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Trendy Sunflower Nail Art Designs For Summer


Gracing our Instagram and TikTok feeds, Sunflower nail art is the awe-inspiring nail trend. Floral sunflower designs begin to bloom everything as the weather warms up. Particularly in our bookmarked posts tabs, floral styles are found in abundance, right?

This trend of sunflower nail art is definitely for everyone, from nail-art fanatics with the manicure and level hand to paint sunflower art exactly to your liking. Aficionados art if you’re looking for a quick and easy stick-and-go recommendation!

From edgy nail designs to minimalistic art – you are always loving something new and trendy. Now, you all look out for flawless sunflower nail designs, don’t you? What you will find here in this article is – everything about sunflower nail art. Stick to the end!

Trendy sunflower nail designs

No matter if you like minimal nail art, sticker designs, abstract art, or intricate details, all of these are so convincing. These designs look like the sunflowers are blowing out of the nailbed — surely you’ll catch sight of people and be complimented time and time again (Woah!).

Sunflower showers all the summery feel out there. Ranging from love to friendship it gives a pretty adorable vibe. Luckily, sunflower nail designs vary not only in colors but in different styles as well. A lot to your way! Yellow, half-drawn flower to edgy, chic nails that stand out – everything you adore!

It’s Time To Paint your Nails Yellow!

With all the love held on the pop-up and cheerful yellow petals, nail artists incorporate a floral green leaf (or two) on each sunflower. It gives life to the nails making them much more life-like. Ever tried a leaf-like polish? You must try this shade! I promise you’d never go wrong with it.

Want more? Style your own version of nail paint design dreamed up with your favorite sunflower. Take a thin nail brush and a dotting tool and here you go!

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All Summer Feels!

Follow the beautiful summer sunflower nail designs!
Summer sunflower nail designs

In search of the nails that give out all the summer feels? Sunflower nail designs are the best! Sunflower is one of the most loving flowers, it makes for amazing nail art too. You can wear them for any occasion, including casual days of summer, parties, and proms. You adore sunflower nail designs as they go well with almost every summer outfit – from a wrap dress to your favorite jeans, no matter how casual or classy your outfit is.

The summer look of sunflowers catches more attention. Maybe because of the two white nails and the beautiful design on top of it! While one of the designs includes a small sunflower drawn on a nail along with the aesthetic violet flowers. What about showing the fall leaves? Just give it a little splash of black color inside. It will look so good! This design of nails would double the charm with anything summery on your mind !

Watercolor-inspired sunflower nail designs

Don’t say you’re a fanatic lover of watercolor nail art? Well, we all are. So, now you can go for a watercolor-inspired sunflower. With the help of a clear base color, took to heart by white and yellow petals, design your nail. To give it a more realistic look, intricate your design with thin and deep brown strokes at the floral pattern.

Nail artists also dot the middle part with the help of a brown polish for the inner flower. Sounds exciting! You can also dot a warmer red-brown shade for the outer floral pattern.

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Don’t want steady hands sunflower pattern?

If you don’t like surgeon-like steady hands that people often go for the intricate nail art, stickers may be the best choice. Salons provide simple and beautiful sunflower nail stickers that are easily be placed on your nails.

First, you need to apply a base color of sunflower and then let it dry. Now, trim the decal to the size you want. Place it in water and wait for almost 20 seconds. Move smoothly the decal off the backing paper and put it on the top of your nails. Let it dry. Now, top it off with a base coat. Looks amazing?

3D sunflower nail art

Let me guess, do you love a more realistic look for nail art? Got it right? You can go for a 3D sunflower nail design, like the ones created by Kendal Jenner and several other famous celebrities and TikTok stars. Nail artists love applying it in a bright neon orange nail paint on coffin-shaped nails. You would also enjoy applying paint before dotting brown disk flowers across the nail. Paint it on the clear-sighted and thin petals in a bright yellow shade. After that, you can finish the final look with nail glitter to add a little sparkle to your overall nail look.

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French Manicure Sunflower Nail Art

French manicure sunflower nail art look great on all types of nails.
Manicure Sunflower Nail Art

The ever-so-famous French manicure by itself drives women crazy. You might be changing it into a realistic piece of nail art design and making it an instant love among all other designs of nail patterns. Now, it’s time to try the French manicure sunflower nail style. Its uniqueness against the lovely pink base and white-tipped nail glossy surface show positive taste and sheer elegance.

A classy sunflower design that covers the full length of your nail would make your day feel like a glittery summer’s day. It looks alluring with its ethereal color combination. The way sunflowers manicure is done, you might feel the touch of traditional yellow shade with a sense of orange. How do you feel about the black backdrop that gives a charming effect? It would look equally great on short nails.

Tutorial for sunflower nails

Alive your summer with a floral sunflower design with a color combination of green and yellow. The green base coat with the leaf-like styles gives the sunflower a blossoming effect on top. Here’s an easy tutorial for sunflower nails.

What you need is Morgan Taylor to rule the taupe polish, acrylic Paints -brown, light orange, white, yellow, nail polish, a small dotting tool, a small nail art brush, and a top coat.

  1. Apply a base coat on your nail! With Morgan Taylor apply a similar taupe colored polish.
  2. Create a polka dot pattern on your nail using a small dotting tool. Mark now with the white acrylic polish.
  3. Use a small art brush of nails and brown nail paint to make the centers of the sunflower.  You should try doing one on each end. (That would be pretty!)
  4. Again use a small nail art brush along with light orange nail paint or acrylic. Draw the petals of a sunflower. Try doing this by making an oval eye shape and then fill in the center.  Make sure to leave some space in between the petals.
  5. Fill in the empty spaces between the light orange petals using the same nail art brush and a yellow nail paint.
  6. Now, clean up the brown center of the sunflower nail design and even out the corner. Cover any of the orange or yellow that mixed with the brown with the help of a small nail art brush. Layer with a top coat, and enjoy!

Wrapping up

Sunflower nail art is a perfect summer look design and isn’t this the best nail art design of all? Choose the best and most cute sunflower nail designs.

The charm of these nails shows by the pressed flowers which are all real by the way. These designs are all here to win over your hearts. Just see how pretty are the sunflowers nail art? The glitter sides of the sunflower nail just give the right sparkling effect. The dazzling yellow shade is definitely eye catchy, isn’t it?

Ready to try this trend? It would be fun attempting on your own, but you can also make an appointment and let the nail artist deal with the intricate details.

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