Home Improvement Strategies To Add Value To Home


Make your dream home a reality. I can help you write a new chapter of a loveliest home for your family by a few home improvement strategies to add value to your home.

“Do it yourself home improvement projects are best tackled with determination, persistence, and maybe one of our iconic white aprons”.

It makes sense to say that any improvement you do to your home should bring a worthwhile increase in marketable value.

Although adding more value and more space is a good decision to make for any growing family, you still need to preserve the structural integrity of your house to ensure the long term value is there.

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Whether you are planning on adding a garden room office, a dormer loft conversion, or a garage conversion, your house design project should be planned properly to avoid any costly mistakes. With that in mind, I have collected the best home improvement strategies to add value to your home. Let’s get started!

1. Basement Overhaul

If you are willing to declutter, sell, give away, and recycle the things you keep inside your basement, you can turn that space into a usable square footage and add extra value to your home. Other than making it an additional bedroom, you can also turn the basement into a personal cinema or game room.

If you want an improvement with strong build quality, the basement is an excellent choice. Because no structural changes are necessary, a basement overhaul is a relatively low-cost home improvement project.

2. Build A Sunroom

A sunroom is a great space for both productivity and relaxation. It is appropriate for use as a home office or as a complementary space for an adjacent living room. A sunroom offers an excellent return on your investment and with ample natural light, it is environmentally friendly as well.

“All your home dreams can come true, if you believe in them and work hard. Just keep believing and never-ever quit”.

3. Loft Conversions

In an increasingly crowded home, a loft conversion is an effective and affordable way to add more space. Planning permission from local authority can be important, especially for a more extensive conversion project.

If you already have a solid loft flooring and roof structure, a loft conversion is a cheaper and faster project to complete. It is also easy to extend utilities, like electricity and water to the loft area. If your home has angled dormers and a low roof, however, they can become a hindrance for the loft conversion project.

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4. Get In Touch With Expert Plans

To learn more ways to add value and space to your home, visit Expert Plans online today and find a home design consultant who can answer any questions you might have.

“There’s only one thing better than taking the first step towards creating home you love, and that’s having your favorite local contractor help you get there.”

5. Convert The Garage

A garage conversion is another low-cost improvement which can add value and space to your home. The garage already has good structure and often, you only need to finish the interior to make the space usable for other purposes. Be aware that it is more difficult to sell a house without garage, so leave enough space for at least one car.  

6. Build A Separate Structure

Building a detached structure is a good option, especially if you want to avoid altering the main building in your property. This approach is suitable if you have a spacious garden or backyard area. If the outbuilding is highly functional, it will add considerable value to your property.

Did you enjoy reading home improvement strategies to add value to your home? I’d love to know which strategy worked best for you! Feel free to share it on your favorite social media sites.

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