From self-doubt to self-discovery!


In this world, many of the people came and go but just a few of them are like who fully enjoyed it. Many of the people just exist here, having no idea of what’s the purpose of their life. Most of the peeps have no idea why they exist, even the time came; they are moving towards their professional life, they are like: “I am doing this just because my parents wanted me to do this, I haven’t any interest in this”. That is the real dilemma of their life that they do not know their goal, destiny, and the talent with which they have been blessed.

When to do what?

The Perfectionism!

Perfectionism is fatal

Everyone living here is a perfectionist! I have met many people saying that I will enjoy my life when I will be a perfectionist, and this word perfectionist having several standards made by the people. One said I will be a perfectionist when I will be a millionaire. The other said that I will be a perfectionist when I will complete my degree when I will be married and so many other standards. The fact is, life is never going to be perfect if we spend it on the standards of others.

The Purpose Of Our Life.

Did ALLAH create us to be average? Did ALLAH created us to just awakened a day and to die the next day? No! The problem with us is that we have not discovered the real purpose of life. We have granted with the book of wisdom in which Our Lord granted us the rules to live a happy life. To be more appropriate not the rules but the key to live a contented life.

Turn On The WIFI.

Turn on the WIFI

Our thoughts, our dreams are very powerful, they are like WIFI, they could not be visualized by us but they exist. Our mind, our body and our soul are trying to manifest that dreams. But on the whole journey of achieving these dreams, you have to be strong. If at any point someone say to you, you can not do this, that’s not your stream of work. Just ask yourself, Why are you letting anybody tell this? why are u setting for something less? Why you haven’t control over yourself? Why you are not overcoming your fears and failures?. Just ask yourself and then see the positive boost inside you.

Failures; Our Staircase To Success!

Failure is the price of your vision, but the currency is different. Failures, hardworking and patience are the price of our vision, our dream. Failures are the best degrees we have in ours life. You do not just fail, you have found 100 ways that won’t work. You have created a log file for your juniors

The Value Of Words!

Stop telling yourself that I can’t do this, I am not worth it, I m not good enough, I lack it, I will settle for less. We are not mend to just born, graduate, marry and die. We are worth more than this. Our words are like that of seeds, if we want apples we will sow apples seed, if we want oranges we will sow oranges seeds. It could not be happen that we sow cactus seeds and got sunflowers, that’s not the nature works. So, poor mouth is equal to poor life! What actually happens, when we start telling our self that I can/can’t do this we begin to live in a belief system that surrounds us until it has transformed our seeds(words) into the final state.

Be Different!

Start following the vision or dream of our life for which you are mended. We are the crown creatures of universe. What if the life be like eat, sleep, party repeat! Its the same how animals spending their life. There should be a difference in our and their lives.

The Right Approach.

The Ultimate Success.

In the journey of achieving our goals, we would definitely meet many failures, but remember! they are for pushing us up. Stay consistent, Stay Steadfast, we would definitely get the success. In the hard time of your journey see examples of SAHABA, what they did when they are facing failures? what was their attitude towards the hurdles of their lives?

Once a Sahaba was performing prayer, Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was also over there. After completing the prayer, he came to Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and greets him, Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) replied him ” go back and do your prayer again”. He went back and did as he was directed then came to Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and greet him the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) again say to him ” go back and do your prayer again”. So he performed the prayer the third time and when again he got the same reply so he requested to Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) that I have done as much as I can, now kindly guide me how to do it properly.

Choose The Right Mentor.

Rise by lifting you up!

So, it is the base of the fact that if we are having problems with the work, consult to your teacher. Choose the right mentor for your life. It is not necessary that if something is not working, it is wrong. It might be possible that we are not doing it properly. So, having a mentor in our life is the best thing in the attainment of our dreams.

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