyone against themselves?

Let’s hear it out in the passages below to know HOW?

How is Business connected and at the same time affected by technology?

By means of smartphones or laptops, a person can conduct business and connect to the internet even while traveling as long as Wi-Fi signals are available. Another benefit of mobile technology is that a person is no longer bounded to a particular place, businesses and transactions can be done while on the road. Mobile technology also provides working flexibility. In the past, important documents and records had to be mailed door to door but now through mobile technology, they can be mailed in a few minutes. The same goes for talking to other people across the globe. They can now be connected through chatting and video calling. Tasks, assignments, consequences, and problems can now be fixed online within a very short period of time. Mobile technology provides remote access capabilities. For example, diners can pay for their meal by wireless payment terminals without leaving their table.

It has almost transformed the way business was conducted. The business world has now become more profitable, productive, and efficient because of the conversion of paperwork to modern mobile devices The integration of mobile devices such as laptops, tablet computers, PDA’s, and smartphones along with their various software and applications make it easier to interact with others and communicate with staff and customers. Mobile technology allows people to use company data and resources without being tied to a single location. Banks and other financial institutions use mobile commerce to allow their customers to access account information and make various transactions. The advancement of 3G and 4G networks are very beneficial and successful. They have brought many new capabilities for smartphone users.

Consumerism fills the social void. In any case, a long way from restoring the malady of segregation, it escalates social correlation with the time when, having devoured all else, we begin to go after ourselves. Web-based life unites us and divides us, permitting us decisively to evaluate our social standing and to see those other individuals have a greater number of companions and devotees than we do.

Education, technology, and youth: A triangle directly affected by technology itself

Today’s students appreciate technology more than any other thing. For the last several decades, lots of improvements have been made to improve and raise the standard by educationists and also students to help their teaching and learning. In this century, however, educational institutions have adopted the use of mobile wireless technologies. They get more engaged and flourish more when they are using mobile technology because it has splendid benefits. Having mobile devices in classrooms allow students better and quicker access to the latest information, news, statistics, etc. The time used in looking for information in encyclopedias could be saved. Today’s generation has grown accustomed to instant updated information which through mobile technology is now at their fingertips and it also keeps students more organized. No one likes dragging textbooks with them so many digital textbooks are constantly updated and often more helpful and creative than old heavy books. Since students are likely to be excited about having mobile devices, therefore, they continue studying and learning outside the school.

It’s obvious that social segregation is emphatically connected with sorrow, suicide, tension, a sleeping disorder, fear, and the impression of risk. It’s all the more amazing to find the scope of physical diseases it causes or compounds. Dementia, hypertension, coronary illness, strokes, brought opposition down to infections, and even mishaps are more typical among constantly forlorn individuals. Depression comparably affects physical well-being to smoking 15 cigarettes every day: it seems to raise the danger of early demise by 26%. This is somewhat on the grounds that it improves the creation of the pressure hormone cortisol, which stifles the insusceptible framework.

The mighty health and the technology goddess:

There are many issues and challenges in healthcare like access, affordability, and quality. A large number of individuals do not get the quality care that they need. Mobile technology provides many ways to help these challenges. It almost transformed healthcare throughout the world. Mobile technology can help patients adhere to medication orders. Another patient safety issue is medication accuracy which can be sorted out through mobile technology as it might help patients remember the information which is charged to them at discharge. Mobile technology provides hospitals and patients a convenient medium to monitor and double-check prescriptions, patients’ conditions, and history. Smartphone ultrasound, robotic surgeons, artificial wombs, etc. are some major mobile technology advancements. Without a doubt, it can be said that mobile technology became mighty in healthcare with these advancements, and the rapid growth of mobile technology in healthcare, it leads to the formation of more medical development software. It is observed that many physicians and nurses use iPads and other mobile devices during their hospital rounds, guiding patients, etc. Mobile technology is also very helpful for Noshed can collect enough information and can cover a large area to make detailed plans for their tasks by switching from pen and paper to advance mobile devices.

On the off chance that social crack isn’t dealt with as genuinely as broken appendages, it is on account we can’t see it. Be that as it may, neuroscientists can. A progression of intriguing papers recommends that social agony and physical torment are prepared by the same neural circuits. This may clarify why, in numerous dialects, it is difficult to depict the effect of breaking social bonds without the words we use to indicate physical agony and damage. In the two people and other social warm-blooded animals, social contact lessens physical torment. This is the reason we embrace our kids when they hurt themselves: friendship is a great pain-relieving. Opioids assuage both physical anguish and the pain of partition.

Summing it all,

There are about 4.55 billion mobile phone users globally. In a research conducted by “The Radiate Group Inc. ” they predict that the number of worldwide mobile users will reach over 6.2 billion, roughly 84% of the world’s population by the end of 2018 while the mobile devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. will grow over 12.1 billion by the end of 2018. Mobile technology is considered to be a top priority in immediate future by many market executives. In a recent Millard Brown survey reports that across 30 countries in the world, people spend an average of 147 minutes a day using a smartphone and 91% of adults have their mobile devices in arms reach 24/7. Every day there are more mobile phones sold than babies born. Nowadays 96% of business is conducted with the help of mobile technology. Approximately 20% of E-commerce is conducted by mobile technology. Hence mobile technology is beneficial in every aspect of life and it is the fastest growing technology in the world.

This does not require a strategy reaction. It requires something significantly greater: the reappraisal of a whole perspective. Of the considerable number of dreams individuals engage in, the possibility that we can go only is the most ridiculous and maybe the riskiest. We stand together or we go into disrepair.

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