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Why Facebook Was Down Today?


Note: We are happy to announce FaceBook is completely back now! Happy facebook, whatsapp, Instagram 🙂 Any questions please post comment.

After staying down for almost 6 hours Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram is finally back. While Facebook have not announced the reason for this outage but their official statement on restore.

“To the huge community of people and businesses around the world who depend on us: we’re sorry. We’ve been working hard to restore access to our apps and services and are happy to report they are coming back online now. Thank you for bearing with us.”

While Facebook Was Down

As you all know Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and everything related to Facebook is down right now, Its about 3 hours and still we can’t login to Facebook or another site that uses Facebook to Login like any game or app where you login through Facebook,

As Per Facebook Team Statement:

We’re aware that some people are having trouble accessing our apps and products. We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

How Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Go Down,

As we talk with webfulcreations CEO, He share some really good facts about this issue, There are some things without them a website can’t load.

  1. Database center where Facebook kept there whole data coming all worldwide
  2. DNS Connection which allow us to open Facebook through URL

Its very easy and fast task to re-add DNS Which means DNS is not the issue,

So basically we think the problem is with Facebook Data center or servers or how their server is operating.

Something crashed inside their data center.

You can check whole article about Why Facebook Is Down Today? Written by CEO of webfulcreations

Pokémon not working? (Through Facebook)

As you guys know Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram not working as same Pokémon create users through Facebook so its got down too! Don’t worry its just a temporary error Facebook and its team working on it

Trainers, Facebook is down at the moment, so players who are using Facebook to log in to Pokemon Go will not be able to do so. All they can do is wait and let Facebook fix their server issue.

PUBG not working? (Through Facebook)

When you open PUBG if you the one who created your PUBG account through Facebook then you can’t login to your game until Facebook get back to its knees. All you can do is wait for it, or try to login through twitter.

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