How to WorkOut With Your Kids — At Any Age


When I first had my baby, many moms warned me that there would be no time to workout. At first, I found that I could work out during his naps — but then I didn’t have time to clean the house and shower as well. Oops.

So in that first year, I decided to create a fitness routine that I could do with him when he was awake  — and then get other things done during his naps. As he got older, I found other ways of fitting in my fitness with my little guy. Now it’s your turn.

Here are some of my trainer tips for other moms who want to stay in shape and have quality time with their kids — no matter what age they are:

6 weeks old to 3 Years: Lift that baby!

My Baby Bootie Camp DVD is a 15-minute routine you can do throughout the day. My baby was my own personal trainer. He didn’t want little shakes and jiggles to calm him. He wanted me to hold him for lunges and squats! He also loved the baby biceps curls, patty-cake crunches and rocking thigh moves.

And don’t be afraid to push that stroller everywhere — especially to baby-and-me yoga classes — for long walks to work your booty. Invest in a running stroller so you can get exercise while getting your baby out and about.

3 – 5 years: Scooter time Workout

Trade that stroller in for a toddler scooter and helmet. My little guy can go for over 40 New York City blocks in a single trek. And he’s fast! I learned early on to put on my running shoes and gym clothes when I took him out with his scooter —  so I could jog and catch up to him in the park or at each street corner for safety.

6  years and up: Get mobile together 

However there are great years to get in the habit of walking together to school. And when you get your kids bikes, make sure you have one in good working order too. That way you can bike together with your kids to take them to play dates, doctor appointments, and school.

High School: Sports time Workout

If your kids get involved in school sports like track, basketball or soccer, practice together after school and on the weekends. Running on a track with your child is a great time to talk about your day — and enjoy the endorphins of exercise together.

At any age: Active vacations Workout

Go places that have adventures like kayaking, zip-lining, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, parasailing, rock-wall climbing and snorkeling.

Keep making memories, burning calories, and staying active. If you can’t take a trip, find a great set of fitness DVDs or a family gym with gymnastics, Zumba and family yoga for weekend fitness fun!

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