How 15 Minutes of Exercise Can Transform Your Health?

15 Minutes of Exercise

For those of you who say you don’t have time to exercise, a 15-minutes of exercise leaves no excuses. In the time it takes you to watch half a sitcom, drink a cup of coffee, and scan your Facebook news feed. Or sneak in some extra ZZZs after hitting”snooze”. You could have squeezed in a heart-pumping workout that makes you feel great — and makes a difference in your body! Say no to laziness and hello to a healthier lifestyle. Check out these 3 schedule-friendly fitness DVDs that will put you on the path to a leaner, fitter you.

Studies show that working out harder for a shorter period of time is more beneficial than exercising at a moderate level for a longer duration. This Boot Camp collection is amazing because it provides strength, cardio, and balance exercises in just 15 minutes. There are four 15-minute workouts that focus on the upper body, lower body, core, and cardio. So, you can do just one routine or mix and match two, three, or even all four to work your entire body. Each routine is specifically designed with a starter. And experienced versions of the exercises so you can work out at your own pace. Instructor Jennifer Cohen’s easy-to-follow workouts show modified and advanced moves in a fun and energetic style.

Insanity Workouts

Fast and Furious is one of the latest INSANITY workouts from Shaun T. You know the workouts that even athletes love to hate. If you’ve been working out for a few months and are ready for an advanced routine, this is a great one to try. Plyometrics and high-intensity interval training will blast fat and burn calories in no time. And if burpees and jump tucks are your speed, you’ll love this efficient cardio and muscle-toning routine.

As the name suggests, this yoga DVD is perfect if you’re just starting a fitness routine. Looking for more flexibility, or want to include yoga cross-training into your weekly cardio and muscle routines? The fast and easy workouts with Suzanne Deason help boost your energy and metabolism as well as shape lean muscle. It even includes a nutrition guide from a wellness coach. You’ll notice an increased awareness in your mind and body. And cultivate the self-confidence and inner resolve you need to make healthy choices every day.

Need more convincing to fit in your fitness? Sleep in your comfy workout clothes so when the alarm goes off you’re ready to hit play instead of snooze!

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