Every one has their own clock!


“He has a better job than me, better life partner, a perfect lifestyle… how good his hold on life is!”, “Everyone loves her, keep her in their important events. why I am not such important to them as she?”These dialogues and those who sound like these are the widely observed stereotype of the globe that is not only of this time but I must say that from the time when humans started to involve themselves in the most terrifying business of the world i.e  COMPARISON hence forgetting that everyone has their own clock!


comparisons are fatal.


This cogitation once encountered in our life can’t help by making life a fatiguing journey. This ends up by letting our personality as hollow as nothing left in it except complexes, regrets, and despondency.

Everything in our life will be according to our clock!

All the above problems could be solved if one realize that everybody in this universe has a different journey to be traveled!. We all have different circumstances and exactly different contingencies in life. If someone is granted with something that we do not have so we just been blessed with something else or if we think that we even not been blessed with the things we needed the most then we must keep in mind that everybody has their own clock. Everything in our life will be done on our pace. we must not rush our life by the timelines of others.

There is no contentment to be found by mapping our life with others. There are people who graduate at twenty-one but didn’t find a job till 27, there are few who graduates late but found work immediately, that ones also exist who never went to university but found what they love at eighteen,there are people who work continuously 10 to 20 years but couldn’t even have a house of their own to live, some are those who are married but have to wait 8 to 10 years for children, I Know people who love each other but are not together, I know people who are married but single. So the point is everything in our life is according to our time and our clock.

All have a perfect clock…A myth!


We may sometimes look at some of our friends and thought that they are ahead of us maybe some of them we feel are behind but everything happens at their own pace. At age 25 Mark Cuban was a bartender in Dallas, it took till 32 for J.K Rowling to be published for Harry Potter after being rejected by 12 publishers, Jack Ma started Alibaba when he was 35, Richard Branson started  Virgin at 34. Getting all of your goals at the very young age is still an achievement. But do not be influenced by anyone’s achievement. The fact is to create a meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling lives for yourselves



Do not influence by anyone and value your self!

Humans are the crown creature of the universe. Everyone in this universe is blessed with something awesome that should be found to realize the value of that jewel. Find the main of your life and it should be universal not just cling to yourselves. No matter how many time life will tread on you, will scrunch you and, will squeeze you, you will always keep your value. That spark within us a bliss, knowledge, and eternity that exists, that spark will never be taken away.

Just wait for your clock and do your best.

“Our value is not created by the clothes or our bank balance or the job title we have. We should be building ourselves and not just building our CVs.”

At the end of 2009, he was a software engineer with 9-year experience at yahoo. In spite of this, two big names of tech industry refused him to work for them. He’d been to a great university.He had a great CV but he decided to work with one of his alumni of Yahoo and initiated an app and focuses on his goals. In five years time, he sold that app for 19 dollars to Facebook, that was Brian Acton, the founder of Whatsapp.

So the thing to realize is that he did not compare himself with the others. We need to share these anecdotes earlier. Bring out these anecdotes and experiences so that people who are on the journey can actually follow in those footsteps.

That’s why Steve Jobs said

“You can not connect the dots moving forward. You can only when you are looking backward”



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