Enliven your home decor with these go-to ideas


First, let me say hello to your inner creative self which every one of us has whether numb, chaotic or dreamy but it’s there always and forever.

Now if you are planning to enliven your home decor after choosing some nice and decent furniture, art paintings should be your next pick. Because wall paintings are sure to do the talking for you. Now whatever you want, either a pop of colors to the rather dull hues in furniture or a magnificent and splendid pattern for the equally somber theme. As much as an iconic or a dazzling piece of furniture transform the ambiance of a room, wall art equally dazzles its charms.


Here the main question that crosses everyone’s mind who is designing their home decor is “What defines ART?” because honestly, I have never seen a group of people ever agreeing on the same thing if its related to art. Yet we all instantly agree and appreciate a piece of art whether it’s a beautiful canvas or a brilliant sculpture. It is justified though because art in today’s world have a lot of choices and to choose one that would match with your taste and home décor is not a piece of cake. You can simply get whatever you love and don’t even be bothered by the space issues because the saying is you will always find a space for something you love. I know this is mostly said in sympathies with the closet. But no harm in twisting a bit for walls.

Where to put what?

Next attack on your mind is where to put what? Where to display your art collection is an equally important aspect as to choosing the right piece. Because it equally adds up to the charm. Moreover, the idea of putting up wall paintings is basically to get a nice, soothing, and pleasant aesthetic feeling. Putting a big, dark, and suspicious painting in the bedroom or putting up a  can be disturbing at times. Determine how much space you have available and search for pieces that are the right size. A rule of thumb is to have the art fill two-thirds to three-quarters of the wall. One more thing to keep in mind for hanging art is to center it at eye level. Consider if you’ll usually be standing or sitting in the space, and select your eye-level height accordingly. 

Here is a small guide to painting ideas that may save you from a plethora of ideas present on the internet.

Abstract Art to through in galore and glamour both:

Just as one’s dressing decides who they are, our home arrangement also expresses our choice and taste. You can brighten up your boring house by picking up a ravishing piece of wall art with an abstract style because abstract wall art is sure to hold the attention of your guests while offering endless interpretations every time you see it!

A look enough to fall in love over and over again:

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In choosing art, you don’t need to follow conventions. Pick what you admire and feels comfortable just by looking at it. If you admire natural sites especially wide views with elements composed of a coherent composition, then landscape paintings are surely for you. Try making art the inspiration point for a whole room’s color palette and material choices.

Complement nature with Sceneries:

When you got caught up in life’s hustle and bustle you go for something that is peaceful, serene and calm. An easy way for this is to bring home a portrait of nature in it which you can’t help but love. Getting up close to nature with exquisite oil painting sceneries in your living rooms can possibly be the best way to celebrate oneness with it. This can have a spiritually soothing effect as well since nature is supposed to soothe away all the sorrows of life to an extent.

Something for the colorful souls:


It’s amazing that how an instant pop of color can brighten and re-energize a room. The current trend in oil painting art is all about a blend of sharp colors which is opted by quite a lot of decorators. By adding a couple of accessories to the room in matching hues, you have an interior that is far more exciting and far less generic!

Create your own memoir with portraits:

Have you made art a show-stopping centerpiece in your home? If not, then here is your chance to do so that too without investing a handful of money. Cherish the memories shared with loved ones is something we all love and enjoy. If you do too then there is no harm in getting all the beautiful memories captured, portrait and hung on your ceiling. It’s something that won’t fail to catch everyone’s attention.

Meditation for detested beings:

Want to bring warmth and harmony to your room? It’s really all a balancing act between harmonizing warm and cool colors, visually heavy and light pieces, graphics, painterly works, and photographic pieces to create a look that, as a whole, is easy on the eyes. Fengshui oil paintings are a must hang on your walls kinda meditation that not only go easy on the eyes but also gives a soothing feel. Bring calm to your room with glorious waterfall paintings, mountains and lakes etc. 

Hello yellow to the inner artist:


Art for art’s sake” a French slogan, but very well explanation of a mind who can’t resist its own creativity. If you are not satisfied with anyone else’s creativity, order one for yourself from an artist and enjoy your thoughts on a canvas. Just focus on the minimalistic details such as what’s the overall effect you’re going for in your living room? How do you want it to feel? Would you like to see neat rows of similar works, or do you want to arrange eclectic gallery walls that showcase a variety of works? Either approach can work with any style of art and decor and you can create a breathtaking gallery wall.

Ultimately, it’s your happiness that matters most. However, you choose to go about selecting wall art for your living room, focus on the decorative objects and artwork that bring you joy and you are all ready to gaze at your art with all the admiration it deserves. Enjoy!

Until next time!!!


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