Creativity is an evaluation, not a one-day thing!


What does it mean that creativity is a process? What actually creativity is according to our perspective is a thing to notice? When we heard this thing that oh! They are so creative that anybody can’t be then a question arises why anyone can’t be? What is the main thing that is differentiating thing between two people that decides who is creative and who is not? Creativity is an inborn thing that I believe exists in everyone but the point is somehow our creativity ruined or snatched from us by our surroundings. Not everyone is living in an environment where they are allowed to think as they want or can do anything as they want.

Creativity needs proper nurture in our self with the help of our surroundings and that is the main differentiating thing between peoples. What does mean that creativity needs proper nurture in our self? Have you ever realized or think about all those creative people who have given some extraordinary things to this world what they do? How did they think? Are they really creative or just practice to their concept? We all know about Newton and the apple case right. What did he do after that? He researched 20 years after that he gave the conclusion to the world. Exactly that is my point you can’t consider creative if you don’t practice, research and execute it right. Creativity is a continuous evaluation of our skills and thoughts.

Creativity and self recognizance

When we talk about that surrounding is important then the next step is the realization of our potential or our strength. When anybody comes to this point that yeah I am able to do this thing I have the potential to do that than a process starts. Everything demands continuous attention and practice. After self-realization, there is a real struggle starts. Owing to as we all know that if we think that oh I have a creative mind or I am genius I can do anything whenever I want I don’t need any practice or preparations. Trust me that is not a good idea at all! For the reason that if we don’t polish our brain or our work, it might be getting into trouble when you want to utilize it again.

Essentials of creativity

If you are desperate and have a will to utilize and enhance your potential then keeping these things in your life can be very useful. On the grounds that a proper way out of everything is very important. Just a rough and careless attitude is not good towards anything.  According to me, these are the following points that can be very helpful if we want to enhance our creativity.

Flesh out creative thinking

Creative thinking is a mixture of both intuitive and intellective aspects. The intuitive aspect includes the inner feeling or the artistic realization about anything whereas the intellective aspect includes critical thinking about anything or ways to solve any conditions or problems. When these both aspects come together, then we are able to flourish our creative side of thinking and achieve anything we want to.

Widen your knowledge

According to Robert Epstein, “You will do better in psychology and life if you broaden your knowledge.”  Exactly this applies to our thinking. The more you enrich your knowledge, the more you will excel in creativity. By reason of, how much knowledge you have will give you the sense to see things from different aspects and to analyze things on large grounds.

Write over and above

Like if you are a writer, you have to write more and more so that once in a while you come with up an excellent masterpiece of writing after writing many normal topics to excel in that. Same this thing applicable to every field write your concepts more and more and practices that more and more until you achieve what you actually want.

Sleep is an important quotient

Our brain is very sensitive and most care demanding but unfortunately sometimes we ignore it like it doesn’t need any care. Proper relaxation to the brain is very important to run it peacefully. The same case with proper sleep hours is essential to enhance our mental abilities. Considering many pieces of research it has been cleared that you have to give your brain at least more than 6 hour’s peaceful and comfortable sleep. So then, you will feel mentally fresh and able to do your work with full concentration and determination. And if you don’t do so then you will feel everything burden on you.

Reap the benefits of universe

We are so lucky that our universe is full of inspirations that we can take to make our self-better. Explore the natural history, try to figure out the phenomenon of how anything is happening and try to reasoning yourself that if its phenomenon is not discovered yet, then what is the reason behind that. Seriously exploring your surroundings is the best way to keep up the creativity in you. As things go, the habit of reasoning will always help you.

Be positive and have belief

Just be positive about everything, don’t think that you can’t do that, you don’t have that ability, it is very difficult and beyond my reach. Just have faith in yourself and always say that yeah I can do that! Nothing is impossible in this world if we do things with full determination. That should be the attitude in life then will attain your desires.

Focus on it and rule it like a king!

The law-abiding fact is that creativity is hard work and a continuous focus determination towards it. It is not a thing that we gain in one night and excels ourselves in it. You have to be more and more vigilant towards our abilities, surroundings and assessable things you have to achieve it. Choose your personal interest and your liking and just work on that zealously then you will see you conquer it.

Decisive estimation

After to the full discussion, the point we come to an end that everybody in this world has a creativity in their self but sometimes many factors affect many people on large level that they lose their creativity at a very early age of their life, therefore, some are very lucky that nobody abduct that right from them to envision their selves. And it is an ongoing process that requires several things to be observed and acquire by a person. Besides that don’t lose hope that you are not creative, just you are not focusing enough!

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