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How To Remove Polygel Nails?


The most recent breakthrough in the nail industry- polygel nails. They look remarkable and are really in good shape and simple to deal with. Removing these nails may feel like hard work, but here, you will come to know how to remove polygel nails.

What are polygel nails?

You have lots of different choices when it comes to getting unique and gorgeous manicures. Not only are there more designs, shapes, and colors than ever, but different application methods, as well. From acrylics to easy-to-use dip kits of polygel nails that you can try out at home, everything you can pick!

Why do you think polygel nails are an exciting option? Because they’re lighter than other nails, so you don’t have to be worried about doing your daily activities and duties applying them. Since the nails are much softer than regular acrylics, you can typically apply them over natural nails as an elegant manicure option. Like many different nail colors and designs, they are available in a wide range of designs. Polygel nails have an additional advantage of a much lighter and non-stingy smell as compared to the other nail styles. 

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Six easy methods to remove polygel nails

Follow the easy methods to remove polygel nails.
Easy methods to remove polygel nails

What’s your plan? Don’t want to go to a salon to remove polygel nails? Thankfully, the process of doing this at home is really simple and only takes a few minutes. Sounds like a perfect weekend plan if you have basic nail equipment at home!

Also, you don’t have to spend lots of your money removing polygel from your nails. You can remove them in the comfort of your home. But since this is a hard nail manicure type, don’t cut your acrylic nails until you’re ready to remove the gel fully. Follow the processes below to remove the polygels nails properly.

1. Use a regular Nail Polish Remover and Tinfoil Method

Regular nail polish and Tinfoil is the cheapest method to take off polygel nails. You require a few essential materials like a nail nipper, an E-file, nail drill, cotton pads, nail polish remover, tinfoil, and a paper towel.

The first step is to reduce the length of your polygel nails. Now, use an e-file nail drill to detach the polygel from your nails. If you use an e-file to detach the polygel, it will thin out the product from your nails. To cover all of the regions around your cuticle, move your e-file from side to side. Remove the excessive polygel with a paper towel.  

Make the two halves of cotton pads. Put a small amount of nail paint remover on cotton pads. Carve the Tinfoil into thin sheets according to your nail size and then wrap the cotton pads on your nails with much care. Do this step with the help of thin tinfoil sheets. Wait until the nail polish remover settles on the bed of your nails.

Then, take out the thin sheets of Tinfoil and remove the remaining polygel with the cotton pads.

2. Use a nail drill

Wondering how to remove polygel nails quickly? Use a nail drill to cut them off. However, if you are a newbie, you may find it incredibly scary to be used. Just follow the simple instructions on how to use a nail drill to detach polygel nails.

First, you need to clip your nails if their length is too long. Push them back otherwise nail drill can injure your cuticles. File the edges of your polygel nails carefully. For this purpose, try using a smoother sanding band for smooth working.

After filing the edges of your nails, take a harder and coarser sanding band to gently file away the bulk of your polygel. What’s a better way of doing this? File the polygel nails as close to your natural nails as possible but without touching them.

Now, wash your nails to wipe out dirt and dust. You should manually remove the remaining polygel with the help of a low grit nail file. Finally, moisturize your nails and cuticle generously with cuticle oil.

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3. Use an E File

E file or electric file is one of the most effective ways to remove the polygel from your nails. Following the simplest and easiest process first, you need to cut your nail to a good length. You can cut off your nails with the help of a professional nail nipper or a nail cutter.  

Start the process of filing. Now, it’s time to use an E file. Make sure to use it at a low and gentle speed. Stop employing an electric file once you reach the top of your natural nail. You’ll feel the layer of polygel getting thin. 

To take off any remaining polygel from the surface of the nail, you can use a gentle file or buffer. At the end, apply lotion to keep the nail healthy and the cuticle well-moisturized. Viola! You will be happily amazed to notice the difference.

4. Use Soap and Oil

Worried if using acetone or a nail drill can remove your manicure? Yes, if you use acetone on a regular basis to wipe off polygel, it might cause damage to your natural nails and nail bed. So, try using soap and oil without causing any damage to your nails.

Follow these instructions to take off polygel nails by combining oil, soap, and water. At first, gently lift the edges of your polygel nails with the cuticle pusher. As the edges are lifted, the oil and water mixture can exude beneath your nails. Pour warm water to mix your oil and detergent.

After that, rinse your nails in the mixture for 15 minutes. After that, gently pull the edges of your nails with the help of a cuticle pusher to cut them out.

5. Nail Filer Method

The nail filer method is used for honing your nails. You can also use it to eliminate polygel from your nails.  Follow the simple process to use a nail filer for the removal of polygel nails. Use a nail nipper to cut off the length of your polygel nails. You must file your nails in one direction so that polygel can be removed from your nails. Now, wipe off the polygel from your nails and the product’s residue with the acetone-based nail paint remover and cotton pads. Dry your nails with a cotton towel and massage with moisturizer.

6. Use Acetone

It is the most frequent removal method of polygel nails, however, you must not do it incorrectly. Read below how to remove polygel nails with acetone gently and safely.

The first step, again, is to reduce any excess length of your nails. Apply cuticle oil or a good moisturizer to the cuticle area of your nails.

File off the top base part of your polygel nails. You should use a low grit nail file for proper filing. After that, dip a few cotton pads in acetone. Wrap the acetone-soaked cotton pad around the nails with the help of oil wrap or soak-off nail clips. Wait for at least 20 minutes until the nails soak. In the end, remove the Polygel with a cuticle pusher.

Wondering how to remove polygel nails without acetone? One of the most successful and famous solutions are hydrogen peroxide, hand sanitizers, and cuticle oil. You can also try using cooking oil like olive oil and coconut oil. In case you don’t have anything else on hand, use warm water, warm soapy water, or vinegar to remove gel nails.

Proper Removal Is Key

Polygel nails look remarkable and are super easy to remove.
Polygel nails

There are many good aspects of applying and removing polygel nails. But you need to ensure they’re removed properly. Why is it important to remove polygel nails properly? Accurately removed nails protect your nail bed from damage and keep the surface of your nails smooth. The removal of polygel nails is relatively simple and easy, especially when compared to other acrylic nail types.

When you remove your nail paints or adhesive nails properly, It will prevent any type of infection and inflammation. Use the sterilized tools and methods to detach your nails, the risk of damage will be reduced and your nails will be able to enjoy a healthy and strong environment. 

It is important to use your hands throughout the removal process to protect your nails against bacteria and infections otherwise infections caused by improper removal can lead to microabrasions and cuts.

Wrapping up

Isn’t it a great idea to give your nails a happy chance to breathe? Before applying the next manicure give your nails some rest. But removing your polygel nails properly can help you ensure that the next manicure goes on smoothly. 

Proper Removal of polygel nails is effective as you scrape at your polish, it may come off over time, but it’s not a good way to take it off- especially when using a type of polish like polygel. Using accurate methods and tools will ensure the work gets done right and save your time.

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